In My Veins (13/?)

Title: In My Veins
Rating: K+
Pairing: Ten/Rose, human AU
Summary: –Telepathic bond soulmate AU– Everyone kept saying kids couldn’t develop telepathic bonds, that it was completely impossible. John Smith and Rose Tyler defied the impossible.

Notes: Well I finally managed to hash out a soulmate AU enough to be happy with writing it. All the blame for this entire story goes to @lastbluetardis​, who not only encouraged it, but also allowed me to yell at her about it until I was happy enough to start writing it. Blame her entirely.

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John: 18

Rose: 16

“I want to spend the weekend at John’s.”

John groaned quietly in the back of Rose’s head. He had been hoping Rose would approach the subject with a bit more… finesse. Jackie and Pete exchanged looks, raising an eyebrow.

“Rose, I don’t think that’s a good idea,” Pete said slowly. “Imagine what people would say if—”

“Aren’t you the one always saying we shouldn’t care what other people think or say?” Rose demanded. It was all she had heard, over and over — it doesn’t matter what people say, it doesn’t matter what those magazines write.

“You’re only sixteen, Rose. I don’t think it’s appropriate. Especially if you’re going to be staying in his dorm.”

“We’re — wait.” Rose frowned deeply. “How did you know he was staying on campus? I never told you that.”

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so was anyone else kinda annoyed by the mickey/martha ending??? I found it completely unnecessary - we didn’t need that romantic aspect at all. But I was just thinking, what is absolutely necessary and that I now 100% need in my life is a mickey smith/k9 detective duo spin off. 

  • picture it okay 
  • Sarah Jane passes away [sobs] and has left a will. She leaves Mickey Smith her closest friend: K9. 
  • Maybe in the will it says something cute like ‘to my fellow smith, every tin dog needs a friend’ and Mickey’s like oh no pls say she didn’t 
  • Then bam ‘hello master smith’ and Mickey’s just eye-rolling into eternity as he doesn’t think he needs the ‘tin dog’ because k9 is a frickin genius and makes him feel inadequate. 
  • He tries finding Sarah’s son and palming K9 off to him, but Luke is having none of it. ‘if mum left you k9 she did it for good reason now pls go the heck away’ 
  • Then maybe Mickey’s partner at unit passes away, and he has to do it on his own and he’s not bad at it but he’s kind of losing himself. 
  • Something happens that means k9 gets dragged into it, and the two end up saving the day 
  • For a while K9 ends up following Mickey around, doing detective work and on the missions - because a robot dog is honestly the least suspicious thing ever and his lack of disguise probably gets them into trouble a lot 
  • But eventually, Mickey’s boss is like - okay I found you a new partner 
  • And Mickey just shakes his head
  • ‘nah boss, i’ve already got the best partner right here’ [looks down at k9] 
  • ‘affirmative, master smith’ 
  • and their boss just shrugs like, as long as we’re not paying his robot it’s all good. 

and then i scream into the void bc this spin off is all i ever wanted in life.