Weekend in Photos!!

1&2. Are for eclipsenikkie look what I found at Marshall’s. I was looking for tops with cute sayings when I came across these.

3. My babies Onyx & Machiavelli Sunday morning we went for a walk which we haven’t gotten to do in a while but mike wanted to sleep in so I said why not. It was fun and the kids loved it even though it was super muddy.

4. Mike & I decided since it wasn’t that busy we would do a bunch of stuff with the smith machine. So he taught me this new one a back bench press. Those are the muscles it works.

5. This is a photo of me doing the back bench press. I thought my shoulders were looking pretty awesome lately. I know you can’t see it but there is weight on the bar only about 20# though we started light cause I had never done this one.

6. This was my lunch today a homemade gluten free version of Olive gardens Zuppa Toscana soup. So delicious for sure will be making again.

7. Cake same gluten free cake mix as before but this time we used blueberry pie filling instead of lemon. Both ways are super delicious. What I love about this cake other than it’s gluten free it’s a heavy cake almost like pound cake it’s sweet but not overly so when you add the filling and the cool whip “frosting” is perfect.

This was just a sample of my weekend how was yours?


So there seems to be a wine theme going on here!!!

Thank you all for these suggestions for my next half marathon…

I ❤️ the idea of running for 🍷 but Healdsburg is out melanietris as is the BAA Half shrinkingmomma and the Chicago Women’s Half runandimages as they all fall on a weekend at I already have multiple conflicts on!!

rasmtazberry24 and eclipsenikkie … If you have any in mind send me the names / info so that I can look them up….

Now, stilldavidsgoals… I would absolutely ❤️ to do one in the Bay Area… If it can be late summer or September I might be interested!!!

breatherunlive …. I think yours holds some legitimate appeal… Not sure if I can swing NJ in September but I always love a virtual race!!

And finally lindsaydoeslife… This may just be a REAL option….I have to figure out some schedule stuff but if I could swing it I might actually come to Lincoln. But lindsaydoeslife….Would you consider running it too???

Thanks for the options / ideas everyone….

If you have more/other ideas I am wide open to them….

So send them my way!!!


I got tagged by karikeepsrunning & abitofsilliness

Four names that people call me (other than my real name):

  • Mel (hate this one)
  • Honey
  • Missy (only my dad calls me this
  • Molasses 

Four jobs I have held:

  • Cashier (first job!)
  • Assistant bookkeeper/scan coordinator
  • Administrative assistant
  • Weighmaster

Four movies I’ve watched more than once:

  • Elf
  • Princess Bride
  • Pitch Perfect
  • Hangover

Four books I’d recommend:

  • Jennifer’s Way
  • MWF seeking BFF
  • Americas Test Kitchen I can’t believe its gluten free
  • 50 Shades of Grey

Four places I’ve lived: ( I think I need to get out more!)

  • Cortland, NY
  • Fabius, NY
  • Morrisville, NY
  • East Syracuse, NY

Four places I’ve been: (I need to travel more!)

  • San Diego, CA
  • New Hampshire
  • Pennsylvania
  • Vermont

Four things I don’t eat: 

  • Gluten
  • Tomatoes
  • Veggies never anything green
  • Canelope

Four TV shows I watch(ed):

  • Orange Is the New Black
  • New Girl
  • Gilmore Girls
  • Walking Dead

Four things I’m looking forward to this year:

  • Spending more time with the fur babies
  • My 30th Birthday (June)
  • Summer/warmth
  • Hopefully a vacation

Four things I’m saying:

  • NO stop barking!
  • Why can’t you share?
  • What the ****
  • Hurry go potty quick its freezing outside

Four people I’m tagging to do this next: (my four biggest fans as of right now)

  • @eclipsenikki
  • @katiegirlchasesinfinity
  • @stonger-stef
  • @fitnik29