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anonymous asked:

You seem to be a big fan of Shimakaze. She your favourite ship?

No, Ser, she’s not my favourite. Whilst I, like all people destined to go to jail, do very much like her design and voice - she was, indeed, the first boat I came to know, and also the reason why I started playing KanColle in the first place - Kongou swiftly stole my heart as soon as I laid eyes upon her as a shot to the head might one’s life. However, she is by no means alone, even if she does stand on top of the pile.

I’m extremely partial to Hatsushimo, albeit in a more ‘daughteruescent’ sense than a ‘waifuesque’ one, and the lack of art for her is criminal because she is a wonderful little boat whose smile I will protect. And Shoukaku is another absolute favourite of mine. Tenryuu, also. I like Ro-500, for my sins, as well. And Kaga. And Yahagi. And Mutsu. I also really like Wo-Class. And -

I like - I like I lot of boats. But only one has my  b u r n i n g   l o v e.


- Aaox

Meteor Shower

Summary:  “So, you some kind of star nerd as well as a Russian literature nerd?” Chloe rolled her eyes. “Since when have meteor showers involved stars, Beca?" 


The one in which Chloe is desperate to go and watch a meteor shower but Aubrey bails. Cue Beca Mitchell and her old pick-up truck to save the day. (Set somewhere post ICCA win and pre-graduation)

Words: 4.1k



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“It’s the same uniform basically. I just shortened the skirt a bit– and made it a bit tighter but I mean, my ass looks great and I didn’t break any of the rules. The last time I checked,nobody said I can’t look like a goddess.”