I’ve had “Nobody’s Heart Belongs To Me/Why Can’t I” on repeat for weeks. Tonight I tweeted a lyric from the song & Cheno decided to finish it. I know this is the second time she’s tweeted me, but I’m shaking & crying. She’s such a big inspiration & she’s where my Broadway obsession started. Therefore, I will sob every time she decides to tweet me.
Kristi Dawn FLAPJACKIN’ Chenoweth, I love you. Seriously.

oh my goodness whoever is sending eddy and adam passive aggressive hate tweets can you please stop? like seriously, they made the show for you but they made it for themselves out of something that came out of their brain parts. It’s THEIR brain baby and they can do whatever the fuck they want with it. And I get it man, y'all have a right to be mad (look at me, of course I’m upset at the blow to the sq ship) but doing those things is taking it a bit too far. Like please, look at my face and tell me you have any justifiable reason to tweet such ugly things to those people other than your own fleeting anger. I know tv is life, but sometimes you’ve just got to step back and realize that it’s a tv show.


Sara Ramirez on The Rosie Show on 10/25/2011

I am posting this today because she did this interview on my birthday & she talks about Patti LuPone and today is Patti’s birthday.
Next to Normal

What a beautiful musical.
The storyline is crazy and fucked up and absolutely perfect. The score is simple and childlike and, for a lack of a better term, naïve. I love it.
The score is basically what Dianna’s mind is; simple, childlike, naïve, probing, and full of wonder. If you get rid of all of the words and just listen to the music, you can get so absolutely attached and your heart will be ten feet off the ground and ten feet underground.
Do you know the feeling? Liberation under 10 tons of bricks. It’s like the musical The Last Five Years. In TL5Y and N2N, Jason Robert Brown and Tom Kitt have a similar message to convey: Love hurts like a bitch, but, we love anyway. And that’s why I love these musicals, other than making me feel feelings, they are beautifully tragic and so complexingly simple. I’m obsessed.