Emily Andras on Twitter
“2 things for no reason at all: 1) When your job is making fantasy it's nice to respect others' right to fantasize. 2) people make mistakes.”

I think, once again, Emily Andras says it best. Yes, the cast shouldn’t have done that, but people also need to chill. And yes I do ship Supercorp, but I think people who are sending the actors hate need to get their heads out of their asses and grow up.

Why I love Wynonna Earp

A response to Wynonna Earp on their Twitter about a question on how LGBTQ fans feel represented by the show. This is just a tiny inkling of how I feel.

I feel so happy to not only support a show that represents powerful women, but also perfectly imperfect characters (esp LGBTQ) who show genuine emotions to many struggles/situations which affect people daily. From Waverly’s decision to pursue a relationship w/ Nicole despite what her small townspeople may think and doing it FOR HER to Wynonna being badass & pregnant to Jeremy’s flirtations with Doc to showing relationships can have flaws & mistakes concerning Nicole and later Waverly & Rosita’s kiss the show further normalises many situations that occur in LGBTQ lives (while not over-sexualising anything either), but more importantly in ANYONE’S life! In addition, the CAST & CREW have completely embraced the community & accepted constructive criticism & continue to support us through their representations. It is an absolute blessing to have @DominiqueP_C & @KatBarrell as #WayHaught because they understand the importance for this representation on screen. I can’t imagine better choices for those respective characters. Thank you @emtothea for everything you have put into this show, but also issues that transcends past LGBTQ, because no show can tackle one area & survive; an amazing show faces a plethora of issues head on, raises awareness, creates discussion, & improves the life of their audience. This show has hit me hard on so many levels & I will love & continue to support it even after it continues airing, because these topics (LGBTQ, family history, women’s rights, etc.) people face cannot be swept under a rug & every show/film needs to understand the importance of absolute representation & authenticity.


Thank You @emtothea @showcasedotca @lostgirlseries I'ts been a cray cray #Faeday. #LostGirl Season 5 is on the way, YAHOO!! You have made a lot of Very Very Happy #Faens . Looking forwards to seeing lots lots more of @Anna_Silk @ZoiePalmer @RachieSkarsten @evaugier @KrisHolden_Ried  @Rick_Howland @PaulRogerAmos @BigInkdArcher @IngaCadranel and #TheQuestForKenzi @KseniaSolo , we can never have to much #LostGirl . The Ghost of #Hale @kccollinsworld would be awesome as well :)