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today’s taro shiba advertisement is for himalayan dog chews!

himalayan dog chew website: http://www.himalayandogchew.com/


and today, i’m joined by special guest, zuko the shiba. in the video above, we’re both chewing on himalayan dog chews. and with two pieces that we could share, well, they’re so good that we didn’t bother being possessive of them.


my humans took two photos to commemorate our shared enjoyment of the himalayan dog chew:


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himalayan dog chews are taro shiba & zuko shiba approved!

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but you needn’t take only our word for it…


check out this pic from Phineas the Shiba’s human mom (@Dangerkitty2020):

(original tweet by @Dangerkitty2020)


Phineas the Shiba loves his himalayan dog chew, too!


they’re approved by shibas everywhere! get yours today!


faces of zuko the shiba

recently, the ridiculously talented cara of cara rose photos (who zuko and i met during our photo shoot with jonathan and his shiba suki) posted this photo of zuko on flickr: [can only be seen on flickr, but trust me it’s worth it!]


quick and important notes on cara and her awesome photgraphy:


flickr users should really follow cara’s work on flickr. her username is tumbleweed.in.eden


this is cara’s website: cara rose photos


cara also maintains a blog. it has a great collection photo entries.


recently on that blog, she posted photos of suki, zuko and i. you should read about it by going here.


she took those during the first half of our san francisco photoshoot. some of the images are amazing, and the last one in that blog post makes my humans grin incessantly. 


if my humans and i ever make it out to kansas, you can absolutely bet that we’ll be asking cara for a photo session.



so, the aforementioned wonderful shot cara took of zuko’s mug inspired kai and i to look through our own photos of zuko’s face. below is a collection of some of our not-yet-shared photos of zuko’s killer smile and hyper-expressive eyes.


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want to see more of our best pics of zuko’s face? try these two blog entries: