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“You burglar” + “cat” makes “cat burglar”, which in Japanese is “doborou neko”, which also indicated a woman who stands in the way of another in romance: basically, a husband stealer. (The most famous “dorobou neko” in manga would be One Piece’s Nami)

Yeah. There you have it.

Bridal Carry and SanNami Reconciliation

Show me the f**king panel did Oda ever draw Sanji carry other female character in bridal way other than Nami? Tell me another panel how many times does Oda draw Sanji ever carry Nami in bridal style? Please don’t throw anime screencap at me whether it’s from adding scene in TV series episode, filler, opening song, or movie of him ever carrying Robin, Viola, Carina, etc.

The answer for 1st question is NO. No, he didn’t.

And for question number 2, although animator make Sanji did it to Nami several times, Oda only ever makes it in manga TWICE. 


Now, tell me why a man carrying a woman like Sanji did to Nami is called bridal style? 

A man carries a woman in his arms — one arm under her legs and the other supporting her back like a groom carrying his bride. It usually denotes or foreshadows a romantic relationship between the characters or a major difference in their physical strength or both. It’s also called a princess carry.

TV Tropes – Bridal Carry

The tropes calls it bridal carry but we know it’s simply called bridal because it’s how a groom carrying his bride.

Now, back to the question number 3: When did Oda ever draw Sanji carry Nami in bridal style?

Nah, Oda LITERALLY took it in CONTEXT that so far Sanji ever carried Nami that way just twice when they are involved in forced WEDDING: Thriller Bark and Whole Cake Island. Nami and Absalom never made the kiss of oath, so did Sanji and Pudding. But Oda make BRIDE Nami carried by Sanji in bridal style and GROOM Sanji carry Nami in bridal style too. 

As it isn’t enough, in both weddings, Oda draw the bridal carry started with Sanji catching Nami from fall like a knight in shining armor rescuing a princess (as it’s also shown in Leo x Mansherry scene). Plus, in WCI, Oda needs to draw Pudding in shocked/jealous expression in small panel next to SanNami bridal carry panel. By that, Nami is literally a Dorobou Neko, Boyfriend/Husband/Lover Stealer. Once again, referring Thriller Bark, Lola has called Nami with her epithet because she thought Nami steal Absalom from her.

TV Tropes – Bridal Carry also said:  “When the participants aren’t romantically involved, expect fans to cite this as “proof” that they really are.“

I ask you. When is a wedding never seen with romance theme even for Sanji and Pudding who don’t exactly love each other? When is a wedding never involved with romance undertone between the two characters especially when one of them participate in wedding crash of another for each other?

Now, the only missing between Sanji and Nami is the vow and kiss of oath. Maybe it’ll happen in EoS…. maybe yes, maybe not.

Though, anti-shipper may think SanNami shippers only cares about the bridal carry because we keep reposting the scene. No, we don’t. As neutral readers finding how cute it is when Sanji and Nami smile at each other, we also acknowledge that it is the most beautiful scene after all the shits went through between them that they had been parted away since Zou. Who made Sanji smile broadly and genuine in this arc? Pudding because he forced himself to be happy with the marriage for Baratie and nakama’s sake and that he had to act during the wedding? Big Mom because she promise him to keep his nakama safe? Luffy when the captain only was convinced that his cook is okay after seeing his interaction with Nami through mirror that he’s back to his usual self? No. And finally, after the death glare he gave and that he stated he could’ve not looked at her face since that time; he eventually smiles genuinely at her. And she smiles happily knowing it’s Sanji.

So, reread it from Zou, look back at how Sanji tried not to involve Nami in danger but she’s captured because she’s worried of him, and then a past strike him back and to save his nakama he had to say goodbye and left her cry in Luffy’s shoulder, look at how Nami keep pushing Luffy to get Sanj back, look at how shocked she was when she smiled reuniting with him but he replied her with death glare, look at how afraid she is because he seriously beaten their captain, look at how hurt it is when she slapped him in teary eyes. But now, just one happy smile and it erases them all.

You can call it nakamaship, we don’t mind; but it’s undeniably Sanji and Nami’s relationship development. When two characters can make up together again after a serious fight, it makes them closer and their bond stronger. Same as how Luffy and Sanji had resolved their problem with bento.

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