Here’s a bonus coordinate with this dress to celebrate February 15th, AKA 75% Off Chocolate Day 😘🍫🍫🍫💖✨

OP: Chocolate Bar by Emily Temple Cute
Blouse: Chess Story
Bag: Angelic Pretty
Headbow: Innocent World
Accessories: Angelic Pretty, Foxcherry, Qpot, addicTokki, and offbrand
Tights: Angelic Pretty
Shoes: Bodyline

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Japan Haul 2/3 - The Accessories 

1. Qpot, ETC, and JM jewelry.
2. Jewelry by Palnart Poc. I went for the tame stuff, but their more off beat pieces were also tempting.
3. Tokimeki teikokuno momoiro Gabriel jewelry that I went a little nuts for.
4. Mad jewelry scores from the Jane Marple Grand Bazaar.
5. Off brand socks from various department stores.
6. Metamorphose and Emily Temple Cute socks. I wore these during the trip but my shoes stained them. 
7. Jane Marple pieces from Closet Child. 
8. Queen Bee (?) shoes that work nicely with my JM.
9. Angelic Pretty socks and parasol. Apparently my AP days aren’t over yet.
10. Cath Kidston bags and wallet. It was nice to visit a physical shop.