My Tweets re: Elementary’s Extra Episode Order

Hollywood Reporter: “Elementary is CBS’ lowest-performing returning scripted series & averaged just a 1.2 rating among adults 18-49 and 7.7 million total viewers last season. The lucrative library deals & intl appeal have helped keep the in-house prod on the schedule.” Bad Writing=Low Ratings

(This is really sad, btw. Shows like Blue Bloods, NCIS, Hawaii 5-0 and even Scorpion get higher ratings then Elementary. So why haven’t they shaken things up? #NewShowrunner)

@Elementary_CBS @ELEMENTARYStaff  Congrats. Now bring Moriarty, Lestrade, Cortes, Lin & Mary back, let Watson out of the f-ing nunnery, have past cases go to court, add some serious jeopardy and raise the emotional stakes. Thx! 


@ELEMENTARYStaff - “Sherlock with a shaved head?! ‘But how,’ you might ask. Watch Episode #513 in January to find out! (image via http://bit.ly/2gUSGVX)”

@TC221Bee - “Calling it now - Disguise. Payment for Everyone. Sherlock’s sensory sensitivities changing & he can’t stand his hair any longer.”

This cracked me up. It’s a prime example of how little the writers know about their stars – which sucks, because they aren’t able to put cool little details in their scripts or use their actors as resources.

That’s why most shows have their writing staffs and production in the same city. There’s a lot of back and forth and give and take, which makes for a much more cohesive show and allows for the actors’ full talents to be utilized. (#RDoh is a tool)

But I love that JLM called them the f-ck out on it.

And I followed it up with this tweet: 

@ELEMENTARYStaff @LucyLiu plays the accordion, paints, sculpts, dances, designs shoes and knows how to pet a porcupine. #ForFutureReference