Full confession: “I am not a big fan of John Cena’s character and the wrestler we see on TV, but I do respect him and give him credit when it is due. Last Raw was an example of me respecting him. He continued to wrestle through the match with a nasty and ugly-looking fractured nose. It is moments like this when you respect not just Cena but all those guys and girls who go out there and do this sort of thing. Thumbs up to you, Cena”

“ I have been watching you since your debut. I saw when The Big Show just mowed you down, you know what you did? You finally got back up, so you’re strong. And it’s not easy folks to be a lady and be here, so you’re smart. And you know something else? You’re beautiful.” - Rowdy Roddy Piper’s angelic words to Aj Lee

He was that perfect villain who knew just when to be good. R.I.P Hot Rod.