I love you
  • I love how you’re the first person I hit up in the morning
  • I love how you’re the last person I talk to before I go to sleep
  • I love how we try to begin and end everyday with a prayer
  • I love how we share the same faith
  • I love sharing all of my stuff with you
  • I love how I can depend on you
  • I love how you don’t have to depend on me
  • I love how you can make me laugh
  • I love how sweet you are
  • I love how cute you are
  • I love how weird you are
  • I love how we pick on each other
  • I love wrestling with you
  • I love how we’re not afraid to disagree with each other
  • I love how there are no secrets between us
  • I love how I can trust you
  • I love how our pasts didn’t blemish our present or future
  • I love your opinion
  • I love hearing your outlook
  • I love how I don’t have to worry about being hurt by you
  • I love how we don’t fight
  • I love how we strive to not ever fight
  • I love how we’re always on good terms at the end of the day
  • I love how you are with your family
  • I love how I am with your family
  • I love how you love your family
  • I love how I love your family
  • I love how you make an effort to be a part of my family
  • I love how we respect my parents
  • I love how our courtship has stayed strong to this point
  • I love how our friends approve of our relationship
  • I love your friends
  • I love how my friends love you
  • I love how my siblings approve of our relationship
  • I love how much my siblings like you
  • I love how much you like my siblings
  • I love driving around with you
  • I love how you’re always down to see me
  • I love how you’re always down to pick me up
  • I love how willing you are to drop cash to visit me and take me everywhere
  • I love how you have a soft spot for old beat up cars (haha)
  • I love how distance isn’t an issue for us
  • I love how we always find a way to be together again
  • I love how you’re down for spontaneity 
  • I love going on adventures with you
  • I love getting lost with you
  • I love losing track of time with you
  • I love how you want to travel as much as I do
  • I love how we plan on traveling the world together
  • I love making decisions with you
  • I love serving our ministry with you
  • I love praying with you
  • I love surprising you
  • I love your reactions when you’re surprised
  • I love shopping with you
  • I love dressing up for you
  • I love dressing you
  • I love watching movies with you 
  • I love watching basketball with you
  • I love how we share our music
  • I love your taste in music
  • I love your obsession with sports
  • I love going out to eat with you
  • I love how we like so many of the same foods
  • I love how you take school seriously
  • I love how you have big dreams
  • I love how much you want to be successful
  • I love how responsible you are
  • I love how hard you work
  • I love how much you try to give me the very best
  • I love how you always give me the very best
  • I love borrowing your clothes
  • I love being lazy with you
  • I love taking naps with you
  • I love laying next to you
  • I love sleeping with you at night
  • I love hearing you snore
  • I love your sleepy eyes
  • I love watching you make that funny face when you yawn
  • I love how you sound when you’re tired
  • I love how ticklish you are
  • I love your goofy laugh
  • I love your perfect smile
  • I love your soft lips
  • I love your handsome face
  • I love the way you dress
  • I love how tall you are
  • I love your tummy 
  • I love how you try to go to the gym as often as possible
  • I love how fit you are 
  • I love how strong you are
  • I love how wise you are
  • I love how smart you are
  • I love how patient you are
  • I love how polite you are
  • I love how respectful you are
  • I love how caring you are
  • I love the way you smell
  • I love your kisses
  • I love your hugs
  • I love having your arms wrapped around me
  • I love the way you hold me
  • I love resting my head on your shoulders
  • I love the way you look at me
  • I love the way you play with my hair
  • I love getting piggy back rides from you
  • I love being the right height for you to put your arm around me
  • I love holding your hand wherever we go
  • I love cuddling with you
  • I love trying new things with you
  • I love how you know exactly what I like
  • I love how you keep me sane
  • I love how I talk to you everyday
  • I love when you call me beautiful, cute, sexy, etc.
  • I love when you make me feel beautiful.
  • I love knowing I’m beautiful enough for you.
  • I love how I don’t want to go a day without hearing your voice
  • I love your voice
  • I love talking to you
  • I love hearing you sing
  • I love hearing you laugh
  • I love making you laugh
  • I love it when you’re happy
  • I love how you can trust me with your anger and fear
  • I love how I can always confide in you
  • I love how you make me feel safe
  • I love your company
  • I love knowing that you’re all mine
  • I love knowing that even though you don’t need me, you still want me
  • I love how God trusted me with such a valuable person
  • I love how God brought us together
  • I love how He has shown me love through you
  • I love how God is present in our courtship
  • I love how you love Him before me
  • I love how I love such an amazing man
  • I love how you love me
  • I love how we love each other
  • I love us
  • I love the way we started
  • I love the way we are
  • I love what we have the potential to become
  • I love you
  • I love you
  • I love you
  • I love you
  • I love you
  • I love you
  • not just “Like” you

Oh, and by the way, Happy Valentine’s Day


I want to know what it’s like waking up next to you; knowing that I had you right beside me all night and that I was safely tucked in underneath your arm. When I wake up at 3am from tossing and turning I want to be able to see you peacefully asleep next to me, because just seeing you would make it easier to relax once again. But really, I just want to know what it’s like to actually fall asleep with you. Not that halfway, pillow talk, over the phone substitute where we hug our pillows and wish that it was each other, and stare at our ceilings wondering if the other is actually asleep with reluctance to say anything in fear of waking the other up. I want to know what it’s like to have your crystal clear, static free voice be the very last one I hear as we drift deep into our sleep. Our breathing matching their pace and our bodies fitting perfectly and comfortably together as if we we’re always meant to feel this closely connected. That is what I can’t wait to experience. To know the feeling, familiarize myself with it and drown myself in it. To find peace with another, within another… that’s what I want.

Do you remember our first kiss? By then, we were going on our 6th month together and holding hands was still considered a big deal (Although personally, to me it still kinda is haha XD). Anyway, It was my Senior Ball and we had already gone through half of the duration dancing and eating before we finally decided to take a seat and take a break.

I remember us trying to have a conversation but above all of the loud music, we barely had any luck. It was because of this, and my urge to be closer to you, that I climbed onto your lap and wrapped my arms around your neck. I can’t tell you what we talked about from that point on because words were somewhat of a blur. But, I do remember constantly locking eyes with you and smiling back at the sight of your perfect smile.

Before I knew it, we were drawing closer. And I swear to goodness that everything was moving in slow motion. You weren’t my first kiss, but I can tell you right now that I’ve never been more nervous. My heart was beating out of my chest as we moved in. Slowly my eyes started to close and before I knew it, I felt your soft lips upon mine. As we connected for the first time I took a deep breath and inhaled you. Everything about it felt right.

People describe first kisses with “sparks,” or “fireworks.” Some say it’s like a jolt of electricity that gives you the good kind of chills. If a kiss should do anything it should give you goosebumps. That’s when you know you have someone special. And if every kiss you’ve ever shared with that person (from that point on) felt that way, then you know you have something special.

This is what I feel every time I kiss you. Whether it’s long or short, each moment sends butterflies through my veins. We’ve been together for 20 months now, nearing our 2nd year anniversary and honestly, I am nowhere near tired of your kisses. I swear they get me all weak-knee’d and giggly every time. And it’s not even just the physical connection, but the way we look at each other before and after, the speeds that we lean in, and even the way you hold me. It’s the surprise ones, the anticipated ones, the ones of reassuring comfort, the ones of apology and the ones of joy that really hit me. It’s knowing that I’m sharing that moment with you and no one else that really puts the icing on the cake, because a simple kiss can heal me in a heartbeat. And each one from you has been nothing but a gift.

I cherish every moment together, especially ones like this, because they only reinforce how hard I’ve fallen for you. And the thing is, I see no turning back. They say when you find that person, you just know. And regardless of any miscommunications we’ve had or how many times we failed to see eye to eye, I can still say I love you at the end of the day. No matter what shakes us, we always fall back into place. Back to being right beside each other, just like best friends should.

I hope you know that each kiss is a tangible way for me to seal my trust in you. I hope you remember that it is my gift to give and my way of showing I’m yours. And finally, I pray we continue to offer each laugh, each tear and each kiss back to God in gratitude for guiding us to where we are today. I thank Him for you.


I like you.
  • I like your goofy laugh.
  • I like that damn near perfect smile.
  • I like watching you make that funny face when you yawn. 
  • I like how weird you are.
  • I like the way you smell.
  • I like your family
  • I like how much you love your family.
  • I like your friends.
  • I like how all my friends like you.
  • I like how our friends like us together.
  • I like how we rarely ever agree on things.
  • I like how we pick on each other.
  • I like how we never fight.
  • I like how you’re the first person I hit up in the morning.
  • I like how you’re the last person I talk to before I go to sleep.
  • I like how you sound when you’re sleepy.
  • I like laying next to you.
  • I like your beat up car.
  • I like driving around with you.
  • I like how you dress.
  • I like your love for dogs.
  • I like your obsession with sports.
  • I like your drowsy eyes.
  • I like your longing to travel.
  • I like how you’re down for spontaneity.
  • I like how different you are from every other guy I’ve ever been with.
  • I like sharing my faith with you.
  • I like knowing you’ll love God so much more than you could ever love me.
  • I like how I can depend on you.
  • I like how I can trust you.
  • I like resting my head on your shoulders.
  • I like having your arms wrapped around me.
  • I like how ticklish you are.
  • I like how shy you are.
  • I like your taste in music.
  • I like how you sing.
  • I like your company.
  • I like how much happier you make me.
  • I like how you don’t need me to be happy.
  • I like how even though you don’t need me, you still want me.
  • I like being wanted by you.
  • I like your kisses.
  • I like knowing you’re all mine.
  • I like how much I like you.
  • I like you
  • I like you
  • I like you

That is all, for now.

You know what I like about us?

We fell for each other before we became best friends. Odd how that works right? I was so used to establishing the foundation of best friendship before considering anything deeper but when I got with you everything changed. And trust me, I do mean everything. 

Upon developing my feelings for you I learned the value of a deeper type of companionship. Not saying that being ones lover is less important then being ones friend, but with you, being your best friend seemed like something I had to continue on to and work towards, rather than start off with. We switched the steps around, I guess you can say, and it worked for us. In fact, I don’t think it could’ve worked any better. 

I’ve noticed that in all the relationships where I began as their best friend (not just friends but BEST friends), lines were harder to cross and feelings were harder to decipher. But with us, things were so much easier to read. We addressed the obvious. Simple, but smart wouldn’t you say? We’ve been on the same page with our feelings and we’ve kept balance between our efforts. Our hearts beat on the same frequency therefore we move at a harmonious pace. Our feelings are mutual therefore, we match.

You and I were/are blessed in so many ways. After a long history of complication and confusion from both our ends, we were finally shown simplicity through each other. Nothing hidden, nothing kept to ourselves, and now everything to this very moment is out on the table. I really can tell you anything and I’m glad that we had to work toward that. I feel accomplished knowing that you have become my best friend.

This relationship really has been a huge testimony of His love. It has shown me how simple and refreshing it is. The way we’ve fit together, the way we work together, the way we feel about each other and the way we grow together has been one of the most unique and captivating collection of processes I have ever experienced. It only proves how much of an artist God is. How He was able to take two separate, already sculpted masterpieces, put them together to create an ever greater masterpiece, and then still continue to add to it and break it down in order to surpass the magnificence it already conveys. 

I can feel Him chiseling away at us, adding substance to us and molding us in this never ending process to make what we have better. Not even just as significant others, but as friends as well. I love how we are subject to His hands or, His ever changing plans. Because no matter what He wants us to become, no matter what we are throughout this process, we will always be working toward a masterpiece.


Dear Eric Peña Jr., 

I know I’ve probably tired out the phrase “I’m sorry” With you, but really? I AM SO SORRY for not being able to be with you today. So here’s part of my attempt to make things up to you. JUST PART (: more to come later.

Where do I begin with you? I know, you’re probably sick of the numerous amount of letters I’ve written to you on various occasions, and the repetition of many of my words (which by the way might occur once again) but what can I say? I have A LOT to say (:

Do you know how amazing of a person you are? Can you even imagine how much you mean to not only me, but all of the people you’ve blessed just by your existence alone? By blood or spirit, you have a family that loves you beyond measure. I mean, the women alone? a cousin who’s down to take you under her wing at the drop of a hat, a sister who is willing to fight for you at all costs, a grandmother who favors you to the fullest extent, and a mother who is willing to  give up anything to provide you with the very best, ALREADY supplies an immensity of love that I know for a fact so many would envy PLUS Homies & Homegirls that make up your crazy strong friend base?! Dude, you’re HELLA blessed! haha.

Getting to know you since we’ve met has been quite the adventure. Back when we first introduced ourselves, I never thought you and I would be where we’re at right now. I guess that’s the crazy thing, that God took two unlikely people and somehow allowed them to fit together as perfectly as we do now. I’ve honest to goodness tried to picture what my life would be like right now without you and I’m glad to say that I’ve been unsuccessful (=. 

For these past 8 months, you’ve become more than an “interest” or just another brother in Christ, you’ve been a straight up, good-ass friend. All those nights of talking about anything and nothing, all those nights of waiting to see who’d knock out first, all those times you visited me at home and at school, all those times where we’d drive around and played endless license plate games, all those times I was able to serve alongside you in our ministry, all those times I excitedly came to you with news, all those times I called you crying, all those times you kept me from falling apart… ALL of those times, just made it even more apparent that you really are my best friend.

God hella sent you to me with perfect timing. You and I both know how life has been, and I don’t know how or where I’d be without you keeping me sane. 

I want to thank you for being there for me and never ever leaving me hanging since the day we really started building our friendship and relationship. Thanks for tolerating all my b.s., my tears, my rants and any trouble my family helped cause as well. On behalf of your family and friends, Thank you for being an amazing son, for making your family proud and honored to have you to keep strength when they couldn’t. Thank you for being an amazing brother in Christ, for inspiring me and others to simply be better and to seek Him to do so. Thank you for being an amazing gentleman, without whom chivalry would lack physical proof. And finally, thank you for being an amazing person, without whom, I wouldn’t be nearly as blessed as I am now. 

You’ve grown into a man that I know we’re all proud of, and I pray you continue to grow in Him, through Him and for Him cus God hella out-did Himself when he blessed us with you.

Happy 18th Birthday


Ayana Giann Carlos