DIY Polymer Clay Marbled Bracelet Tutorial from My Little Fabric.

The tutorial is in French, but I translated with Chrome. In the GIF below black polymer clay is surrounded by white polymer clay and then flattened. **Please remember that anything that touches unbaked polymer clay can never be used with or on food again.**


Here’s a sample of a Korrasami themed bracelet made for a follower. The colors obviously represent the characters themselves, and the ship coloring. The large swirly blue bead in the middle is to represent Water Tribe betrothal necklaces. If you’d like one, feel free to visit my ETSY store or contact me personally to pay directly to Paypal!

anonymous asked:

Those Rainbow Loom rubber band bracelets in the Transcendence tho. Different color rubber bands do different magic shit like trail rainbows or fake fire. Mabel making a bunch of really colorful ones with so many different ones they explode from all the combined magic. Triplets getting into it. Mabel forcing Dipper to wear them who pretends not to like them but secretly does and sometimes (part 1)

(part 2, continued) sometimes wears them to summonings. “oh yeah these? each band holds a soul i’ve captured.”


Hello friends! As some of you may have seen, I am making and selling (also trading in exchange for donations made to my boyfriend’s GoFundMe) bracelets made from recycled guitar and bass strings to raise some money for both my boyfriend and myself. These are my special gender-neutral, colored bracelets made from special colored strings, and they are by far the most popular. Now I know there’s at least one or two guitar/bass players here on Tumblr. Do any of you have any used guitar/bass strings you’re willing to mail to me so that I can recycle them and make them fun and unique? I’m specifically looking for colored strings like these, but I will take ANY strings you may have to give. I am broke and trying to improve my situation, all while giving something awesome to someone who loves music and to express their individuality. Please pm me if you’re willing to donate used strings to my cause, especially if they’re the colored ones!

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