Ranking Philly’s Best Malls. In what he calls “A Very Serious, Not Even Slightly Humorous Ranking of the Best Malls in the Philadelphia Area,” The20’s @dhm votes for The Gallery in Center City as his favorite in a column today for The Philly Post. As he says:

“Quiet, haters. The Gallery at Market East is awesome. The ultimate mall product is sneakers, and The Gallery has a million great sneaker shops. (Mini-ranking of Gallery sneaker stores: 1. Ubiq. 2. Villa. 3. Kicks USA. 4. Finish Line. 5. City Blue.) There are two video game stores, a surprisingly decent Old Navy and a surprisingly cheap Burlington Coat Factory.

The place is stuck with tacky early-80s art and a decent amount of vacant storefronts, but even that turned out pretty neat: The mall donated studio space for JJ Tiziou’s How Philly Moves mural, now installed at the airport. Sometimes you hear New Order over the sound system. There’s a pizza place that serves dollar slices. Also, there’s a train station and three subway stops.”

Note, he doesn’t include malls in New Jersey or Delaware (sorry, Cherry Hill, Christiana and more). But The Gallery? The same place where mallgoers were peppered with flying trash and flash mobs organized? And over Franklin Mills, of which @dhm notes “If you simply must shop at a mall with a giant Ben Franklin head, this is your only option.”

The full rankings:

  1. The Gallery
  2. King of Prussia Mall
  3. Willow Grove Mall
  4. Plymouth Meeting Mall
  5. Oxford Valley Mall
  6. Neshaminy Mall
  7. Springfield Mall
  8. Franklin Mills
  9. The Shops at Liberty Place

What are your thoughts? Favorite mall in the area?


[@dhm, The Philly Post]

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It’s a Wawa World…Forget Comcast and Sunoco—the most powerful economic force in Philadelphia these days is the one making your Shorti.

It’s a Wawa World; We Just Eat In It. The quote above is the opening to a great read in Philadelphia Magazine’s August issue from Don Steinberg about how the local hoagie, gas and coffee joint is taking over the world, developing the type of consumer loyalty that most brands would pay big money for. Some classic (or Shorti, depending on your hunger level) Wawa stats from the story:

  • It’s now the number eight seller of cups of coffee in the entire U.S., and sells one of every five cups in the region
  • Wawa sells 80 million hoagies a year
  • It’s third in the Delaware Valley in terms of overall grocery sales (behind ShopRite and Acme)
  • Wawa’s annual per-store average is $5 million (excluding gas sales)
  • It is the country’s 50th largest private company

The stats go on and on, so just read the story. But another great takeaway is from Wharton marketing professor Stephen Hoch, who says of the store’s evolution from a convenience store to a one-stop shop: ““Wawa has become a fast-food restaurant with a gas station.”

A quick Facebook search for Wawa turns up multiple fan pages of those who love the chain and Philly transplants who miss it. The branded page itself has over 760,000 fans. It remains only in five states for now (PA, NJ, Delaware, Maryland and Virginia), and selfishly we’d like to keep it that way.

As The20’s @dhm said this morning about the business that we all love, ”“Wawa is part of our culture. It’s part of our way of life.”


[Philadelphia Magazine, Facebook, @dhm]

dollhouseofmuses asked:

🍺 "Roy... Is there something between you and the Professor?"

Send me a 🍺 for my muse to reply to any of your (or your muse's) questions drunk.

“…” How could he answer that truthfully? That the hybrid scientist had come on to him? That he’d given in to her dominance all to readily? That for one or two nights – and days – there may have been some sin occurring? The doctor would never forgive him… So he replied, smiling the best fake smile he could. “Nothing at all. Just another argument.”

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anonymous asked:

Long term effects of abusing dimenhydrinate? I couldn't find any threads on long term effects for this drug.

all dimenhydrinate is, is diphenhydramine with a stimulant that is similar to caffeine attached to it. dimenhydrinate however, is half as potent. dhm does the same thing as dph but you just have to take more. long term effects of chronic dph abuse are short term memory loss, persistent (but minor) hallicinations, dissociation, decreased ability to focus, and interruption of heart rhythm.

if I were you I wouldn’t keep using it. it pretty much guarantees HPPD after a long period of chronic abuse. deliriants are really bad for you physically and detrimental to you mentally.

Should the 76ers Kill Off Hip-Hop? Since the new Sixers owners (led by financier Joshua Harris) officially took over on October 18, they’ve been encouraging fans to send in suggestions of what they’d like to see changed with the team. And as The20’s @dhm writes for PhillyMag today, “the only concrete idea fans can get behind is getting rid of Hip-Hop, the creepy anthropomorphic rabbit that’s been the team’s mascot since 1998.”

The20 and CSNPhilly’s @GonzoCSN explains why the rabbit needs to go, saying:

“Even in the late ‘90s, when baggy jeans and over-sized jerseys and the like were the standard youth uniform, Hip-Hop was a gross, embarrassing, obvious attempt to appeal to 20-somethings…Back when it was created – and for, oh, the first decade or so thereafter – Hip-Hop was a transparent and lame marketing ploy. Now it’s lame and stale, like the mascot version of planking.”

Meanwhile, @dhm takes the opposite side of the argument, stating that the team’s problems need not focus on a rabbit:

“What Sixers fans really want is for the team to acquire better players, win more games and eventually contend for a championship. But submitting that suggestion to the owners is boring; they have to know that already. It’s more fun to think they’ll read your letter and fix your stupid pet peeve about the 76ers.”

Weigh in: should the Sixers ditch the rabbit, or focus on bigger issues? They could always bring back Big Shot, as @dhm says. Of course, none of this matters until the NBA lockout ends.


[Sixers, @dhm, PhillyMag, @GonzoCSN, CSNPhilly, Philebrity]

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Dyke March Berlin

Am Freitag, den 26. Juni 2015 findet der Dyke* March Berlin, die Demo am Vorabend des Berliner CSD „für mehr lesbische Sichtbarkeit und Lebensqualität“

Los geht’s diesmal 19 Uhr am Deutschen Historischen Museum, vor dem Festungsgraben (Berlin Mitte). Wir laufen vorbei am Roten Rathaus Richtung Kreuzberg bis zum Kottbusser Tor, wo wir auch dieses Jahr im Südblock feiern.

Vor dem Dyke* March, ab 17 Uhr, besteht die Möglichkeit zur Sonderbegehung der Ausstellung “Homosexualität_en” im DHM. Mit dem Dyke* March Flyer oder dem ausgedruckten Gutschein von http://ift.tt/1e5nKhf gibt es ermäßigten Eintritt.

Der Dyke* March soll eine bunte Mischung von Lesben und Freundinnen und Freunden aller Überzeugungen, Orientierungen, Haarlängen, Altersgruppen, Nationalitäten und Befindlichkeiten sein.

Das * (Sternchen) hinter dem Dyke heißt: Transgender sind bei der Demo herzlich willkommen!

#EnoughisEnough #StopHomophobia #StopTransphobia #LGBT #Community #LGBTI #Lesbian #Berlin #DYKEMARCHBERLIN

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🍺 "Shinjiro-senpai, who do you like the most?" asked the auburn haired girl.

Send me a 🍺 for my muse to reply to any of your (or your muse's) questions drunk.

He gave the Fool a brief glance before turning away, blush hidden thanks to his large size separating them. or rather, simply preventing their eyes from making sight contact. “… Aki’s practically my brother, but I’m gussin’ you’re asking about the girls in the dorm, right?” Curse alcohol and it’s ability to rob one of all their senses. “… What would you say, if you were my favourite, Arisato?”

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Happy Fourth of July from DHM

Happy fourth folks!

No matter what anyone says, this nation was fashioned on values that were based on the Word of GOD. Having some of the ancestry and stories in my own family from Jamestown, Plimoth, revolutionary patriot heritage, war of 1812, even officers in Washington’s colonial militia and more, the stores paint the picture of people coming to a country and a land free of persecution, filled with opportunity, facing extreme challenges and at all costs, fighting for freedom.

So, with true Patriotic ancestry, I simply want to speak with authority as a blue blooded American and say that I am thankful for those with the faith and courage to found this amazing nation. Their blood shed and lives given were not in vain.

And to those that protect those freedoms for us, may you know that I am praying for you. You are our real heroes. Freedom is never free! It has cost greatly!!!!!!!!!

Thank you Jesus for the passionate GOD chasers that gave us freedom first. Thank you LORD for listening to the cry of the revolutionary flag, “An Appeal to Heaven…” May we turn back to this heart. We may be in a different era, but foundational values are always the same!

Happy Fourth!



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from Happy Fourth of July from DHM

D'oh! Let’s Play Two. The Phils are entrenched in a day/night double-header with the Florida (er, Miami) Marlins and Game 1 is looking promising, despite an early gaffe (that had The20’s @dhm cracking up).

In the first inning, Shane Victorino was plunked by Marlins catcher Brett Hayes in the head as the ball went back to the pitcher (video via @The700Level).

It’s not the first time the Flyin’ Hawaiian has had someone go after his head. There was this moment in the 2008 NLCS and the Cubs fan who thought Shane needed a drink. What gives?


[@dhm, Philthy Stuff, The 700 Level, The Fightins, MLB by FanDome]

WrestleMania 29 Coming to NJ in 2013. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, John Cena, Triple H, and Sheamus will be in attendance. Will you? WWE’s premiere professional wrestling pay-per-view event of the year is headed to the Garden State next year and will be held outdoors at MetLife Stadium (home of the Jets and Giants). From ESPNNewYork.com:

“This is not a one-day thing,” New Jersey Governor Chris Christie said Thursday in the official announcement. “This is a week-long celebration that is going to be brought here to New Jersey and the surrounding area. You will have fans from all around the country and around the world who are going to come and generate tens of millions of dollars in all type of economic activity for this area.”

In 2011, WrestleMania was held before 71,617 fans at the Georgia Dome. This year’s event will be April 1 at Sun Life Stadium in Miami. WrestleMania has generated more than $200 million in cumulative economic impact for its past four host regions, according to ESPNNewYork.com. The 2013 event is expected to generate more than $62 million in revenues for the New York City area and northern New Jersey suburbs (according to the Wall Street Journal). More from WWE.com:

“My goal right now is to make WrestleMania XXVIII the greatest WrestleMania of all time,” The Rock stated before breaking the news: “I will also come to WrestleMania XXIX, and I will electrify MetLife Stadium like never before.”

And despite The20’s @dhm’s request for Christie to announce the event dressed as 1990’s WWF legend Yokozuna, the Governor opted for a simple suit (as shown above). -LD [ESPNNewYork.com, WWE.com, @dhm] Photo: Getty Images

Philly Bike Wars Heating Up. In what appears to be a never-ending battle between cyclists, pedestrians, motorists and city residents, some new statistics released this weekend from the Mayor’s Office were certainly interesting. Since the city launched the “Give Respect, Get Respect” campaign on May 16, designed to promote the co-existence of cyclists and others around town, 600 bikers have been stopped (though only a few ticketed).

“Cyclists seem to be where the educational focus needs to go,” Police Capt. Alan Clark told the Daily News. “[Motorists] don’t need education. If they ran a red light, they know what they did.”

City columnist Stu Bykofsky wrote a great column today titled “The Naked Truth About Philly Bikers” today, to which The20’s @gonzophilly wrote “The bike fascists won’t like this, but I will.” It’s definitely worth a read.

To which @dhm quickly followed in jest, tweeting:

@dhm Power Rankings: 1. Pedestrians. 2. Cyclists. 3. Car Drivers. 4. Segway Riders. 5. People Who Complain Incessantly About Cyclists.”

How do you feel about about the latest crackdowns on bicyclists? Will someone in Philly follow this New Yorker’s video campaign in which he protests a ticket with all the things bikers need to avoid when obeying the law?


[Philadelphia Daily News, BicycleCoalition.org, @gonzophilly, @dhm, YouTube]

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Museumsbesuche am 06.07.2015, Deutsche Geschichte in Bildern und Zeugnissen / Tip des Berliner Stadtmagazin

Deutsches Historisches Museum

Unter den Linden 2
10117 / Berlin Tel.: 030 - 20304 - 444Homepage: http://www.dhm.de

Museumsbesuche am 06.07.2015 ab 10:00Uhr

Deutsche Geschichte in Bildern und Zeugnissen

Die Ständige Ausstellung des DHM im Zeughaus

Die Einrichtung einer Dauerausstellung, in der sich Besucher über die Epochen der deutschen Geschichte in ihrem europäischen Zusammenhang informieren können, sah die Gründungskonzeption als zentrale Aufgabe des Deutschen Historischen Museums an. Mit der ständigen Ausstellung im Berliner Zeughaus, die seit Pfingsten 2006 für die Öffentlichkeit zugänglich ist, erfüllt das DHM den anspruchsvollen, noch nie zuvor in diesem Umfang gestellten Bildungsauftrag. Mehr als 8 000 historische Exponate berichten von Menschen, Ereignissen, Ideen und Abläufen während rund 2 000 Jahren deutscher Vergangenheit, vom 1. Jahrhundert vor Christus bis in die Gegenwart.

In der Konzeption für die Arbeit des Deutschen Historischen Museums, die im Gründungsjahr 1987 von einer Kommission aus 14 namhaften deutschen Wissenschaftlern vorgelegt wurde, lauten zentrale Aussagen zur Zielsetzung der Institution wie folgt:

Das Museum soll Ort der Besinnung und der Erkenntnis durch historische Erinnerung sein. Es soll informieren, die Besucher darüber hinaus zu Fragen an die Geschichte anregen und Antworten auf ihre Fragen anbieten. Es soll zur kritischen Auseinandersetzung anregen, aber auch Verstehen ermöglichen und Identifikationsmöglichkeiten bieten. […] Das Museum soll mit den ihm eigenen Mitteln den Wissens- und Erfahrungsbestand der Besucher bereichern, ihre historische Vorstellungskraft anregen und ihnen selbständige Urteile erleichtern.

Die Ständige Ausstellung kommt diesem Auftrag mit Hilfe einer detailliert geplanten Zusammenstellung von rund 8 000 aussagekräftigen, originalen Objekten aus nahezu allen Bereichen der menschlichen Lebenswelt in Vergangenheit und Gegenwart nach. Als historische Zeugnisse geben diese Exponate dem Betrachter Kunde von vergangenen Dingen, und als historische Zeugnisse werden sie in der Ausstellung nach ihrem jeweiligen Informationsgehalt zur deutschen Geschichte befragt. Im Ergebnis werden anschauliche und den historischen Realitäten möglichst eng verpflichtete Schilderungen zu den spezifischen Ereignissen und Lebensumständen jeder Epoche entwickelt. Der Fokus der Befragung wechselt in Abhängigkeit von den prägenden politischen und gesellschaftlichen Fragestellungen einer jeden Zeit. Durch die Vorgehensweise entsteht ganz bewusst keine lineare oder zielgerichtete Darstellung historischer Prozesse, wie sie in vielen Nationalmuseen des 19. und 20. Jahrhunderts dargeboten wurde, sondern eine epochenspezifisch differenzierte, historisch-kritische Nachzeichnung der vielfältigen Verläufe, der Kontinuitäten, aber auch der Brüche und Fehlentwicklungen der deutschen Geschichte. Die erweiterte Perspektive nimmt immer auch Europa in den Blick, so dass die deutsche Geschichte durchgängig in ihrem europäischen Kontext dargestellt werden kann. Auf diesem Wege wird Besuchern aus dem In- und Ausland die Möglichkeit eröffnet, Informationen zu allen wesentlichen Aspekten der wechselvollen Geschichte der Deutschen zu gewinnen, die als Basis für eine eigenständige Urteilsfindung und Auseinandersetzung dienen können.

Bei allen historisch bedingten Unterschieden im Detail geben die Darstellungen der ständigen Ausstellung auch Auskünfte zu einem konzeptionell klar definierten Kreis von Grundkonditionen der politischen, kulturellen und gesellschaftlichen Existenz im deutschsprachigen Raum durch die Jahrhunderte. Um die Besucher für diese Themenfelder zu sensibilisieren, werden von Beginn an acht mit der Sachverständigenkommission erarbeitete Leitfragen herausgestellt, die als Hilfsmittel zur Erschließung der Fülle des Exponat- und Informationsangebotes dienen sollen:

* Deutschland – Wo liegt es?
* Die Deutschen – Was hielt sie zusammen?
* Wer herrschte, wer gehorchte, wer leistete Widerstand?
* Woran glaubten die Menschen, wie deuteten sie die Welt?
* Wovon lebten die Leute?
* Wer mit wem gegen wen? Konflikt und Kooperation in der Gesellschaft
* Was führt zum Krieg, wie macht man Frieden?
* Wie verstehen die Deutschen sich selbst?

Diese Fragen werden durch die Ausstellung nicht explizit beantwortet. Vielmehr wird es dem Besucher selbst überlassen, anhand der Darstellungen zu eigenen Antworten und Interpretationen der Zusammenhänge zu gelangen.
Die Geschichtsvermittlung erfolgt also absichtsvoll nicht in belehrender Form und mit dem Anspruch auf absolute Wahrheiten, sondern als Anleitung zur eigenen Auseinandersetzung mit der Vergangenheit im Hinblick auf die Fragestellungen unserer Zeit. Weitere Informationen erhalten Sie unter www.berliner-stadtmagazin.de.
I leave you with two thoughts: Live beneath your means; and if it sounds to good to be true, it is too good to be true. So farewell my friends and colleagues. I wish you all peace of mind and good health.

Daily News Finance Columnist Harry Gross Says Goodbye. The quote above includes the final words written by Harry Gross today in his final column, another casualty of the struggling print media industry.

The long-time Daily News personal finance columnist gave local residents some outstanding advice over the years (many of which you can read here), and his departure has some local residents in an uproar.

The20’s @dhm weighed in on Twitter, saying:

Harry Gross was let go! This means war, Larry Platt. http://bit.ly/n4PIZw

And as Harry ended almost every one of his columns with it, we’ll do the same: “Harry urges all his readers to give blood - contact the American Red Cross at 800-Red Cross.”

Thanks for the memories and advice, Harry.


[Harry Gross, Philly.com, @dhm]