“Stop your whining, mangy gits,” Marlene shouted across the flat. She held an earring to her lobe and pursed her lips, studying it at all angles.

“They can’t start without me, anyway. No one else’s commentary gets half as high of ratings.” Nodding decidedly, she snatched her wand from her boot and lit a candle atop the vanity. As she pulled the backing off the earring, she yelled out again. “Is there time for me to pierce my ears, do you think?”


IC1318 and M52, the North part of the Sadr region by Jean Jacquinot
Via Flickr:
This is complex region with emission nebulae, dark nebulae and an open cluster M52. The bright star Sadr is just out of the frame on the bottom right corner. T: C11-HD with 0.7 reducer. M: G11 C: STXL 11002 m @-35 °C 3x10 subs of 80s in RGB 11 subs of 1200 with a Ha filter (5nm) added to the red pane

Me and Namie made a collab book together!! We want to fly me over into her arms in summer~ We’ve worked hardd ^q^ it’s been really fun to draw our Levon & Alette again!! 

Namie will be handling the first sales over at AFASG (booth C11) and online order will be after that! 

It’s Saturday morning and Sebastian is all too willing to sleep in. Late the night before, he had to deal with a stressful situation at one of his family’s illegal gambling spots in Brooklyn. As he and Charlie sleep into the late morning, his phone rings several times before he finally turns it off and knocks it off of the bedside table. Then with a groan, he curls around Charlie, hugging her tightly. “Let’s move to an island far away where no one can reach us.”