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Hi I wanted to share my thought with you about H/L coming out. The April/May theory does make sense BUT why would any management team would take such a huge risk (and it is a risk) in the middle of such an ambitious and megalomaniac tour? Modest doesn't exactly think that coming out is good for business, you know? :-(

OK, I have to retype my entire reply, thanks tumblr again… A couple of things to consider here


  • three key employees left and their sudden departure happened 5 shows into a 80 show tour and coincidentally exactly 3 months after the realase of Four
  • there’s a new vocal coach working with the boys, visible improvement with Harry’s singing techniques, new coach is the new team’s employee.
  • new vocal coach = thinking in long term and Modest proved to be unable to think in long term (denied radio interviews during WWA, pushing of 5SOS)
  • all these departures lead to an April contract expiration.
  • porky pies interview leads to an April contract expiration.
  • Just look at the Niall/Melissa narrative. papped, kissing, denial, papped, swirling, confirmation, confirmation. (That’s a lot of 180’s in a span of a week. New team wanting to give freedom to the boys in their love life?)
  • 2 months break will be the breaking point and the end of the transition time.
  • no single announcement yet.
  • no new merch yet. (remmeber the crazy discount in 2014 Q4.)
  • the shift in media and update accounts that have been very stricly on a leash, there’s a change in their behavior.


  • Someone and something allowed the release of the Yahoo and the ODE interviews
  • seeding of Harry’s sexuality - huge media interest - started by THREE WORDS.
  • seeding of Louis’ sexuality vs bs 2.0 (that’s not the same team)
  • spinning of @’s BS 2.0 in the media (no, that’s not Modest.)
  • spinnig of the gay vine (accidental, but it went viral and hasn’t been stopped. No BS 3.0)
  • 2 months will be enough to CO, rehearse and still have time to relax.
  • 2 months will be enough to gain as many people’s attention as they want
  • because there’s no other logical explanation to the events that happened since Aug 2014 or even earlier. And seeing Modest’s MO, they would never be on board with these things, so there MUST be a new team.
  • CO can be a success story in the industry, look at Sam Smith
  • CO is a business decision, a very well thought and planned success story and any team woould happily have their names next to a CO.
  • rebranding? CO!
  • I can never imagine Harry and Louis signing a contract promising anything less, I interpret all their actions and Harry’s silent cries on instagram as them wanting to be out. I can also see the other 3 not signing w Modest for a long list of reasons, one is to see 2 of their bandmates unhappy.


  • the 3 employees didn’t actually leave, they will come back later
  • new vocal coach is Modest’s
  • Modest stays till December because of Rebecca Ferguson’s contract.
  • Eleanor is still around.


  • 2 months break is something the boys insisted on and it’s for their sake
  • modest has never supported HL (BS 2.1, BS 2.0!!!)
  • 2 months is not enough to gain new people in the fandom


  • seeding has not been enough in the fandom yet.
  • Elounor is still present
  • Harry still has womanizer articles
  • 2 months is not enough to gain new people in the fandom
  • CO after OTRA when they’re not stressed anymore (but they have nothing to sell either)
  • CO before album release
  • CO after album release (where they can sell the album)
  • no CO under Modest
  • no CO in 2015
  • boys don’t want to CO

By the way in my opinion their team being ambitious and megalomaniac should be the best reason as to why do a CO ASAP. 

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Are asexuals considered queer? Like heteroromantic ones? And what about biromantic?

As far as sexual and romantic orientations go, I know I say everyone who is not heteroromantic and heterosexual can identify as queer. That idea is not shared in the queer community though. There are a lot of people who say that heteroromantic people can’t identify as queer because of being considered “straight passing.” But you know who also gets that? Bi people in relationships with someone of a different gender (especially if they present differently). And straight trans people. And most wouldn’t argue that the latter two aren’t queer. Why shouldn’t heteroromantic aces be treated the same way? Cause you know who doesn’t consider heteroromantic aces straight? Straight people. And asexual people have faced conversion therapy and corrective rape and invalidation and abuse from their families because of it. Even heteroromantic aces.