Saturn 6th June 2017 by Ted Dobosz
Via Flickr:
My first full colour image of Saturn


Spellcard comparison (4) Marisa B

Recollection “Mercury Poison” - Satori (SA)

Metal & Water Sign “Mercury Poison” - Patchouli (EoSD)

Recollection “Princess Undine” - Satori (SA)

Water Sign “Princess Undine” - Patchouli (EoSD)

Recollection “Philosopher’s Stone” - Satori (SA)

Fire Water Wood Metal Earth Sign “Philosopher’s Stone” - Patchouli (EoSD)


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anonymous asked:

c11 with keith (im picturing him looking at lance 👀)

the real reason keith was kicked out of the garrison was because he kept looking at lance like this instead of paying attention 👀

this somehow turned into a color study?? thanks for the expression suggestion! (may 26, 2017)

expressions by live4love136