Travel & Leisure: Philly Better Than NYC. In the latest and greatest online survey from Travel & Leisure magazine, they asked online readers to rank 35 U.S. Cities on food, people, nightlife, and more. And Philly did pretty well. Among the best categories for Philly:

  • Historical Sites/Monuments (#1)
  • Sports-crazed (#1)
  • Classical music (#2)
  • Street food (#2)
  • Hamburgers (#2)

Meanwhile, some where we ranked at the bottom:

  • Cleanliness (#30)
  • Safety (#25)
  • Friendly (#25

Perhaps more impressively, the overall rankings placed Philadelphia ahead of places like New York, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Atlanta, Los Angeles and more.

The rankings are not perfect or overly scientific, as The20’s @CristinMcGrath confirms but supports.

@CristinMcGrath Wha-wha-what?! Philly beat NYC? Um, I fully expect pigs with wings to emerge from the icy pits of Hell in seconds. http://www.travelandleisure.com/americas-favorite-cities/2011

So let’s just score one for Philly. Take that, New York.


Travel & Leisure, @CristinMcGrath

17 Shot in Violent Philly Weekend: According to the Inquirer, five people were killed and twelve injured in Philadelphia Saturday and Sunday by gunfire.

The city’s well-document violence problems are nothing new, and Mayor Nutter has often addressed that he is “fed up.” But how do we solve the problem? Darby Borough instituted a curfew Friday, only to see another shooting Sunday evening.

Somebody stop the madness.


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Casey Anthony Not Guilty, Philly Reacts on Twitter. When the Casey Anthony verdict came in at 2:15 p.m. ET, local residents took to Twitter to share their early thoughts about the Florida trial.

Members of the The20 weighed in with multiple comments, only a sampling of what Philadelphians and celebrities are saying socially about what has been referred to as “The Twitter Trial.”

@CristinMcGrath said:

#CaseyAnthony trial will be one for the books. There hasn’t been a case with this type of following in a minute.

@AmyZQuinn added:

I think we all learned from OJ that a short deliberation doesn’t always suggest guilty verdict.

And in jest, @meechone tweeted:


Want to weigh in with your own thoughts on the Casey Anthony verdict? You can do so on our NBC Philadelphia Facebook page or on Twitter @NBCPhiladelphia.


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