Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast” will easily hold on to the No. 1 spot at the box office in its second weekend in theaters, making $23.6 million on Friday to reach $252 million domestic and soar past the $500 million global milestone in just a week, reaching $541 million worldwide. Disney now estimates that the film will pass the $300 million domestic mark by the end of the weekend, which would make “Beauty” the sixth film to pass that mark in just ten days.

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Tony is found in Siberia. 

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how often
does a human
attempt at invisibility
attempt at transparency
fall into the uncanny valley


Even in our darkest hour, there is always something beneath us that whispers ‘This is not the end. You can do this.’ And so we wake up the next morning and we try again. Harder and harder. Because we know we are worth the happiness that our efforts may bring. We know we deserve it and we reach for it with all our might.

rediscovering some paints I was set to throw out cos I didn’t like them on short nails but which I love now that I’ve grown my nails out & I’m so excited! makes me want to buy a bunch more nail paint!! what else will i love now? holos? SHEERS? duochromes???? this tiny area of my life is brimming w possibility!!

  • nazi using literal nazi propaganda and hate speech: lol u mad
  • shia labeouf (a jewish person directly harmed by nazism): HE WILL NOT DIVIDE US
  • white supremacist news (also known as just the the regular news): shia labeouf BULLIES an innocent childlike white boy child kid youngling of the age of 20-something because hes a trump supporter!! the inhumanity of it all.