The winter came back today. It was too windy, so I only had the camera out for a bit. Still got some pretties, blue-gray and red were dominant colours today :) I wonder what is happening to that Cardinal though. This is not molting time, could he be roughed up from fighting with a rival? I see them chasing eachother a lot lately. Bluebirds were back to check out the nestbox this morning as well.

I often see Cancer being questioned for its cardinal nature. The cardinal mode is a mode that shows a spark of energy, a spark of leadership. The questioning comes from the conflict between the modality and the planet that rules Cancer.

Cancer is ruled by the Moon, a planet that is focused on emotions. Emotions are usually seen in society to be weak, mistakenly undervalued and misunderstood, when it is actually a very strong force to use. Some people tend to not understand that to be emotionally strong is to be a leader since emotions are collectively not valued for what it is in society. The fluctuating nature of the Moon can tend some to think that Cancer is a mutable sign because of the constant change, and that’s due to the fact that Cancer’s esoteric ruler is in Neptune, a planet that rules the mutable sign of Pisces. The fluctuating nature that is represented here shows the fleeting nature of emotions as a whole, not the actions of Cancer as an archetype. Cancer actually uses the fleeting nature of emotions to initiate actions.

Cancer is also a sign that rules the home, which brings up the suggestion that they are fixed, when they’re not always like that. There will always be some kind of fixation, mutability, and cardinality of some sort for every sign, but the most natural tendency of energy is what exactly classifies the modality for all of the signs. Cancer is a cardinal sign because it is the only water sign that is willing to openly and clearly express their emotions to lead and do what they want, even though they would really love to keep themselves private due to their feminine nature. Scorpio would much rather keep those emotions hidden to keep them stable as a fixed sign. Pisces as a mutable sign will either hide or show their emotions to go with the emotional flow of the world.

Cancer express its emotions to get what they need, and it’s cardinal because it will go against their established surroundings to get what they want. For Cancer, this is the past and the home. Cardinal signs go against their surroundings to get what they want and that is exactly what Cancer does. Leaders defy the odds, and Cancer does just that as a cardinal sign.

February 25, 1972

Due to a salary impasse, the Cardinals trade 20-game winner Steve Carlton (20-9) to the last place Phillies for Rick Wise (17-14), who learns of the trade when Eddie Ferenz, the team’s traveling secretary, knocks on his condo door in Clearwater Beach early in the morning to inform the stunned pitcher of the spring training transaction. Csrlton will post a 27-10 record for Philadelphia and will win the National League Cy Young Award.

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Can we talk about the "first generation" chosen and how awesome the prologue was? I have a theory about Maki. Did anyone notice that Maki's Bakumon(Tapirmon) evolved to Megadramon; a vaccine type evolved into a virus type? In Adventure universe, so far, we have never seen a virus type digimon partner (except for SkullGreymon during dark evolution). Maybe Maki wasn't chosen because her partner evolved in the wrong way? Virus types were exclusive for evil digimon, what does this make Megadramon?

The prologue was fantastic.

As for your theory…

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That’s… actually a great theory? I had no idea about Megadramon. I mean, in principle there can only be Four Holy Beasts (corresponding to the cardinal directions), but it’s very intriguing to think that Maki had a Virus type partner…

stuff to share as I was tagged

1 . can’t play an instrument or sing, but I can tell if someone is off key

2. I hate country music

3. got cussed out at work (phone) by a drunk who wanted to know why I hadn’t delivered the pizza yet

4. I actually wanted to be a lawyer

5. I have broken all ten fingers, and three toes.  and had over 200 stitches in my life.  hey , I’m a klutz

6. of course, I met kurt cobain

7. I like the st. louis cardinals and green bay packers

ok my current dream is being a librarian. like, me, in a sweater, in a place where it’s a cardinal rule to be quiet, alphabetizing books? the fucking dream

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Name: gray

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Star Sign: aries

Height: 5′7″

Hogwarts House: slytherin

Favorite Color: gray lol

Favorite Animal: birds! all of them!! my favorites are cardinals though

Avg. Hours of Sleep: 6-8 usually i think

Cats or Dogs: i honestly love both but i prefer dogs juuuust a bit more

Favorite Fictional Characters: natsume is my all-time fav, but also lance, rey, hiccup, kurapika, sabine wren, merida, tadashi, and ryner lute 

Favorite Singer/Band: mother mother and bad suns

Dream Trip: honestly i’d really be happy to go anywhere, as long as it was a fun experience. i’d like to take a cross-country roadtrip with my friends, i think

Dream Job: visual development artist for disney!

When was the blog made?: when did i make this blog…..july? i think?

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What made you make this blog? i wanted to have a place to put all my original whumpy content and scream about other people’s whumpy content and to commune with people who like the same thing :) really, though, i must give a shoutout to @feverfetish because i found that blog and it motivated me to make my own

Emerald city- ep9

Pretty spoilerific here, so just be warned, I will try and keep it as subtle as possible.

So, let’s start with Lady Ev. It makes a lot of sense and Jack is pretty upset that she is the way she is. I think he’s being a bit accusing, though. Jane did what she did to protect not only Ev but also on the orders of the king. Jack reacting the way he did was validated but also rather rash. The thing I want to know is if Landwidere knows herself (as she was completely unafraid at the end) or whether she just has huge balls. She’s been shot, in the head, a normal person just doesn’t start ruling their kingdom a week later from that and I think (hope) that perhaps Jack and Langwidere may run off (though I see that super unlikely)

Next let’s go to West/Tip,Ozma. It’s pretty cool that we finally get to meet some Witches who’re not cardinal nor part of the main plot (I dunno, maybe it’s just refreshing?) The way they treated West was a bit surprising, but at the same time I can completely understand. I love how when the witches started the accuse her, Tip/Ozma jumped in and said things that showed that He/She completely understood West’s needs. The show also showed that West isn’t all just a thorny brush with how she dealt with Ozma wanting to stay as Tip, I love how their characters have developed and gotten stronger throughout this show.

(A little side note, and perhaps it’s just me but… Did anyone else think West looked like a skull with how her mouth was sewn and how pale she was, maybe it was intentional and foreshadowing (I really hope not)

Lucas/Dorothy. Sooo, at this point, I’m not too invested in their romance and I kinda feel like the show did a good thing by separating them. (pls put down the pitchforks!) What Lucas did, I can kinda understand, you don’t say no to a witch and live, he had no real choice. Dorothy was also pretty good, she didn’t string him up out of spite or anger, but understanding. They come from different worlds, Lucas’ choices are for survival whilst Dorothy just wants to get home (and now stop the Wizard). I’m glad the show moved away from their romance a bit, I never really cared for their characters as they weren’t as interesting as all the others but I can say I’m glad that Dorothy is back on the hunt with Toto by her side <3

The wizards pretty screwed. Let’s be real. If you haven’t seen any stills then you probably don’t know how this is going to end, but I’m glad the Wizard is getting what’s coming to him, though we haven’t heard from Glinda in a while so who knows! I kinda feel like the last ep is gonna be Dorothy /West /Tip,Ozma vs Wizard then Glinda will try to swoop in and take all the glory or something.


Well, since we have a few hours, thought I’d do a compilation of the banner for RWBY I’ve done.

So here are all the RWBY banners I’ve made. As someone asked in the individual post, please feel free to use them as phone backgrounds or computer backgrounds, which ever you wish.

I hope you have a great day and enjoy Volume 4.