Man-made forest 2 by Kristoffer Dominic Amora

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hello! meron ka bang complete/accurate list of all the deities from the tagalog and bisayan pantheon? Also, i'm sorry if this question has been asked before ngayon ko lang nahanap blog mo and i'm only now really getting into ph mythology :)

Hi @saetr3noora​. I made one before though I don’t remember which blog I posted it in, this one, or my blog on reviving our old beliefs, practices, and on our general mythologies and folklore at @diwatahan​. Also its an old list that needed to be updated and corrected so I guess it gives me an opportunity to make another one. :)

But here is my complete list on them based on historical research, not modern takes on it. This list is from my notes for my book I am still currently writing and researching for. Any modern deities from recent stories such as Lidaga, Lihangin, Lisuga, etc. are not included on this list as there is not one mention of them in any of the oldest dictionaries or in any historical record accept in the 1900′s particularly during the U.S. colonial period and after and thus based on historical research, they weren’t traditionally worshiped. However this doesn’t mean they aren’t deities as some may just be but never mentioned in historical texts and only known orally, but for the purpose of listing all the deities that were believed and worshiped prior to the Spaniards I have excluded them from the list. I try to put info on each deity as much as possible based on what was written on them but there are a few who are only briefly mentioned in passing either with just the name of the deity alone or the name and the attribute they were known for.

Also note there are other Bisayan deities not listed here that are known to the Sulod of Panay island with the exception of Laon Sina/Alunsina as she was a prominent goddess known throughout the Bisayas. The deities known by the Sulod may possibly be deities that were known by the other ethnic groups in the West Bisayas and elsewhere in the region under different names locally but I have not looked into that intensively and done enough research on that subject so I have left those deities out of this list.

This is a pretty long list so I have cut it off here for those who don’t want to scroll so much on their dash. To read the entire list just press keep reading. 

Anyway I hope this helps all those who are interested in our mythologies and folklore, whether from mere curiosity, for the sake of creating art, or to actually join the movement of reviving our precolonial beliefs and practices to the modern day.

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“Leaving is not enough. You must stay gone. Train your heart like a dog. Change the locks even on the house he’s never visited.
You lucky, lucky girl. You have an apartment just your size. A bathtub full of tea. A heart the size of Arizona, but not nearly so arid.
Don’t wish away your cracked past, your crooked toes, your problems are papier mache puppets you made or bought because the vendor at the market was so compelling you just had to have them. You had to have him. And you did. And now you pull down the bridge between the houses, you make him call before he visits, you take a lover for granted, you take a lover who looks at you like maybe you are magic.
Make the first bottle you consume in this place a relic. Place it on whatever altar you fashion…. Don’t lose too much weight. Stupid girls are always trying to disappear as revenge. And you are not stupid. You loved a man with more hands than a parade of beggars, and here you stand. Heart like a four-poster bed. Heart like a canvas. Heart leaking something so strong they can smell it in the street.”
(Frida Kahlo, Stay Gone)

Cassia Chloe @cassiachloe
Marrakesh- backstage

how’s this, eh. a pattern for my trip! here’s the breakdown.

a tarsier: i was desperate to see one, after my mum went on a solo trip home and brought me back a keyring of a tarsier, and i googled them, and i’d never fallen in love with a creature faster.
the philippine flag’s sun & stars: well, duh
spongebob socks: my cousin asked me ‘loren what’s with the socks why do you wear them all the time’ and i was like ‘well you know mosquitos? yeah they really like the feet’. awful.
maxx menthol candy: a staple in PH. also: on the flight to bohol, the guy sat next to me gave me one.
strawberry: for baguio!
jellyace jellies: another staple, of my childhood.
jollibee cup: because i love it, because every opportunity we had we went to jollibee.

update: now on 👕📒👜 redbubble 👜📒👕 !!!


i made it back to my family’s house in rizal but first: a couple more highlights from BAGUIO DAY 2: ELECTRIC BOOGALOO ft. me pointing to the butt and touching the boob of a couple statue dudes.

also @insistent-daydreamer i did get to try strawberry taho!!! we went up the enormous lourdes grotto (so super tiring omg) but then there was a guy selling it so i was like YEAH imma get me some of that


“Start to appreciate the beauty of nature💕🌄🍃”

Nature is full of beauties and blessings to humanity. They said it was a manifestation of the divine . In nature, we can feel peace, comfort and refreshed🍃. Though our life today is busy with our work, studies, and other wordly pursuits, just try to take a break and give time to explore the beauty of nature🌄. Someone also said that nature is not only a source of joy it is also teaches us. The fruitful trees tells us to be humble; the sun teaches us to shine; the mountain teaches us to be firm; the flowers tells us to smile and blossom even when we are surrounded by the thorns of life🌸🍃.

This photos was taken just this year 2017 here in my beautiful hometown Bohol, Philippines. I experienced to witness the SUNSET @AliciaBoholPhil. and SUNRISE at the top of a hill with a “sea of clouds” below us @DanaoBoholPhil., it was really amazing☁🌄☁ and the air was so refreshing and relaxing🍃. I also got the chance to take a photo with the “Man Made Forest” @BilarBoholPhil. 🌳🌲 and the other photo we did KAYAKING @PilarBoholPhil. They said Bohol had it all. The beautiful and white sand beaches, the popular “Chocolate Hills”, clean rivers, and other beauty of nature that you have not seen before. So, if you have time try to visit Bohol, Philippines and explore the wonderful nature here🍃.


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