I wore this outfit when I turned in that big Costume Design project I was talking about.  I actually dressed to match it, since it’s mostly navy blue, grey, and silver with hot pink accents.  I went for a lighter blue and added some purple, but the teacher still noticed.

I noticed this bracelet pretty much right as I was heading out the door, and realized it perfectly matched the aesthetic of the main setting of the play my Costume Design project was for.  (My friend and I split the expenses for a jar of jewelry from the thrift store so I could get a ring out of it for my project.  No one wanted this bracelet, so it was still lying out in the living room and I saw it as I walked through to go to class.)

[Image description: two photos.  The first is a full-body picture of a young woman (me) with very short brown hair.  I am wearing a chambray dress with a gathered waist and a hem that hits a bit above my knees.  Over it, I have on a hot pink fake leather biker jacket.  I’m also wearing socks striped in various shades of black, grey, and purple, which go just below my knees.  I have on silver boots with black laces.  I have hot pink stars drawn on my face and I’m wearing light grey-blue lipstick.  I’m also wearing silver stud earrings and a bracelet made of blue cords and silver chains that are knotted together.  As always, I have on my round black glasses.  The second photo is a closeup of the bracelet.]

Gold Heart Glass bracelet with pendant lolita pastel cute decora jewelry yellow ivory
Gold Glass bracelet with glass pendant Item: you will receive 1 bracelet Intended for use by adult collectors. These hairclips would be cute for daily wear by people and dolls. Not suitable for children under age 12. Each item is handmade, so some imperfections and variations are expected. No two items will be exactly the same. Some variations may occur due to monitor color settings. We ship each order with a small thank you gift. Only the hair clips are included in this listing. No other items pictured are part of the purchase including size reference images, plates, furniture, dolls or doll accessories. NOTE: This item was made by Jules/A Color Wheel Asethetics. Please see the section Made by Sammy to find treats Sammy helped make and decorate.

Beautiful bracelet listed in the etsy shop. We’re working with @souviet to add human size jewelry to the shop. Check back each week for new items.

** New! “Homeworld Remix” and “Corruption Crew” Bracelets!

I know I haven’t given you guys an update - and I’m sorry for that, I was in a pretty bad car accident as of recent - but! I’m SO FREAKING excited to show you guys the new “Homeworld Remix” and “Corruption Crew” Steven Universe bracelets - now also sold at my Etsy shop TheBreeShow (click here)! As some of you have seen before, these bracelets have 9 slots, but these are specifically designed for the ‘homeworld’ and ‘corruption’ of the show. Instead of a pastel pink, the backgrounds vary per picture.

Check out the original two as well! (Click here for the Original!) & (Click Here for Fusion Cuisine!)

Homeworld Remix consists of: Diamond Authority Symbols, Yellow Diamond, Blue Pearl, White Diamond, Jasper, Pink Diamond, Yellow Pearl, and Blue Diamond. Of course, any of them can be replaced by another Homeworld gem.

Corruption Crew consists of:  Big Bird, Corrupted Jasper, Centipeetle, Orange Great North Monster, Centipeetle’s Drawing of the Diamond Corruption Song, Green Great North Monster, Watermelon Tourmaline, The Slinker, and Tongue Monster. And as I said with Homeworld, you’re welcome to replace any of them with another corrupted gem!

For anyone that visits the Etsy site, you’re ALWAYS welcome to make a custom order with other screenshots of the show. Heck, even if you want to give me an episode name and have me find faces on my own - that’s fine too! As long as it’s Steven Universe related, any picture is fine!

If you’d like something else (another show, family, manga, etc.) in the picture slots, it’s only a dollar more. c: Thanks for viewing! I hope you guys love them all so far!