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They beat Hiroshi; knocked him out cold. They crippled the airfield. They all but knew that General Iroh managed to destroy the planes. They had faith that the Second Fleet was already restoring order to Republic City. They trusted that Korra and Mako had beaten Amon. That the war was over and they could go home. So, they hoisted Hiroshi on to Naga’s saddle and tied him there. He wouldn’t fall. He wouldn’t escape. And Bolin thought that maybe, just maybe, that would be the end of it. They’d ride down the mountain side, get back into town, turn him in to the police, and that would be that.

It wasn’t.

He woke up.

‘Angsty’ one-shot I wrote out today to try and get back into the groove of writing.  This story is long overdue, and based on this [x] post from way back. Enjoy!  Well, that’s probably the wrong word for it, but, uh, be…entertained? 


Ba Sing Se was on fire. The now hate group “Uniters” busted through the walls with weaponized fireworks and blew the city to hell, just when it was getting back in order after a decade from Kuvira’s “fixing”. They were waiting to crumble it down again to rebuild it in their vision. Korra wouldn’t stand for it and fought them all with the help of her team. Now Asami was injured, Bolin and Mako continued fighting but were injured as well, Tenzin almost died, and Korra was nowhere to be found.

Asami could see it from the last airship she, Tenzin, Mako, Bolin, and the last of its citizens could escape on. Asami stared at the city with fear settling in her heart, tears streaming down her face as she was getting a deep cut healed. Asami knew she had to get the citizens out of harms way but her heart lurched for Korra. She didn’t want to lose her wife like this. Why did she have to lose the people she loved all the time? Why? Their last radio conversation was still plaguing her mind:

“Asami… Asami…” Korra gasped her name through a shaky breath. Asami’s throat felt so dry, what could she possibly say or do? Korra was dying. “Asami, I wanted to tell you that I love you so much.” Asami began to tremble with fear, but Korra gave a soft chuckle. “Do you remember when we first met?” She rasped and Asami gave a small smile as the tears began to shed. “Of course I do, silly. You thought I was all prissy.” “Beautiful and elegant though,” Korra laughed lightly before she began hacking up blood. Fortunately Asami couldn’t see this display, just as Korra couldn’t see Asami bleeding out from the side. They were both so weak, tired, and their heart ached for each other. “Asami… I don’t think I’m going to make it this time… But you need to know, that you’ll never be alone. My parents, Tenzin, Mako, and Bolin, they’ll always have a home for you. They’ll be there for you. I’ll always be with you. Even if you can’t see me. I promise.” Asami broke down. “I know… I know…” She whimpered. “I love you, Korra. I love you so much.” She wanted to thank Korra for giving her 10 years, but she passed out as soon as Korra whispered an ‘I love you, too.’

Asami was thankful that Mako and Bolin watched over her as she slept and healed, as well as Tenzin for comforting her. She was truly grateful. Her heart was still broken, though. No one had found a trace of Korra. Tenzin cried for his student/friend and to see him broken, made it all the more heartbreaking. He was so tall, stoic, and serious. To see Tenzin cry, hunched over, looking so small, as if he had lost his own child, was too much to bare, especially for everyone else in the room. Soon they’d have to tell Korras parents. It would be so much worse.

Mako and Bolin held her in their arms in her hospital bed and cried together. In their comfort, Asami was able to fall asleep on her own. In the end, Korra was right. Asami was never going to be alone.

When Asami finally left the hospital after two weeks and went home to rest, she got a call in the middle of the night. As soon as she picked up the receiver, a shout came over. It was a Bolins voice. “THEY FOUND HER!” Asami cried so hard, her eyes almost hurt as well as her heart as it swelled with love. She quickly asked where Bolin was, where Korra was located, got dressed in a flash despite the pain in her ribs, and jumped into her satomobile.

Everyone was hugging and crying with Korra in the hospital. Her parents, with stripes of gray flowing through their hair, cried the hardest as Korra held them both in a death grip. She was safe and felt safest in their arms. As Asami entered, Mako moved aside for her and Korra looked at her with such a wide smile as tears threatened to fall from her tired, red eyes. Korra had so many bandages on her body, but she could still move. She had small cuts on her face. An “X” looking cut, was left on her cheek and Asami kissed it as if to make it better. She wrapped her arms around her wife, trying not to cry so hard. “Are you okay?” She asked shakily. “Mhmm,” Korra mumbled, then coughed. It was hard for her to speak being surrounded by all that smoke. Smoke inhalation had almost taken her life, if one of the Ba Sing Se soldiers hadn’t found her. Her legs, arms, and ribs were broken, but it wasn’t as traumatizing of an experience as Zaheers was. Korra thought she was going to die, but her body knew she would heal. It just needed time to fix itself. She just wanted to be around her family now.

Asami held her hand and kissed her bruised knuckles before giving her a gentle kiss on the lips.

As soon as Korras legs and arms healed, Korra still had to stay off missions. She was happy, though. King Wu ordered a clean up he would be apart of, the Ba Sing Se civilians could finally go home after staying in Zaofu, and the “Uniters” were being taken in. Thankfully, their group was small and they were mostly found in the mountains outside of Ba Sing Se.

Most importantly to Korra though, she could spend more time with Asami. Just the two of them.

Korra steadily walked into their garage to find Asami fixing up a new gadget of hers. Korra smiled as her wife engulfed herself in her work. She slyly hugged her from behind. “I missed you so much.” Her warm breath tickled Asami’s neck. Goosebumps ran across her skin as a familiar sensation reached her core. Asami reached behind to gently grasp the nape of Korras neck and pull her into a deep, loving kiss. She pulled away, slowly and looked dazed as she stared into Korras eyes. Asami cupped her wife’s cheeks as Korras hands settled on her waist. “I missed you, too.” Asami wrapped her arms around Korras neck as she lifted her up on the work desk. Asami wrapped her legs around Korras thighs; her hands roamed her broad, muscular back, but she hissed as Asami accidentally brushed a bruise. “Oh! I’m so sorry sweetie, I didn’t mean…” Korra pressed a single digit to Asami’s beautiful red lips. “Asami, it’s okay.” Asami held Korras hand that cradled her face and gave her finger a kiss. “I don’t want to hurt you while you’re still recovering… That’s all.” Korra smiled and hiked Asami up in her arms towards the house. “Trust me, Mimi… You won’t.” Asami blushed at her nickname and buried her face in Korras shoulder as they entered the house.

The moon was full tonight and shone a pale light through the couples bedroom window. Korra and Asami were under their covers as their bodies rocked together in a pleasurable dance. Asami shuttered under every lingering kiss, touch, and rub from Korras strong hands. Korra sighed pleasurably as Asami’s long, slender, slightly calloused fingers touched all of Korras healed scars and sensitive areas. Sweat covered their naked bodies until they eventually pushed the covers off themselves to get cool. The slight breeze helped hardened Asami’s nipples as Korra got a taste of her. Small whispers of love and promises in each other’s ears kept their passion going as they bathed in the moonlight. As they came down from their high, tangled as one, hands intertwined, they kissed passionately. They spoke praises of one another as more promises were said before sleep took over.

Jings and Other Things: How Combat Informs Character, Cultural Progress, and Vice Versa

Over the series run of The Legend of Korra there have been quite a few posts and thoughts regarding the significant changes that bending had undergone in the seventy years that span the gap between it and The Last Airbender.  Here, reddit, forums, you name it, somebody has pointed it out.  Many of you remember ATLA as having titanic fights with massive feats of bending.  And why shouldn’t you? Avatar Kyoshi made her own fucking island centuries before Aang’s time even began.

Originally posted by avatarfightingstyles

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So, obviously we all love the music from the Legend of Korra? I mean c’mon there hasn’t been music like this on any children’s TV show to my knowledge. 

The soundtracks are AMAZING, and Jeremy and Benjamin haven’t been getting enough credit for their beautiful work. 

Jeremy releases a track every now and then, and it seriously makes me so happy! The only way to hear half of the music from the past 3 books is to listen to audibly edited versions taken from the episodes… which sucks.

Jeremy has said in a comment on his soundcloud that he’s still trying to get the OST’s released. 

It would be great if we could help him out! 


A petition helped to get the Book 1 soundtrack released, so hopefully another petition will do the same! And maybe we’ll get the soundtrack for ATLA released officially too! 

Another way to help get these soundtracks released would be to purchase music from Book 1! 

Judging from this, either Nickelodeon are being buttholes (most likely) or there weren’t enough sales of the released book 1 soundtrack. 

So yo guys, if you’ve got the money and love Korra, consider buying some or all of the tracks! 



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TL:DR - Korra & Atla soundtracks = awesome. Sign the petition and buy Book 1 Soundtrack to get the rest released. 

And if you love the music as much as I do, PLEASE REBLOG! 

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