byjinnguyen  asked:

Name a person from tumblr you'd do the sex to, one you'd marry, one you'd throw off a cliff, one you'd treat to a fancy dinner and never call back ever again.

Do the sex: @jerwaume because I’ve never had vaginal sex before.

Marry: @byjinnguyen, @n2kkun, @drkfeelgood, @lostenohio, @anyone else who is studying to become a doctor so they can be my sugar daddy heyyyyyyyyyyy. Except Dennis. That shit nasty.

Throw off a cliff: I won’t name names, but let’s just say he likes to lick his wrists a lot.

Dine & ditch: @imvanntastic because if I spend any more time with him than that, I may end up dying in a freak dragon boat accident.

050/365: February 19, 2013

This little guy was supposed to be in my packages to Thomas and Lawrence, but FedEx wouldn’t let me send it. Philippines-based Filipinos surely know this stupid little figurine, and off-the-bat, they probably already know why customs wouldn’t let me send it.

It would have been such a lame prank, but it would have made for quite a good laugh. Thank you for being such a spoilsport, Ms. FedEx lady! They could have used these as paperweights :(

So anyway, since you guys aren’t going to get it anymore, I’ll spoil it here. It’s basically a guy standing inside a barrel (I think he’s so uniquely called Barrel Man). The man’s stuck to the platform he’s on, but the barrel isn’t, meaning you could pull the barrel off, and when you did

A surprise would be waiting. HAHAHA!

I swear, this would have totally livened up the packages I sent. Oh, well. Maybe I can hand-carry it one day and give him to you both.

049/365: February 18, 2013

I’ve never mailed anything before, not outside the country, at least, so I went with my safest bet, FedEx. Besides being the safest for sure, they were the only courier that would let me send dry food. Why other couriers refuse to do so, I will never understand. All complications aside and ironed out, though, I was finally able to mail both parcels today.

I am so stoked for my friends to get my packages! :D

Oh shush, you two. Thomas, you didn’t send me contact details either -_- And Lawrence, that jpg is NOT seeing the light of day ever. You will rue the day that jpg gets public attention!

Also, after some complications, tomorrow will be the official day your packages get sent. I hope you’ll like them :D