Full confession: “A ton of wrestling fans have some hypocritical and disgusting attitudes towards the women. They’re trained wrestlers before anything else, and work just as hard and deserve just as much focus as the guys do. Yet while a lot of people parrot that and say the likes of Bayley, Banks and Becky deserve to be placed at the top of a card, they also say awful shit like “I want Becky to crush me with her thighs”, “Alexa’s ass is amazing” or that they furiously masturbated to Lita & Torrie Wilson on repeat 10 years ago, sometimes even in the same post or sentence as any relevant in-ring/storyline discussion.

So many guys either on Twitter or Reddit or wooo or elsewhere can’t even post a GIF or talk about anything related to the women without devolving to “I would pound Thicki Bella so hard”-esque comments.You’re wondering why it took so long for WWE to treat it’s Women’s Division with actual dignity? A lot of it’s probably because a big portion of their audience, always talk about how attractive they are instead of about their contributions to the product. 

PLEASE stop talking about how hot you think Maryse /Lana /Becky /Naomi /Nikki is if women’s wrestling is something you legitimately care about. It’s even worse in places like WrestlingForum, where I’ve seen more than a fair share of people actually say they shouldn’t ever wrestle and should only be used as T&A. 

Their value to some fans seems to be connected to their looks. I’ve seen plenty of threads and people devolve into bashing a woman’s appearance if she’s not liked. Then, they’ll defend faves by placing too much value on appearance - like how Becky’s special because she’s not a generic blonde bimbo, but if someone mentions that Bayley’s look is less glamorous than her peers (which isn’t a bad thing by any means), it’s almost seen as insulting. Because if she’s not here to look sexy to a segment of the audience, you’re basically saying she’s lesser. There’s no winning.

You can’t be too focused or prideful about your appearance or you’re a sleazy trashbag like Eva Marie, but if you have a more muscular body type, you’re derided as mannish, like Charlotte.

Meanwhile, if you’re involved with a coworker, they’re treated as a prize. “Well, Zack Ryder lost his title right after Wrestlemania, but the guy gets to fuck Emma so he’s winning, amirite!?”

People aren’t offended because you think Maryse or Alicia Fox or whoever is pretty, it’s that in an era where the women’s division is seeking to build credibility, reducing female wrestlers to how sexy you find them is counter-productive.

(And before anybody starts chirping in with “we can find them both sexy & good wrestlers you cuck”, ffs nobody’s saying you can’t find them attractive. Just don’t post your subconscious thoughts on a public forum in a topic which has nothing to do with their appearances. Nobody wants to know about them, and it just makes the people who do it look like creepy perverts.)”


Aline ღ por Kety Marques