I launched a new blog this morning with the Portland Press Herald. I’m pretty excited about it.

This introductory post explains what the blog will be all about and my thinking behind the concept.

Of course, I’d really appreciate everyone’s support in spreading the word (share, share, share) if you’re comfortable doing that. Thank you in advance.

I’m nervous and it feels a little weird but, here I go!

Introducing “Social Social.”

The Adult Rob Gould - Starbucks & the anti-Don Draper

A Lesson in How Not to Receive a Compliment

Walk into Starbucks.

Stand in line watching couple at table clearly in love.

Think about how I wish I wasn’t single.

Order coffee.

Pay for coffee.

Young woman looks at me and says, “You look just like Don Draper.”


Stammer … “Thank you. That’s very nice of you to say.”

Twitch. Look for exit.

Leave quickly. Awkwardly.

Trip over small dog that makes big noise.

Receive dog bite on right leg.

Apologize profusely.


Fumble with door.

Return to hotel.

Navigate lobby full of beautiful hipsters.

Return to room.

Realize I don’t have my coffee.

Look in mirror.


I am no Hamm.

I’m pretty sure Don Draper would have handled it differently.

oh hee hee. sometimes when i’m planning a trip to mexico, i go into a closet in my house with my phone and speak to the concierge in a loud whisper and ask them to stock the bar with a lifetime supply of vodka and then i pack my bags and tell everyone i’m going to church. you know, just for old time sake?…oh hahahaha! i’m sorry, but i thought we were super fun.

A friend from a former life (when I actually walked on the wild side)

via Facebook

The Adult Rob Gould ~ The Common Ground Country Fair | Unity, Maine 2010

An adventure in the appreciation of rural Maine courtesy of Justin Bennett (aka @JBtheYoungMD)

Yesterday I got to check out, for the first time, the renowned Common Ground Fair with my friend Justin Bennett. Now, this fair is the place to be for anyone who is a supporter of the wildly in vogue, and at times wildly annoying, Eat/Buy Local movement. So when Justin asked me if I wanted to go with him I figured that it was about time I saw what all the excitement was about.

It was pretty exciting. There was lots of cool stuff to see and people to check out. With a heavy focus on peace and Italian sausage. And bees (to which I am highly allergic).

Justin was especially fascinated by a display featuring jewelry (and other assorted paraphernalia) carved out of moose bones. After establishing that it was indeed legal to carve things out of moose bones and that there were no PETA demonstrators in the vicinity, I took a look at what the guy was selling. The artist undoubtedly had a very unique talent. Unfortunately, I kept thinking about Bullwinkle so I made mine a short visit. Justin, on the other hand, talked to the guy for what seemed like hours. Apparently there is quite a lot to say about moose bones.

Second only to his excitement over the moose bone tchotskes was Justin’s desire to participate in the sheep and goat herding demonstration. As luck would have it, he lost his chance at animal herding stardom to a pack of well-trained dogs. This is an activity which the dogs get to engage in daily so it all seemed rather unfair. As Justin does have a promising career in medicine, he seemed to get over his disappointment quickly. He also had become intensely focused on the big glob of indian pudding he purchased which had been served up to him in some kind of an organic (and obviously local) cone. It struck me as a strange concept, but it did get him to stop pouting about losing out on the farm animal herding opportunity.

All in all it was an awesome day. The highlight of which for me was running into my friend Emily who had this whole hot hippie chick thing going on complete with a bacchanalian floral headdress. She did assure me that her MOGFA certified du-rag had been created just for her on premises using, of course, only local and organic flora.

Emily took the photo above. Please notice that Justin is wearing some of my friend and VIA colleague Chris Avantaggio’s BeerME schwag (in Justin’s case it’s SurfME). You can check out Chris’ complete collection here. He’s generally pretty nice to me and he now has something for everyone on his site so I highly recommend checking it out and buying stuff. You can thank me later.

In summary, I feel very local. Leaving me … well, slightly terrified.

My Ten Least Favorite Feelings

These are my current top ten*

  1. Hearing or seeing my Mom in pain.
  2. Trying to kiss someone and getting the “no thank you.” Ugh.
  3. Fear and uncertainty in general.
  4. Hurting any of my friends (not like hitting or anything, just being a grouchy jerk).
  5. Low bank account balances. Mine specifically - yours don’t concern me unless you’re my boss or potential spouse.
  6. Being called “dear boy.” A total deal breaker in case you’re interested.
  7. That fat feeling. Real or imagined. They both suck.
  8. Loneliness.
  9. Not being able to buy shoes or grooming products that I feel like I really need. There’s a lot of age-defying stuff out there that I just can’t afford at the moment. So unfair.
  10. Being lied to by someone I trust.
  11. The thought of going camping. I know that’s 11 but I really dislike camping unless catering is involved

*subject to change without notification

Lack of Sleep Chic at SXSW

So, my sources tell me that this is the hot look this year at SXSWi.

I seem to have mastered this look in the last 48 hours. Almost effortlessly.

I feel so fortunate.

And only mildly cranky but it’s such a small price to pay.

Much like an starving runway model going into Fashion Week. Smugly satisfied and only slightly dizzy.

And I don’t have to wear heels so it’s all good.

Not Feeling Social - or - Chocolate Makes Everything Better  Sometimes you just have one of those days. I had one yesterday, so I wasn’t feeling very “social.” How I was feeling yesterday made me think of a post I wrote a while back for my friends at The Good Men Project. So, that’s what I’ll share with you today.

Thankfully, I resisted enormous brownies yesterday, although the feelings were similar. I think many of us have them sometimes and they get to act themselves out in all sorts of interesting ways. 

Today is a new day, and I’m not craving brownies or morphine, so you can look forward to a great interview post tomorrow with Allie Munier, aka @broke207. Stay tuned.