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A/N: Hello everyone! It has been some time but here I am with another mini fanfic. This one was totally random and extended into something I didn’t expect but had so much fun writing! I hope you guys enjoy it and never be afraid to talk to me~! As always the series and characters do not belong to me. :)

Small snippet: “However, even if it was painful for her to admit, he was right. She really did love to fly.”

The sun wasn’t forgiving today. Nor has it been forgiving in the past week. No matter how much time passed throughout the day the sun continued releasing its golden rays which slowly rippled with heat towards Velaris. Mostly the Court of Dreams was crisp and pleasant all year round. It’s the perfect temperature to sport any apparel of your choice. Whether it’d be light materials or heavy, both were suitable. But once every so often during the year Velaris is greeted with climate that is much more humid for anyone’s liking.

Nesta had grown accustomed to the mellow climate but never to this amount of heat. Even though she has experienced all four seasons when living within the Mortal Lands, the summer she learned to adapt to was something that builded up over time. So as the days to summer came dreadfully closer, so did the heat. But when it emerges without warning is just something she hasn’t gotten quite used to.

To make light of the situation Nesta decided to busy herself. As she awoke from her restless slumber she decided to go through her regular routine. Later she will decide what project to tackle in order to keep occupied. But for now to keep cool Nesta dressed herself in light pants because of the breathable fabric. After some time pants grew on her instead of the usual dresses she wore. Different garments of clothing kept finding their way into her wardrobe to experiment with. However, Nesta surprisingly didn’t complain or miss any of the frilly gowns. When done deciding on the shorts she chose a blue dainty top with no sleeves carefully tucking it into the waistband of the slacks. To complete the look her hair was tied into an elegant braid which then cascaded into a secure bun.

Not much later in the day Nesta ran into her youngest sibling. The two found themselves greeting each other in the kitchen while Nesta picked at the variety of breakfast options. As a roll of bread dressed with jam was tucked swiftly into Nesta’s mouth she couldn’t help but overhear how distressed Elain was. It turns out she had been fretting for the fourth time this week about the health of her gardens. Once Nesta finished her meal she curiously asked Elain for more information.

With a distracted look Elain mumbled about how the unexpected heat wave could send the plants into shock and damage them making the recovery lengthy. This was the forth day in a row of the brutalizing weather which the plants weren’t accustomed to. Hopefully with extra care they would make it out without wilting.

In hopes of brightening the look upon Elain’s features Nesta offered her hand in help, both eager and glad to spend some time with her. Recently Nesta was traveling to various courts and the human realm to share her story. The Inner Circle appointed her new Emissary in order to close the gap between Fae and mortals. So often at times she rarely had moments like this.  

So here she was watering Elain’s garden hoping to keep them hydrated and alive while her sister closely observed the rest of her vegetation. In the process beads of sweat rolled down her forehead and nose. The feeling was ticklish so she released the handle of the hose and wiped the build up of moisture along the furrow of her brows. One even made its way to her lips giving Nesta the taste of salt and dirt. Sighing she continued to mist the flowers.

“How are they looking Elain?” Nesta called out behind her. Her sister casually drifted her gaze away from the plants to her older sister. Her eyes were bright as a small smile reached her beautiful immortal features.

“They’re looking better already. As long as we water them and keep the soil moist I think they have a good chance at beating this heat wave.” The expression on Elain’s face made something twinge inside Nesta’s chest. When Elain was thrust into a conversation about her gardens she lit up the room. Her knowledge was always expanding and it was the one activity that could pull her from the darkest of times.

For some assurance and acknowledgement Nesta nodded and returned to misting the greenery. Not too long after completing her task she felt more sweat bundle across her forehead which then slid down to her cheeks and chin. To take care of that she extended her hand below the nozzle of the hose and squeezed the handle. Water splashed quickly drenching her hand in cool relief then lifted her chilled fingertips to her forehead. Nesta made quick work targeting her reddened cheeks and neck.

Nesta also spotted Elain suffering from the same problem and thought it’d be a good idea to fetch some refreshments. But before she made her way back into Rhysand’s and Feyre’s home Azriel emerged from the house with a pitcher of cold water and glasses. The Shadowsinger approached the two girls in swift movements wearing loose and light fighting gear helping to relieve some build up of warmth. Azriel quickly approached Nesta offering a glass and she happily obliged. He then turned in the direction of Elain and made his way to her.

Nesta eyed the exchange between Azriel and Elain while sipping from the glass. She invited the soothing liquid running down to her core hoping to cool her down. To take a quick break Nesta plopped her body down onto a bench thankfully shielded from the powerful rays. She took another sip and leaned back into the plush cushions wishing to rest. However, a rustle of wings in the distance prevented her from doing so fully.

A powerful thud slammed into the ground beside the bench sending a small rattle through the earth. In shock she snapped her blue eyes open to inspect what had disturbed her down time. A few feet away stood Cassian ruffling his wings before tucking them in. His long hair had been tied back into a bun while some strands loosely framed his face due to the previous flight. His eyes found hers with a heavy glance. She felt his fiery gaze flush her hotter which didn’t seem possible. Suddenly she needed more water to cool herself off again.

“Nesta,” Cassian greeted her with his signature grin.

She lifted a brow and looked him up and down with one glimpse. To rile him up a bit she pretended to relax into the lawn seat and closed her eyes not sparring another look at him.

The only thing her ears picked up was a silent huff as well as some chuckling? Now the curiosity inside peeked as well as the giant urge to tease. Though several taunts and jokes threatened to spill she bit her lip to contain them.

“Nice to see you too,” he said sarcastically. Cassian settled right beside Nesta emphasizing every movement he made. He mischievously rattled his wings until finally spreading them out to bath in the light. After settling them he shifted his body in a more comfortable position and extended an arm around Nesta’s small frame.

She felt his arm lay limp along the border of the chair. Already his body heat hit the back of her neck in full. “I would advise to move your arm elsewhere.”  

“Oh? Why is that? I found you quite like it sometimes.” She could hear the playfulness within the tone clearly.

Cassian was then graced with seeing the blazing glare from those alluring blue eyes. While he matched her gaze she peeled his arm out from behind her. “Cassian it’s too hot for your abnormal body heat.”

Cassian threw his head back and a laugh tumbled out, “So what exactly are you doing to battle it?”

She gave him a side glance letting a sly smirk appear, “Why don’t you tell me Cassian.”

“Well, that’s a question I can’t answer,” he shrugged his shoulders then continued. “But I have a solution.”

“And what is that?” She asked interested. At this point she’d do anything to rid of this warmth.

Cassian only extended a hand out to her in response. Nesta hesitated for a moment and locked eyes with him again in silent question but then slid her hand into his. He then proceeded to lift himself off the bench holding onto her still. As a gentlemen he helped her up to her feet overlooking her confusion. Once she was on her feet Cassian wasted no time tugging her to him. She braced herself against Cassian’s sturdy chest clearly startled by his pull. Cassian only gave her a grin and scooped her up into his arms.

“Ready?” he asked looking down at her. Nesta silently debated to herself then looked up at him and nodded bracing herself for what would come next.

The next moment happened all too quickly for her to register. Cassian lengthened his wings out from his body, each vein and bone visible. With a powerful flap they were swept off their feet hurling through the air in a matter of seconds. The roaring rush of the wind slamming into them was instantly cooling and overall better then lounging on a chair like mere moments before.

For good measure she clung onto him a bit more taking in the smoke and pine scent. In return Cassian gripped Nesta closer to his body shielding her from the deafening cry of the air.

Ahead she could spot the barrier surrounding Velaris and furrowed her brows. The possibilities to where he would be taking her were endless. She couldn’t come close to guessing a right answer. There were seven individual courts all respectively massive and peppered with hidden geographical gems. So instead of trying to guess she took in the scenery around her.

Trees whirled past from under them vanishing moments later. She never realized how fast Cassian could travel especially in the short amount of time they were airborne.

The whole experience was mesmerizing. Often at times Feyre or Mor would winnow her places. Winnowing still caught her off balance sometimes but she begun to steady herself and fight the uneasiness. Flying was something different. At first she disliked it more then winnowing but now it was a comfort. However, it wasn’t only a comfort, it was a relief. Seeing now how well Cassian’s wings flapped not only holding them up with ease but propelling them through the sky was incredible. She even silently thanked this flight for instantly cooling her body down.

After some time of closely observing the landscape below and enjoying the way the wind brushed her cheeks Cassian squeezed her twice. This meant he was preparing to dive. Now Nesta’s heart started to beat rapidly which caused a sinking feeling to grow deep inside. Her fingers slipped up his torso to clasp behind his neck showing him she was ready.

Cassian tipped their bodies forward and tucked in his wings. They could cut clean through the air by the sheer speed of the dive. Usually Nesta would close her eyes on instinct but this time she peeked over her shoulder and saw the ground coming into view closer with every second. The feeling of the freefall sent adrenaline coursing through her veins. It almost ended too quickly. Almost.

About twenty or so feet from touching the ground the general flared out his wings to slow their fall. A second later he landed with another hard thump feeling the strength course through his body into hers. The sound of the wind stilled echoed throughout her mind as she brushed the strands of hair that untucked themselves from her updo.

Already the climate here was much cooler, not humid as it was in Velaris.

As she looked around the first thing she noticed was a large lake off to the right. The water was completely still, no ripple skimming across the surface. Across the water as a backdrop were massive mountains in the distance dusted with snow. All around the pair were towering trees giving them ample privacy. Then finally a tiny wooden cottage stood next to the lake off to the left. Attached to the cottage was a thin dock extending over the water barely touching the surface.

“Where are we?” Nesta asked while Cassian carefully set her down.

Before answering her he stared at the cottage then swept his eyes over the lake and up to the mountains. “This was where I grew up,” he whispered still not meeting her gaze.

Suddenly Nesta found no words. Everything she wanted to say simply disappeared and remained quiet. The way he looked at the cottage reminded her of her childhood. His usual fiery gaze wasn’t there, they were replaced with sorrow and longing. Her heart yearned for him in that moment and realized how she still didn’t know much about him or his past. Maybe this moment would shed some light on that topic?

“This place doesn’t bear the best memories but some part of me still keeps coming back. Whenever I need a place to escape to I always come here,” his voice was still a mere whisper barely audible.

Nesta noticed how their fingers were still entwined with each other then gave his hand a slight squeeze for reassurance. He finally looked at her, his hazel eyes lightened up a bit when doing so.

“Come on, let me show you my favorite spot.” Cassian started guiding them towards the cottage. As they slowly made their way across the landscape a wind blew past them rustling the grass. While inhaling the fresh scent of pine Nesta couldn’t help but wonder if it was to greet them or tell Cassian to leave and never come back. If this place didn’t particularly harbor positive memories, why come back at all?

The cottage up close looked much bigger but the wood was worn down from centuries of facing the elements. The door didn’t have a lock anymore and the hoop handle was already lined with rust. Cassian pushed the door open listening to the creak of the decayed hinges. The room reeked with the smell of wet wood.

Once stepping inside the living room space the kitchen was far off to the left just ahead of them. A hallway lined with doors was off to the right. Nesta assumed that was where his previous room was located. But she never got a chance to check for herself. Cassian walked through the living room passing the kitchen to another door. He stole a quick glance of Nesta before nudging the door open, again with a broken lock.

The door led them to the little dock hovering just above the water. The scenery and sight was something to behold. She could see why he liked coming here as bitter as it was. The view was unlike any other and something you would want to see everyday. 

But one question kept bothering her and she couldn’t restrain herself when asking, “Cassian why do you keep coming back?”

Cassian let go of her fingers and settled himself down onto the wood. He peeled off his boots and set them aside then dipped his feet into the water. Before she had a chance to react he patted the wood beside him signaling for her to sit if she wanted. Nesta mirrored his movements and sat cross legged next to him.

“I’m not too sure myself why exactly I come back,” he sighed running his fingers through his now untied hair. “But I think it’s to remind myself of a promise I made.”

“A promise?”

His expression soothed into something less somber. “I promised myself that if one day I start a family..” he paused.

“Cassian you don’t need to say anything if you don’t wish to.”

He only shook his head and took her hand again for a sense of security. “I want my children to have a memorable childhood filled with laughter and happiness. Unlike my own.”

For the first time in a long time Nesta allowed herself to smile. To truly smile. Something inside melted at his words because she too would want the same thing. Growing up the way Nesta and her sisters did, one question always managed to haunt her the entire time. Would they live to see the next day? Would they live to see their next birthday? Would their be a day where they didn’t fear for their lives at all?

“I think thats a promise you will fulfill with ease,” she murmured more to herself than him.

His head snapped to her and she saw his eyes widen.

A couple silent moments passed between them until she finally heard him say, “Thank you.”

Nesta only hung her head a bit to avoid the eye contact. The only thing in view now was the water. To this day Nesta still couldn’t submerge her body fully under water. But as a start she removed her shoes and dipped her toes into it just as he did. She continued to ground herself into the wood reminding herself that she was alive and safe.

“Better than the heat in Velaris?”

She lifted her head up, “A lot better.”

Cassian flashed a victory smirk. “We have to be heading home soon before dark.”

To her surprise she felt a glimmer of sadness rise. Nesta didn’t want to leave just yet but he was right. Plus she didn’t want to find out what creatures lurked here during nightfall.

Cassian lifted himself up swiftly sliding his boots on and extending his hand to her. She took it making her way up and slipped into her own pair of shoes.

“Try not to mess up my hair on the way back,” she nudged him playfully as he lifted Nesta and cradled her to his chest.

“Don’t lie to yourself. You know you love to fly with me.”

She scoffed him off and oped her mouth to retort but before she could he shot up into the sky chuckling in the process.

However, even if it was painful for her to admit, he was right. She really did love to fly.

Just some GOT things I would like to happen

MORE missandei and grey worm
MORE grey worm ;)
cersei dies (i don’t care how)
baelish dies (again, don’t care how)
all of the remaining starks reunite
melisandre resurrects my queen margaery
melisandre resurrects my king oberyn
sansa is queen of the north
jon finds a hobby
Jamie and brienne share a sweet kiss
Yara and Dany share a sweet kiss
dany hands over the iron throne to olenna
white walkers die (by dragon???)
Tyrion finds happiness :’)

idk I’m just really excited


A/N: I’m back to no one’s surprise with more Nessian. I just can’t get enough of this couple man.. I can write about them all day or more like all night.. So here is another drabble that I throughly enjoyed writing. Who knew writing fighting scenes could be fun?? On top of that Nessian fighting scenes! But without further ado I hope you guys enjoy and I just wanted to thank everyone for all the support. You all motivated me to continue writing again and I can’t thank you guys enough. As always the characters and series do not belong to me.

Summary: Adrenaline flowed through her veins as she dodged and weaved through his series of punches. She’s been getting better at her defense but more importantly she’s been kicking ass when it comes to her offense. Now more than ever was a perfect time to show him what she was made of. So as they continued to train and spar Nesta became determined to kick Cassian’s ass.


Nesta carefully circled along the outskirts of the arena eyeing her victim like a predator that was about to pounce. Her heart was racing within her ears to the point where she could even feel it pounding against her chest and ribs. To calm her heart she gradually inhaled and exhaled hoping to slow her breathing and rapid heartbeat.

When content with her rhythm’s progress as it began to quiet she steadied her body making sure it was balanced. Nesta continued to keep shifting her weight from foot to foot in case she was ready to ambush. The thought excited her and became eager to make a move. The craving for another match became painfully apparent as the time ticked by.

Across the arena stood a male. Nesta kept her gaze steady as she ran her eyes up and down his body. She could clearly see how impressive his frame was even from afar but she secretly preferred to view it up close. He was built sturdy and pleasantly muscular. Her view began shifting up the sharp lines of his abdomen and chest to the sweat building along his forehead which he started to wipe clean.

Once their eyes locked she swore her heart stalled. His hazel eyes were tempting and one of the features she felt attracted to the most. They always told a story and were the only pair that could display such an arrange of emotions. In one moment they could exhibit passion and desire lighting them ablaze. Other moments it could be sorrow and concern that would break the walls of even the most shielded individual. Either way she was powerless to resist their charm every time. Just like the moments where she was powerless to resist him too sometimes.

“Tired?” He called out to her with a confident grin. In this moment his eyes said it all. How he wanted to lure her out and keep blowing off some steam. He as well craved it just as much as she did.

Nesta smirked to herself, “Not in the slightest. I’m ready for another round if you can keep up.”

“Oh I can keep up. But you already know that don’t you?” He replied with a wink.

Nesta felt her cheeks heat and swore to herself. His words always nailed its mark. She hated how much they affected her but hated even more how the memories attached always caused a warmth to simmer inside her.

“How about you stop stalling and talk with your fists Cassian,” Nesta challenged trying to get the energy rolling again.

“With pleasure.”

Cassian didn’t waste a second getting into a defensive stance. His hands were held high one beside the other covering his face. Without hesitation he darted towards Nesta with full intention of going all out. He would always give Nesta his one hundred percent because she was more than qualified to hold her own against him.

Nesta in return settled into a defensive position as well and took a step to meet Cassian half way. One moment they were face to face, the next she dodged his right uppercut. While shifting her head out of the way she felt a gust of air skim her face from the mere force of the swing. His power was always impressive.

But before he could reel his arm back in for another punch she hit him under the ribs with her left hand casually testing out its own power. A grunt escaped him at the slight ache which became music to her ears.

Another whirl of air brushed her hair to the side as Cassian pivoted around Nesta trying to focus on sheltering his weak spots. Both hands were up again and Cassian kept assessing where he would strike next. Her right side was open for the taking so thats exactly what he did. Cassian threw a punch towards his target only to be blocked. But as she blocked his first attempt he immediately crashed his left foot into her other unguarded side. Surprisingly Nesta maneuvered with such accuracy causing her to block his kick with ease.

To counter Nesta attempted to deliver her signature hook but was only met with the back of his hand. Their eyes locked again for the second time. The both of them drank each other up until Nesta felt his foot hook around hers. The next thing she knew she was buckling back falling hard onto the floor.

The air was knocked out of her lungs. Nesta’s mind became fuzzy and tried to focus her blurry vision. After a moment she saw Cassian pursue towards her and rolled off to the side before he could bestow a killing blow. Quickly Nesta shuffled to her feet lunging towards his foot and accomplishing the exact move he happened to succeed on her.

Again her heartbeat started racing underneath her chest. As always she ignored it focusing more on the feeling of blood rushing through her veins and the sudden energy which erupted throughout her.

Nesta’s body lunged for Cassian who currently growled on the mat. Her body quickly straddled his ready to attack. A smirk spread across her features but was completely wiped away as he flipped her over onto her back. Now Cassian was straddling her.

His eyebrows rose quickly up and down as his signature grin became more apparent. He knew damn well that this moment was too good to pass up. Unfortunately that moment didn’t last long and felt Nesta deliver a blow into his side. His body was thrown off of hers then yet again covered with her own. She made to grasp both wrists pinning them in place and made sure he had no mobility.

A bead of sweat rolled off her brow falling right beside him. A wave of fatigue finally settled into Nesta. She could start to feel the bruises to form knowing full well how much they would ache later.

“That’s a win for me,” her voice came out smoothly.

“That was evil,” he managed to get out wanting to rub his swollen side.

Nesta rolled her eyes, “More like fair.” She released her sturdy grip upon his wrists and became more comfortable seated on top him. As she got cozy he propped himself onto his elbows to get a better look at her.

Nesta’s golden brown hair had been braided back, it managed to slide over the curve of her back as she wiggled into him. His nose could easily pick up the scent which radiated off of her. Their scents mingled heavily. It was a combination of sweat on sweat mixed with her intoxicating pine smell. He loved it above anything else and happily welcomed it.

“Please do continue to pin me,” Cassian chuckled while smoothing the hair from her sweat slicked cheek.

“Did I hear sarcasm?” Nesta raised an eyebrow and started to lift herself from Cassian until he pulled her to him in one swift motion.

“No I mean’t it. It’s quite seductive,” he managed with a heated glance.

“Oh?” She let out silently dipping her head to his. Playfully Nesta teased Cassian until fully succumbing to his lips. The two could feel each other smile during the exchange further causing Nesta’s core to curl.

As they parted for breath she leaned her forehead against his savoring the moment. Their breathing evened out together.

“You reek,” she finally managed to get out with a laugh.

“Well, we have been at this for two hours so I would assume so.”

As Nesta rolled her eyes she briefly gave Cassian another taste of her favorite lip balm which always left him asking for more and unwrapped her leg from around his body. Cassian followed along with her grunting from the slight pain.

He lifted himself up and extended a hand to her. Nesta stared up at him deep in thought before finally sliding her small hand into his rough and calloused one. Their fingers melted into each others, it almost felt too perfect how hers fit into his. Several scars were peppered along his skin revealing the long years of sparring.

“How about you take a shower Cas.”

“How about you join me?”

Nesta shoved Cassian playfully to the side trying to escape the clutches of that coaxing expression.

“Come on Nes you know how this place runs out of hot water fast. Either we shower together,” he paused a chuckle rumbling from deep within his chest. “Or you shower alone and in the cold.”

“I have a better idea,” she replied a wicked smile becoming clear as day. “How about I take the first shower,” Nesta quieted for a moment glancing towards the washing rooms and readied her body for another brief moment of action. “And you enjoy the arctic.”

With that Nesta darted for the showers. It took Cassian a whopping three seconds to register what had just happened, he even blinked a couple times in the process. “Oh no you don’t,” he called out trailing after her.

A shriek filled the air as Cassian lifted Nesta off the ground and spun her around as slight pay back. Not a moment later they disappeared into the showers laughter and tension thick in the air.


No doubt a hot shower was what they both needed. The soothing warmth from the water slid down both their bodies relaxing their muscles. A sigh escaped them both as each rinsed off the soap from their hair and sweat covered skin.

While cleaning themselves they enjoyed a fair amount of other activities to relieve some tension until time escaped them completely.

Cassian graciously stepped aside to let Nesta rinse herself off for the second time. She step into the water slowly giving herself to it. This moment here and now was one of the best today. To have an amazing training session and kick Cassia’s ass was something she was sure damn proud of. Honestly nothing could ruin this mome—

“Cassian!” Nesta shrieked as freezing cold water poured onto her. That brood was in control of the temperature and decided to toy with her. But little does he know how horrible of a decision that was for him to make. She would surely kill him.

“Who’s the real winner now?” He managed to choke out through his laughter.

“I’m going to show you,” Nesta grinned grabbing the shower head and pointing it straight towards his most sensitive region.

The expression was completely wiped off his face while he yelped.

“Don’t play with fire,” Cassian cackled as they continued to drench each other in frigid water.

New Beginnings

A/N: Hello everyone! It has been awhile I know.. but have no fear for I am back with a two part fanfic of Nessian. This will be a short little thing and the first part is being posted right now while the second part will hopefully be up tomorrow or even later today. We shall see ;) Anywho this idea popped into my head and I thought it’d be fun to write it and take a break from the onslaught of things to do.. I hope you all enjoy this part 1 and never be afraid to send me a chat or request! Without further ado lets just jump right in! As always the characters do not belong to me.

This is Part 1. Read Part 2 here.

One line summary: It was time she faced the one question that had haunted her ever since she met him.

There was never a moment within her life that made her breath quicken so quickly or a moment where her chest filled with an emotion she couldn’t quite recall. Never in her life was she at a loss of words standing in front of a mirror or acknowledging how truly beautiful she looked for once. Never in her life was she taken aback at her own actions and decisions. Never, not even once has any of it ever happened.

Her life was mostly filled with fear. Fear for starving and wondering if she’ll ever see the next sunrise or survive enough to watch the following sunset. Her life was filled with hatred. Hatred towards a parent who seemed as though he never attempted to keep his children alive. Never tried at least.

There were times where she envied and resented Feyre for keeping the family alive. There were times where she was cautious and skeptical of everyone, forcing herself to shut even the ones she loved most out. But there were also times filled with so much regret. Regret for the days where she sat at home while Feyre hunted. Regret for never truly realizing how much her father loved Nesta and her siblings. Regret for never believing in him. Regret for not being able to love someone else freely.

However, she wouldn’t regret anything anymore. That was a silent promise she made to herself after the war. Life is too short, too precious. You can never waste a second of it, especially with the people closest. After nearly being killed by the King of Hybern, Nesta thought about how she chose to live her life. She remembered her decisions, actions, and emotions. And as she watched the Inner Circle gather and laugh on a beautiful cloudless day, Nesta chose to live her life differently. She chose to live without regret. To take the opportunities that life handed her and most importantly, she swore to herself that even no matter what happened in the past she too deserved to be happy.

The air stuck within her lungs was released slowly. It felt as if the breath had been held in the entire day. As she thought back on it, the second Nesta entered the room her composure swiftly crumbled. The room at first glance was filled to the brim with clothing and accessories thanks to Feyre, Elain, and Mor. Aside from the organized clutter of dresses everywhere there was one feature which took her breath away. Opposite from the door, far in the back stood several sliding doors which took up the length of a wall. Both sides were pushed closest to their corresponding corner allowing the view of mountains to be the only line of sight for her.

Nesta glanced out towards those mountains in the distance. She memorized each detail of how snow dusted the peaks and how some cliffs were steeper than others. Not too far off in the distance the radiant sun arched low in the sky reading for its sunset.

As the seconds passed Nesta tore her eyes away from the sky which begun to melt into different shades of warm colors. Instead she laid them fixed on herself and her storm grey eyes which stared back anxiously. Not a moment later Nesta’s gaze drifted up to the long wavy hair flowing around her and to the two braids meeting together at the base of her skull. Her eyes then settled down to the attire she was wearing.

From the waist up Nesta wore an intricate off-white lace design that stretched over her upper body and wrapped around her arms ending at the wrists. From the waist down her skirt was light and airy decorated with more lace. Her collarbone and neck were exposed and laid bare in the daylight. 

At times Mor insisted on Nesta to wear a dazzling necklace but Nesta wanted to stay true to herself. She wasn’t an extravagant person as most might assume, but quite the opposite. She was in fact simple.

“Nesta?” A voice whispered from behind the closed door. The tone was soft and gentle yet strong and sure. Without a second thought Nesta knew Feyre had come for her.

The brass handle twisted slowly until a “click” sounded. The noise was followed by a body softly shuffling through making sure the door locked behind her.

Nesta glanced over her shoulder towards Feyre who met her gaze. The two stood there soaking in the silence trying to find the right words. But neither could find them, only feel them.

Her younger sister was pressed against the door, hair already curled into an elegant braid. Her dress was a very light grey adorned with lace similar to Nesta’s. The gown reached the wooden floor and swept along it as Feyre pushed off the door and neared her eldest sibling.

Nesta soon felt warm fingers wrapping around her own.

“You look stunning,” the High Lady spoke, a small smile forming as she clutched Nesta’s hand tighter.

“Ready?” She questioned preparing to hear the response.

Nesta merely stared back into the mirror, at the two of them. Their grey and blue eyes crashing and swirling into a storm. Their dresses elegant and simple. Their fingers interlaced and tender. It all caused her heart to swell.

With a nod Nesta pulled away from the mirror still gripping her sister’s hand and swallowed. They rarely had memories like this filled with warm intentions. Usually a much colder thread ran between the two  always splitting them apart. But the rift began to be stitched back together with their own bare hands and nothing made Nesta more appreciative.

“You deserve this,” Feyre mumbled tugging Nesta into a delicate embrace, “You deserve to be happy.”

The words sunk deep hitting a question Nesta was always afraid to hear the answer to. Did she? Did she truly deserve it? To deserve this?

Sensing the tense in Nesta’s shoulders Feyre peeled back and placed a hand on Nesta’s cheek.

“Both of you do.”

Solar Eclipse

A/N: Hello everyone! Its been a little while since I’ve written something but I come with a gift. A small Nessian drabble. More specifically a solar eclipse drabble in honor of the solar eclipse which passed through the United states yesterday. Unfortunately my state didn’t get to see the full merging ;-; so sad.. but it still was super awesome! If anyone saw the full eclipse tell me your experience and what you thought about it! I would love to know. Without further ado this is a small fanfic which I hope you guys enjoy! <3 As always the characters do not belong to me. 

One line summary: Nesta and Cassian experienced their first solar eclipse together.

The cabin bore an empty silence, a sudden stillness. Something completely contrary to the usual boisterous and jubilant nature the space usually possesses.

Even the familiar routine she grown so used to felt missing. The lack of it nudged something deep within threatening to surface. But she pushed it aside and burrowed it not willing to let the small inkling of a feeling consume her already blurred thoughts.

Nesta shifted up into a sitting position, slowly pressing her bare skin into the cherry wood headboard behind. Her arms looped around her legs pulling them in close for comfort.

Her gaze lazily swept through the room in one motion. They stared towards the open window allowing a ray of golden light to filter into the area. Some specks of dust became visible while swaying in the sun, finding a place to settle. The glow continued to push through finally settling onto the bed, pawing at Nesta’s legs with warmth. Her eyes followed the path and how it dwelled on the vacant side of the mattress harboring a mess of crumpled blankets.

Her mind flipped through the moments when she awoke. How the sun lit the space behind her eyelids causing her to scrunch her face at the sudden disruption in sleep. She remembered how her grey eyes cracked open to find that Cassian wasn’t tangled up in the sheets beside her. She remembered how a plush comforter wrapped her entire body instead of the muscular arms she had grown so accustomed to. And she remembered how the smoke and sandalwood scent was faint. Fainter than usual.

On instinct she reached over to graze the indent within the mattress and find that it was chillingly cold. A frown grew as she pondered through the unsettling nature of the situation.

Though she didn’t want to admit it sometimes, she cherished each morning when they would wake together and remain in bed ensnared within each other’s arms. She cherished even the moments when he would have to slip from bed to fulfill his duties as general. On those occasions Cassian would never part with Nesta without planting kisses in the middle of her brows, on either side of her cheeks, and upon the tip of her nose and lips.

But today he slipped out and left nothing behind.

Maybe something urgent occurred from him to have rushed out of the cabin without a whisper of a goodbye. Whatever the situation was she knew he would always be safe and could handle anything that stood in his way. For many would never forget, Cassian is the Lord of Bloodshed and he should never be taken lightly.

So instead of pondering upon the what ifs, she decided to enjoy the quiet break in dawn lounging upon a velvet sofa with a novel in her lap. An ancient novel coated with a thin layer of dust and lint. A smile grew as she flipped the parchment pages one by one. For the longest time now Nesta craved to read this story since the moment she spotted it within the cabin’s library. A library built just for her by the hands of Cassian himself.

Her mind desperately needed to dive into a new world. One where you could explore and get lost in to your heart’s content.

While enjoying the moment Nesta’s ears carefully listened to the fire ablaze to her right. It was tucked into a fire pit lined with marble and gated with iron guards. Several logs within were stacked against each other further fueling the hungry flames. The original oak color that the lumber hailed burned to an orange glow for a brief moment in time until crumbling into a singed black. For added bliss the heat radiating off the flames ambushed the crisp morning air that had a tendency to nip at her bare skin.

The sight itself was alluring and awakened a power inside that wanted to play. But Nesta merely returned to her book further devouring the addicting story.

“I shouldn’t be surprised to see you curled up with a book once you finally have the time to yourself,” a husky voice sounded from behind. A voice which she had undoubtedly waited for.

She peeled her eyes away from the words below, a little at loss for not being able to continue reading. But no matter how much she loved the story and would do anything to continue on with it, she secretly loved Cassian more.

The light brown hair braided back cascaded down her collarbone as she twisted her gaze to meet the burning hazel ones of the general. His hair was clean and sun kissed apart from its usual dirt coated nature. He wore his usual Illyrian leathers which possessed not a single scratch or scrape. This told Nesta enough of what she needed to know. Apparently there wasn’t a battle in which he participated in. Or as far as she assumed, it didn’t seem like he was called into battle. 

But yet again she could never guess because his combat skills were amazing enough to defeat someone without earning a single blemish upon himself in return.

After looking him up and down she finally spoke with a brow raised, “Couldn’t resist getting my hands on this book.” She flashed the cover at him smirking while doing so and continued, “And I couldn’t resist soaking up this moment of silence for Cauldron knows how long I’ll get another one.”

A huff of air tumbled out of Cassian as he rolled his eyes. “Tell me sweetheart,” he trailed off grinning with a sly look upon his features, “that you undoubtedly missed me while I was gone.”

That comment only caused Nesta to purse her lips and squint those beautiful storm grey eyes at him.

“Because every second I was gone I felt the uneasiness, the concern,” he tapped the area of his chest where his heart lurked beneath. “Which was surprising considering how cold you could be sometimes.”

Now that comment earned him a book to his face.

“I’m sorry,” she whispered stretching out of the padded sofa and towards him.

“Apology accep—”

“I was talking to the book,” she smiled while picking the book off the floor and inspected it for any indents. When she was satisfied with the lack of damage she carefully placed it upon a table nearby.

As he rubbed the soreness from his face where the book smashed into mere moments before he murmured, “Missed you too.”

Now that earned him a kiss upon his nose which took the brunt of the attack. Nesta’s arms slipped around his waist and laid her pointed ear upon his torso over the steady heartbeat beneath. Cassian gladly wrapped his arms around her small frame pulling her in tighter still whimpering as the slight pain lingering.

“Wondered where I’ve been?” He asked peering down at her.

She shifted her gaze up towards his revealing the sultry storm within. It lodged a breath within his lungs as she spoke with an alluring wicked smirk, “I did, but I didn’t want to give you the satisfaction.”

No matter how much the two bicker it brings a strange sense of happiness amongst them. The familiarity and teasing is something that keeps them on their toes. The intensity and excitement that leads to other things also was something they both heavily enjoyed.

“Well, for that stubborn curiosity I will answer your question.”

Nesta hummed unwrapping herself from him waiting for his next movement.

Cassian only gripped her hand entwining their fingers together with a little tug. Her fingers were supple and skin soft. However, they were still peppered with callouses, so stark compared to his rough battle worn skin.

Without a thought she followed after him as he led her through the corridor decorated with picture frames. As they paced one she glanced at towards it eyeing the figures. It framed Nesta along with her three sisters. Each of them wore their hair down letting the loose curls tumble down their chests. Feyre bared the brightest smile as she clutched Elain and Nesta close on either side. Elain had a petite hand covering her growing giggle, laughing at the bickering between Rhys and Cassian. While Nesta wore a small smile of her own as she gripped Feyre with equal force. The smile from what she could remember in the moment was completely genuine.

The next frames displayed the entire newly formed Inner Circle. One displayed everyone laughing uncontrollably with silly expressions while another presented them all smiling in a much formal manner. There was even one of Rhy’s and Feyre’s wedding photo. They looked beautiful. Truly happy.

The last couple of frames while the two strolled down the hall were of Nesta and Cassian. It was of them smiling, laughing and enjoying a view from on top a mountain which Mor happened to catch before they noticed.

They were all good memories. Ones she cherished. Ones she would do anything to protect.

Finally, Cassian led them out the cabin outside where he swept her off her feet already unfurling his wings.

Before anything could happen Nesta blurted, “Where are we going?”

Cassian only gripped her closer reminding her that he would keep her safe. “That’s a surprise.”

With that he bent his knees, stretched his wings out and shot up into the sky.


As the wind caressed Nesta’s cheeks while they flew fast through the air she noted the white bloated clouds and the trees zipping past below. It surprisingly didn’t take long until she spotted an approaching mountain range. Just in tune with her thoughts Cassian flew higher towards the peak of the mountain.

They came in at full speed until he elongated his wings out to slow their pace. The two crunched into the ground, the earth beneath groaning at the powerful landing.

Cassian gently placed Nesta down on two feet as she sighed at having solid ground beneath her. But the view before her was what really took her breath away. The land stretched out until meeting the horizon, farther than what she had ever seen before.

“Beautiful isn’t it?” He spoke still holding her fingers. Nesta could only nod lips slightly parted in awe.

“Just you wait for the main show.”

“Main show?” Her voice whispered still unable to peel away from the sight.

Cassian hummed motioning her to follow him again. He apparently had a lot of surprises up his sleeve today.

She anxiously peered around his broad shoulders to spot a blanket laid down upon the ground. Stones were tucked away in each corner to hold the sheet down against the wind. There was even a woven basket placed in the middle.

“Oh shit, its already starting!” He yelped pulling her faster to the sheet. The two quickly plopped down as he laid another spare blanket along them to block the icy bite of the atmosphere.

“Cassian what’s going on?” She questioned unable to contain the thoughts while he prepped everything around them.

But before she could get a response his smile widened and merely pointed up to the sky. To the sun.

“Today is a solar eclipse. Its rare for the path of the shadow to just pass through the Night Court but we were graced with one today. And I scouted all morning to find the best view.”

Her ears picked up a clinking of glasses until she finally peered down to spot two vials. They contained a purple liquid which continued to swivel around.

“These are for our eyes. It will protect them from the sun,” he spoke handing one to her and gulping his in one swift motion. Nesta mirrored his movements letting the liquid settle within.

A solar eclipse. She’d never seen one before. Only heard about them in stories and read about them within books.

Her gaze settled on the sun amazed at how well the potion started to work. Mere moments later the moon, a dark shape, started to overlap the sun blocking bits of its marvelous light.

He did this for her. Left early in the morning for this moment. To give her the best possible view and experience this. It overwhelmed her. She was entirely grateful for this person sitting next to her. For this man who would go above and beyond for her.

With that in mind she laid her head along his shoulder still staring up at the continuous phenomenon above. He kissed the golden brown hair on top her head before laying his head lightly against hers.

Together they watched the moon overlap with the sun casting a wave of darkness over the land. Once the two met together a flash of light burst causing her to have goosebumps. She watched the halo surrounding the shape above, shimmering in beauty. 

This was something she would never forget. A memory that will forever be tucked away into her heart and mind. Something she will cherish. And cherish with the person she could never live without. The person she wouldn’t want to have it any other way with.

“Thank you,” she gripped his hand tighter. “Thank you for this.”