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witnesses - kali/jennifer sleepy hollow au

this was meant to be for an exchange but ended up not being needed. but i really liked the idea so: renowned beauty and secret witch jennifer blake, after a series of no doubt thrilling situations, ends up bound in death herself in an attempt to escape her numerous and terrible suitors. she awakens, centuries later in 2013; you know the rest. a police department, a horseman, demons, the apocalypse


acuisle is now open for commissions! if you like my art and want to continue to see it on your dash, please consider commissioning me or reblogging this post 😊

- i mostly do portrait busts because that is what i enjoy making for myself but i will do partial or full-body as well
- totally open to non-fandom art as well!
- also open any fandoms, characters, or ships
- i will draw violence/gore but i WON’T draw porn/explicit sexual situations

message me here on tumblr with any general, or contact me at AHCWISHLA@GMAIL.COM if you are interested in ordering something. please be aware that i will be asking for full payment upfront before beginning anything under $35, and partial payment for anything above. paypal only, all prices in USD. thank you!