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“You’ve checked into a luxxury suite off the Coast of the Cayman Islands, remember receiving your favorite "morning paper "delivered directly to your doorstep? "Under The Door” is a column within The Collective that allows our gems to submit articles that intend to educate others and promote innovative ideas that increase productivity within our society…“

"Shop Smarter” Submitted by @TerrilCharming

I’m a guy who loves fashion. When I can afford it, I still shop at the outlet store. I see no reason to go to Macy’s or the mall to purchase designer clothing/accessories. I do track both male and female brands because I help people shop.

A few of my favorites are but not limited to: Bebe, BCBG, True Religion, Coach, DKNY, Kenneth Cole, Victoria’s Secret, Ecko, Michael Kors, Ted Baker, Perry Ellis. 

Too many people want to believe they know the difference between something from the mall vs the outlet store. Unless you’re a designer or work retail stores, then you’re NOT well versed in knowing what was last year design versus 2012. 

Case in point. BCBG “Power Skirt” which has been out for 6 months to a year in some markets, but little known to “common people” here in America. 

Wear designer on a dime. You work too hard to spend it all on one outfit.

#LuxxuryGoods | Single-Breasted Blazer by A.P.C | “Give your blazer a layered look by adding a sheer cashmere cardigan and your favorite scarf to prepare for the upcoming winter nights…”

The success of A.P.C.’s single-breasted blazer lies in its clean-lined fit. Cut from understated navy wool with structured shoulders, this timeless design exudes Parisian sophistication. Button it over a chambray shirt and neutral wool V-neck sweater for autumnal strolls.

#LuxxuryMix - “Slower” - @4everBrandy | Treat your ears right by taking a listen to “Slower” by Brandy off of her most recent work, Two Eleven. Brandy gives you sex and ecstasy in song form. And we love it, so we added it to the luxxury mix. Kudos to Brandy for staying true to her fans and has not attempted to “please the masses”. If you haven’t heard her album yet, go check it out HERE. Enjoy, retweet, and reblog! 

#PillowMint | “Butterfly Girl" - @Casamena feat @Ericroberson | Good evening world, Well i’m taking a stats exam in less than an hr but I had an uncontrollable urge to give you a track that has been on my mental since this morning. Here’s a pillow mint to eccentuate the rest of your evening before you check out of the luxxury. Perfect song while you sip on a glass of merlot complimented with your premium cut of filet mignon. :) Thanks for checking in! Enjoy!