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Where does elgang see themselves in ten years?

((I was so tempted to just write six feet under like you have no clue.))

Elsword: seems himself in a world free from the demons. Maybe even having a family.

Aisha: sees herself having her ring back, and all of her magic.

Rena: is back with the elves after restoring the El. She’ll live a very very long life, and see many new generations of humans.

Raven: doesn’t know where he’ll be in ten years.

Chung: will probably become the king of Hamel in this time.

Eve: sees herself restoring her people.

Ara: hopes to be with her brother again.

Elesis: will remain with the knights. She has friends, and certainly family there.

Add: doesn’t know where he’ll be, but certainly wants to go back in time and murder the shit out of Asker, along with the bandits. Hell, maybe even nasods.
He can no longer find himself able to though. He doesn’t want to admit that he’s grown fond of the El Gang.

Lu: sees herself ruling the demons again.

Ciel: doesn’t really know either. If not still with Lu, he’ll probably settle in somewhere.

Ain: will be back in heaven, next to Ishmael, waiting for the El Gang to show up. When their time comes.

Imagine: Sebaciel being a parent

It’s for most kind and sweet Anon,I hope you like it.But I’m not good at with a writing.~

Sebastian realizes that he is watched by a curious couple while he is interested in the usual things in the kitchen. This was the son of Sebastian and Ciel’s 5-year-old Astre.
“Sorry Astre certainly will not happen if you come to hang something sweet before your dinner.”
When the boy realizes he is caught, he tightly hugs him.Sebastian gets Astre in his arms. And sit him on the bench.
“But I can prepare things for you my little kitten,but you don’t tell to papa,okay?”
“Okay,but I wonder daddy, you and Papa forsaken God, don’t you?”
“Yes, we are.”
“So why every night Papa’s screaming God’s name to many times?”

After Ciel route good end:
  • Shiki: This is my girlfriend Ciel, and this is our girlfriend, Arcueid.
  • Akiha: Hey, Um ...wait, sorry. What’s the situation?
  • Shiki: What do you mean?
  • Akiha: How does this work?
  • Shiki: Ciel is straight for me, but she’s sort of gay for Arcueid and Arcueid's really gay for Ciel but she's straight for me. And we all love each other.
  • Both Ciel and Arcueid: It’s not that complicated.
A Tough Day At Work

Another little something written for @foroursweetblasphemy ! I was given free rein for this one <3

Sebastian could only watch as you worked yourself near enough into the ground. You were only a human, but the rate you were working at was putting you at serious risk physically, psychologically and emotionally.

He knew that this was beyond your control and that your co-workers down at your place of employment just weren’t pulling their weights, leaving you to pick up the slack, even going so far as to sacrifice personal engagements.

While there wasn’t much that he could do, being a butler, he knew that Ciel could and would do something. 

He brought it up as he was serving afternoon tea.

“Young Master.”

“Sebastian.” Ciel took a sip of the freshly prepared Earl Grey tea, mocking his butler’s tone.

Sebastian smirked good-humouredly. “I have been noticing Lady Y/N’s work increase as of late and indeed, she seems to have worked herself beyond her means.”

Ciel contemplated his butler’s words and found truth in them. 

“Yes, I suppose you’re right.”

Sebastian’s lip curled. “Well, what will you do?”

“Bring Lady Y/N here with some fresh tea and sweets.”

The ever-faithful butler got down on one knee, his arm fisted over his double-breasted chest. “Yes, My Lord.”

You stood before Ciel’s desk, looking worse for wear and like you could fall asleep where you stood. 

“Ciel, what is it? I still have a lot of wo -”

“No.” Ciel near barked, his tone leaving no room for argument. As it was, you didn’t have the energy to argue, so it was just as well. “You’ve done quite enough for today. Sebastian will do the rest of your work tonight, as you sleep. Come morning, all will be as it should. That’s an order, Sebastian.” 

The demon dipped his head in acknowledgement. “Yes, Young Master.”

Ciel turned to you, now. “The evening is young, Lady Y/N. Your work is taken care of, so what would you like to do?”

You closed your eyes, fighting against the urge to leave the room and find your work, though you had no doubt that Sebastian had already locked it away somewhere only he could find it.

“I want… a nice hot bath. And then for someone to cuddle me while I sleep.” You blushed, looking at the ground, not wanting to see the rejection in their eyes.

A gloved hand under your chin, raising your face up to meet Sebastian’s, his red eyes glowing softly. “Your wish is my command, My Lady.” He left the room to fill you up a bath, leaving you and Ciel to drink tea in companionable silence.

An hour had passed and you’d had the hottest bath you could stand and you were almost asleep. In fact, Ciel was practically holding you up as you slumped against him.

Sebastian saw Ciel’s struggle and swooped you up into his arms, carrying you to your room, Ciel following close behind.

Putting you in bed and tucking you in, Sebastian turned to leave your side, though his ears caught a barely-audible, “stay.”

Sebastian looked at you with polite interest. “My, my, such a display of weakness.”

“Sebastian!” Ciel hissed.

“Please… stay. Both. Stay. Please. I’m - mmr -” you drifted off, not finishing your sentence. 

Ciel sat beside you, holding your hand lightly in his, his thumb stroking a soothing back and forth motion in the fleshy part of your hand. 

Sebastian sat on the other side, before lying down and getting comfortable behind you, pressing a tender kiss to your forehead.

“Sleep well, Lady Y/N.”

it’s as if he is afraid of obtaining happiness.