The Cube? Yeah, it runs Doom. Or at least, can show it.

“The Cube” is the name for Deadmau5′s frankly ridiculous DJ stand/stage setup, which basically consists of a giant three-sided LED display on motors for motion control, with Deadmau5 sitting on top doing whatever it is Deadmau5 does. Look, I’m old and set in my ways, alright? If you can’t strum it or hit it with a stick, I don’t know how music is made with it. It just happens. Like babies.

Anyhoo, speaking of babies, recently Mau5 commissioned a little babby version of The Cube, dubbed “Cube Lite”, that’s largely identical to the real thing, just shrunk down to about three feet tall so he can work on his light show from the comfort of his studio, and not, like, an aircraft hangar or something.

It can do other things too, as one Twitter wit managed to convince Mau5 to demonstrate. Click the link for video! I couldn’t embed it or download it to repost here, because Twitter be cray.

Thanks to @ask-travisthefatlazyauthor and @scrubdowner for submitting this!