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AU where Castiel is that one hot lifeguard at the beach and Dean is the lovable idiot who's constantly swimming out too far in what he claims are attempts to one up Sam (who's just reading on the sand at the moment), but are really just attempts to grab Castiel's attention (Dean doesn't know when he started taking whistles and amused glares as validation, but hey, if it works). Sam, afraid of seeing Dean actually get injured and aware that Castiel actually needs to focus on his job (part 1)

casually walks up to Cas with a determined expression plastered on his face. Dean panics, thinking that Sam is about to reveal his (pretty obvious in retrospect) crush, and sprints out of the water to do damage control. Cue Sam borrowing the spray bottle and walking away, and Cas giving Dean a lecture about dangerous currents. Dean just kind of nods throughout the lecture, focusing very hard on how devastatingly handsome Cas isn’t (he swears) while angry. They end up grabbing ice cream later.(2)

“I’m sorry about my brother.”

Startled, Cas turns to see Devastatingly Handsome Man 2 talking to him. The only reason he hadn’t spoken to Devastatingly Handsome Man 1, currently swimming hell-for-leather toward shore, was his assumption that Devastatingly Handsome Man 1 and DHM 2 were a couple.

“Brother?” Cas echoes, watching DHM 1 face-plant into the waves. Dripping with water, smudged with sand, wearing only soaking swim trunks that cling to his thighs and make a dome of the bulge of his cock. He’s, well, he’s devastatingly handsome. Even if he hadn’t been splashing around like a fool, Cas would have had one eye on him all weekend.

Except that he wasn’t single.

Except that…

“Yeah, yeah, the dumbass running toward us?” DHM 2 shakes his head. “It’s, well, it’s because of you. He thinks you’re hot, and I guess he figured if he made an ass of himself and pretended to be drowning you’d have to, I dunno, give him mouth to mouth or something?”

“Sam, for the love of - stop talking!” shouts DHM 1 breathlessly, trying and failing to find the purchase to run up the sandy shore. He even looks handsome flailing to keep his balance as the ground gave way beneath him at every step.

It isn’t fair.

“He was trying to get my attention?” Cas says flatly. DHM 2 - Sam - nods and rolls his eyes. “Right.” Hopping off the raise lifeguards seat, Cas walks casually, balancing easily on the shifting mounds of sand, meeting DHM 1 half way. “Your brother tells me that you’ve been engaging in dangerous behavior to get my attention.”

“Yes, I–”

“So while I’ve been forced to keep an eye on your-” -devastatingly handsome- “-antics, had their been a real emergency, I would have been distracted, and someone might have actually gotten hurt?”

“I’m sorry, but–”

“Furthermore, he tells me that you decided on this ridiculous plan because you found me attractive, and hoped I’d - what did Sam say - ‘give you mouth to mouth resuscitation?’”

“Sammy, how could y–”

“Well, if that’s what you wanted, you should have just asked,” Castiel concludes.

“No, I no, I was totally out of line, but…” DHM 1 trails off. “Wait, what?”

“If you were interested in having me kiss you, you could have asked me to kiss you,” repeats Castiel. Sam smirks. DHM 1′s mouth falls open. “Did that never cross your mind?”

“Oh. Uh.” DHM 1 looks around, looks away, brushes the sand from his legs and smears muddy tan streaks over his swim trunks and lower back. “I guess…uh…no?”

“My name is Cas,” Cas says.


“I’m on duty right now - no fraternizing allowed - but I finish at 3 PM,” says Cas. “That’s 15 minutes. Don’t be late.”

“Right…right! No, I definitely won’t be.” DHM 1 - Dean, that has a nice ring to it - gives Cas a devastatingly handsome smile and allows his brother to drag him away by the arm.

Climbing back up the lifeguard stand, Cas pulls out his cell phone, scrolls through his contacts, and dials up Gabriel.

“What is it, my man?”

“Hey, so…I need you to come on shift a little early today…”

“Dammit, I had plans, Cas! Not ‘til 5, you said!”

“Sorry, but I’m going to need you here at 3.”

“That’s, like, now!”

“Don’t be late…”

“This is about that guy you’ve been ogling, isn’t it.” Cas can hear Gabe’s eyeroll over the miles separating them. “He’s, like, married to that moose. You’re wasting you’re time.”

“Brothers,” Cas crows triumphantly.

“Brothers?” Gabe echoes, a perfect mirror to Cas’ earlier reaction.

“Brothers,” confirms Cas.

“So the tall one is also single?”

“Don’t know for sure, but I know that he’ll be alone on the beach starting at 3…”


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Hey, absolutely LOVE what you're doing! Really like season 2 as well, but I have to ask: what is OT3, and do you have a favourite fan artist?

An OT3 is an OTP but with three people instead of just two, it’s an upgrade basically ;D

Hm, I don’t think I have a favorite. There are so many amazing artists in this fandom, both in the western fandom as well as in the Japanese fandom. There is so much beautiful content, that I feel it’s impossible to choose a favorite. 

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Just to be a little silly imagine an S/O who is so flat chested (or really have no muscles what so ever is they Identify as male) who get extremely jealous that the the bros, and ravus have bigger boobs than them. And on thensly the lowkey love nuzzling them pecs/boobies whenever they hug XD - a very sleep deprived anon

Well, dear sleep-deprived anon. As someone with a rather flat chest myself, I feel like this request is very relevant. Like, legit, it’s kinda ironic that you’re calling me out like this, yo! This’ll be fun to write. :D

Hm… Let’s play off a mixture of guys, gals, and non-binary pal S/Os in my thoughts. C: *finger guns* It’ll be written in the second person, because that’s how I do, but let’s imagine some variety~

Drabbles galore! Here we go!

Hidden Chests of Magic and Wonder! – FFXV Boys and Their Tinier Partners

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Lucifer 2x16

After the gifs I go on a lengthy speculation post… You have been warned!

This is perhaps the most iconic moment of 2x16. As you already know each episode has a particular scene where a song plays and it just works with everything. That scene, the episode, the series and it often gives you some hints on what is about to come. Ready for this? 

The song is Hamilton Leithauser + Rostam - In a Black Out which by itself is a spoiler but let’s get it a bit further first. The album in which this song is included is called “I had a dream that you were mine”. How perfect is that? I mean seriously now you get it right? I know I read to much on this but let me have it. 

Now the lyrics featured in that scene are: 

I live in a nameless town
In a black out
Many friends have said goodbye
Paraded out in one proud line
I say they all just lost their minds
Midnight where we used to dance
Underneath the ugly halogen lamps
Oh, it all went away so fast
In a black out

And here comes my absurd speculation and correlation to the past, present and future episodes of Lucifer up to perhaps 2x18. 

I live in a nameless town

This by itself is nothing really. But I have some suspicions which I’m not comfortable with sharing yet. Soon though…

In a Black Out

See the last lyric interpretation for this. 

Many friends have said goodbye

From what I’ve seen Mr and Mrs Smith, perhaps the first episode of season 3, does not credit two names. Mum and Trixie. As some spoilers go we will have a death at the end of season 2. Personally, I bet that Mum will have to go away or worse. Yet this lyric hints on something else as well. Many believed that Maze would get a “husband” in season 3 and missed the most obvious spoiler. The movie Mr and Mrs Smith. I hate to break it to you but Mr Smith is actually Lucifer in this case. Maze is pissed. 

In 2x16 Lucifer says to Chloe that Maze will find her place and what is the worst that could happen until then? Ella on cue replies, Murder. Yeah right… I’m sorry again but this reminded me a lot of 2x12 and how Lucifer had exclaimed his love for a movie called “To Love is to Die”. We all know what happened in 2x13. 
Lucifer and Maze will have a major fall out which we already know that and she will not find her place until she confronts Lucifer.  So as spoilers say in order to find herself she believes she has to go against Lucifer which ends up in a bloodbath (See picture underneath, I have plenty of those by the way.). 

Paraded out in one proud line

We have seen many characters over the past episodes and the thing is that they all had a magnificent exit. Uriel, for example, had an impact on the show which I believe that writers will attempt to recreate in the next episodes. We know that a new adversary is coming according to Tom Ellis’ interview a few days ago. We don’t know who but things will turn out to be awfully surprising for us. Please do not hold any drinks, sharp or heavy objects when you will watch 2x18. Remotes included. 

Now the thing is that we have one more piece of the sword missing… which according to the press release will come to light when its final owner is murdered. So I would go as far as say that see how the pieces of the blade paraded in Lucifer in Season 2? Uriel, “Dad” and now a third one. A very dead one…

I say they all just lost their minds

We get almost none Deckerstar moments in 2x16. For Chloe Lucifer has gone from quirky to insane and that crazy gleam in his eyes while talking about “Dad” didn’t help. She practically told him that his stay after all at the hospital could help him and he should do the most of his visit there. 

In 2x16 Chloe comes in terms… No, is faced with what she “knew” all along. Lucifer has a lot of issues and although we see her wavering more than once, she always seeks to help him out. She asks help from his doctor (who ends up flirting with her) in a manner which has the doctor assume they are a couple or even engaged. She calls Linda to check on Lucifer and at the end of the day despite the absurdity of his sayings she inquires Ella about Santa. At the end of the episode, she doesn’t touch him when she asks him if he is okay but she unties him. According to my theory - that Lucifer’s vulnerability is intensifying not by Chloe’s proximity but by her feelings for him - I was worried a bit in the end. You see I didn’t like how lucid he becomes suddenly when he replied to Chloe that “Honestly, he never felt better”.  I keep wondering if she backed away on her feelings there. She still loves him but more doubts have made their way through… I hope that 2x17 will be better. That Chloe perhaps will show that she is still committed to her feelings if not to Lucifer or a future with him at the moment. 

Finally, let’s remember what the doctor says to Chloe which seems to affect her for a second. “I try to see beneath the DHM, that each one of them is a person.” Lucifer whether sane or not. Challenged or not. An ass or not is a person. And not just any kind of person. He is hers in a way. 

Midnight where we used to dance

If you haven’t watched 2x16 this will not ring a bell. “Dad” - who I believe had semi-possed the guy with the help of the piece - says at Lucifer that he still remembers when He met Mum. It was darkness and there she appeared and then they lighted up the universe. In 2x16 Mum and “Dad” have a dance and Lucifer tries to reenact their first date. Deep down Lucifer still wants to believe in love. He is like any other cynical man who was a kid that experienced a bad parental relationship or a divorce. Watching his parents has him all fuzzy and vulnerable. In a way, he wants to believe that Happily Ever Afters might be possible after all. Also somewhere deep down he wants to believe that he might be able to have Chloe by his side again (Hint the album’s title). 

Finally, Lucifer gets his “Dad’s” words a little but differently. Chloe did bring a light in his life. He can relate to that feeling but he is so into his scheme of bringing Mum down that he has no time to think about what he strongly believes was but a mirage. A divine finger poking Chloe’s feelings towards him. And so… his revenge changes and at some point wants his parents to get together only to start bickering again and make them feel what that loss of the one you love is all about *again*

Underneath the ugly halogen lamps

All I can say about this is that a light is not always a light! Do you get this? ;) 

Oh, it all went away so fast
In a black out

Spoilers are a bad omen here. I think that S2 will end as they have said at a cliffhanger and yes with a sudden black screen. Ellis said that Lucifer did not escape his form as he believed. Many assume it’s the wings that will make a reappearance. Although that would certainly be a hilarious moment and that I would be right about something of Lucifer’s Dad actually to have been in “God” Johnson, I have another theory. I believe that Lucifer may have to deal with his Devilish form. Not as popular or probable but I love that one. Imagine if Lucifer gets stuck in his other form. Anyway.. the problem still remains. If we notice the writers room tweet in which the last emoticons which describe the finale are earth and then boom-explosion… Well if that’s not a “Oh, it all went away so fast in a black out”, I have no idea what is.

The End

So that’s it…
Until next time :) 

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Do we know how tall Ravus is? I've been itching to know. The best all I got is that Ardyn is 6'3

EDIT: @takahashidemon Clarified my assumption about Ardyn and cleared it up for me. c: Ardyn is, in fact, 6′3″. Oops! I struck out the Ardyn info, so please disregard it! :D

Hm… I would actually assume that Ardyn might be a little shorter than 6′3,” to be honest. c: This is a really good question, considering that we were never given the heights of other characters besides the Chocobros and Lunafreya (probably more, but I only really looked at these guys). So it’s all about just guessing and comparing to other characters!

Like, with Ardyn, I see him at about 6′1″ at the least. Two inches off, ooh no! But when comparing his height to Noctis (who stands at 5′9,” what a runt), Ardyn still lingers over him, having maybe about half a head’s length compared over Noctis. Give or take, considering that Ardyn’s very proportionate in terms of design, the average human head is about 8-9 inches tall. So I’m assuming that Ardyn should have about about 4 inches over Noctis, making him stand at roughly 6′1″.

But I digress, because we’re supposed to be talking about Ravus’s height, yeah?

I scaled out Ardyn to stand approximately on the same plane with a similar proportion to Ravus, and though I may be slightly off, Ravus appears to be slightly taller than Ardyn. Not by a whole not though.

Compared with Gladio, Ravus seems alot smaller than him, who stands at about 6′6″ and towers over a good majority of the cast – even Ardyn. Ravus, when standing up against Gladio in this scene, is shown to be about eye height, give or take. Yet again, if you go in terms of Gladio having roughly a 8-9 inch long head and facial anatomy, Ravus is about 6′2″ - 6′3″.

You could compare him to Lunafreya for even more comparisons. In the image, they seem to be standing on a different level with each other, Luna being slightly closer to the camera. But give or take, I imagine Ravus having at least a head’s length over Luna, who stands at 5′6.” Following, again, the average head height, he’d be placed at about 6′2″ - 6′3″.

Hope that answers your question! c: My estimates may or may not be wrong (but then again, I totally called Ravus’s age. Ego stroking~), but I hope it helps a little bit, at the very least!


DHMIS 4 update: production has offically wrapped! so get ready for more DHMIS goodness (also looks like Roy will be involved in this.) as well as several more character’s besides just the main three.




His name is Colin. (◉‿◉) Get hype.

Link to the thing: https://mobile.twitter.com/BeckyBocka/status/585549670811836416

A Helm M 1867 Officer’s pickelhaulbe or spiked helmet from the Cuirassier Regiment von Seydlitz (Madgeburg or Magdeburgisches) Nr.7.

From the collection of the Deuches Historiches Museum in Berlin.

And by the way myself and my Wife are off to Berlin next week for my Birthday present and I can’t wait!