Can Big Cat Rescue count on YOU on #GivingTuesday to help feed our 60+ exotic cats?

#GivingTuesday is just a few days away – Tuesday, November 28th! – If you’d like to donate early, our donation page is up and we would greatly appreciate early donations to help feed our exotic cats!  bigcatrescue.org/give

By far the largest expense at our sanctuary is the cost for food for our exotic cats. Our annual food bill is $200,000 – that’s over $16,000 each month!

We feed our cats the highest quality, most nutritious meat we can buy in order to keep them healthy and happy. Our goal this year is to raise $64,000 on #GivingTuesday – this will feed every mouth at the sanctuary for FOUR MONTHS!

Many of our cats were rescued from horrible situations where they received poor or inadequate nutrition…if they were fed at all. Zeus and Keisha tigers came from a New York facility that stopped feeding them; they were emaciated and close to starvation when we arrived to rescue them. The “Gilligan’s Island” cats as we call them because they all have names from the television show – Gilligan, Skipper, Mary Ann, Ginger, Thurston Howell and Lovey – had been abandoned by their Kansas owner and left to starve to death before we stepped in and brought them to their forever home in Tampa. These are just some of the stories of our cats. Luckily they are now at Big Cat Rescue and, thanks to donors like you, will never know hunger again!

Not familiar with #GivingTuesday? It’s an annual campaign that takes place on the Tuesday following Black Friday and Cyber Monday each year and is designed to be a 24-hour global online giving event to kick off the season of giving by encouraging people to donate to their favorite non-profits.

It is only because of the financial support we receive from generous donors like you that we can continue to say YES when exotic cats need to be rescued. THANK YOU for helping us feed our precious cats. bigcatrescue.org/give

Wishing you a peaceful and happy holiday season!

Does anyone know why it is that you would (rightfully) never see a white tiger in an accredited zoo, but you do see white lions? I remember a few years ago when I visited the Toronto zoo they were advertising all over that they had white lions and it was a huge deal. I am aware that white lions do exist in the wild, but to my knowledge are very uncommon and they often don’t survive long due to being easier for their prey to spot. They seem to just be a gimmick, something that draws a crowd. How is an animal that is less likely to survive if out in the wild a valuable animal to preserve instead of their normal coloured counterparts within the same subspecies? Is that not counterproductive to zoos goal of conservation and a waste of resources?
I would appreciate if some more knowledgable people about zoos and while lions would clear it up for me!
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The cats LOVED their Thanksgivings Day Feast

ALL of the cats had a turkey or a cornish game hen, depending on the size of the cat.  

THANK YOU, to Everyone who donated at BigCatRescue.org/turkey



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Every year people donate their Halloween pumpkins to these big cats rescued from circuses and zoos. 🎃🦁🐯 #lions #wildlife #sanctuary (📹: @bigcatrescue)

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There is absolutely no way in hell that this lion cub hasn’t been drugged! Cub petting kills! If you support or follow Black Jaguar White Tiger you need to open your eyes to the truth and do some research. Better yet support REAL AND HONEST conservation efforts of places like @bigcatrescue @ggconservation and @lionwhisperersa because Eddie is a fraud. I asked him if he spayed/neutered his cats out of sheer curiosity and I was blocked not even 5 minutes later. People like Eddie who by scamming unsuspecting people are taking money away from actual legit sanctuaries who count on donors to keep their doors open and continue saving wildlife. Please donate to legitimate sanctuaries and help spread the word about this man and his misdeeds. For more information visit @lion_hearted_gurl and @bjwtwatchdog #Repost @vegan.ph0enix
@Regranned from @chloefurbabe - Been searching for this video everywhere !! This video is crying out ANIMAL ABUSE AND EXPLOITATION!!! Even IF there was a valid reason for why the cub is floppy and lifeless all animal protectors know this is bad by just watching the way the cub is handled then just slumped on the floor !!! 😢 a true animal career would not be petting they would be taking the cub somewhere to find out what the hell is wrong !!! This video is so powerful to expose bjwt for EXPLOITATION !!!! #bjwtfamily need to REALLY open there eyes !!! #Repost @unafide
And this! What is wrong with this baby #lioncub ?? Is this how they are put into the hands of paying celebrity guests?! 😢why isn’t he getting help or is he drugged?? #blackjaguarwhitetiger is not a proper #sanctuary or #rehabilitation facility. #investigatebjwt #savebigcats #animalwelfare #animalabuse #bjwt #exposebjwt #research #catsofinstagram #cuteanimals #bigcats #animalrescue #vegan #pettingzoo #fraudalert #lions #tigers #animallove @vicenews @vice @veganfoodvideos @world_wildlife @hsiglobal @worldanimalprotectionus @donnamaria1961

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Note that some items are excluded from discounts. This is indicated on individual product pages in the description. Please also be aware that some items are custom made to order and timelines for these products are also listed on the product page.

Photo by Keeper Michael Heap

If you have a bobcat emergency in a state other than Florida, we can help you find a rehabber or will be a resource to wildlife rehabilitators who need help with bobcats, lynx or cougars. When you are searching for a bobcat rehabber do you know what questions to ask?  Find out at:  https://bigcatrescue.org/bobcat-rehab/

Cooper will be set free in the wild in the near future.

Big Cat Updates is FULL today:  https://bigcatrescue.org/november-14-2017/

TEASPA week of action, Zimba Serval goes outside, Funny video of Andre Tiger, Are YOU sitting on the fence, and more

CAPTION THIS funny photo of Seth Tiger.

YOU CAN take cool snapshots like this on the cats’ live webcams at Explore.org/bigcatrescue

Photo by big cat friend, Daisy F.

Keeper Aleesa got a cute snapshot of Des with his pumpkin.  He was not quite sure because it looked a bit odd with treats sticking out the “eyes,” LOL.  Eventually, he dove right in and snatched those treats, but not until he was sure no one was watching.

Do YOU have a favorite Pumpkin #Recipe that is copyright free?  

If so, email it to lawanna.mitchell@bigcatrescue.org no later than Friday, Nov 3rd to go in a “Big Cats & Pumpkin Recipe Book” with LOTS of photos of cats with #pumpkins and YOUR #Yummy Pumpkin Recipes.

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