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Eliza at Cons is my favorite thing ever. Like, 24/7 Lexa/Alycia talks, even when people try to ask something else like, 'what about Bellamy?' she would divert towards Lexa again in 0.5 seconds lol like "yeah Bellamy is in the show yeah, and you know who isn't there anymore? LEXA! my lovely amazing badass girlfriend whom I loveeee dearly!!!" Oh Eliza never stop

Did you see the question where they asked her what other show they would be on and Lindsey said Broad City, Zach said Narcos, and then Lindsey spoke again and said “Oh, GoT too” and without missing a fucking beat Eliza “Queen Of Shade” Taylor spoke directly into the mic and said “Well…we’re kinda doing that anyway” and then just fucking laughed. She hates her life so much lol.