Awkward or Arousing? (MATURE)

He grunted deeply into my ear, sending shocks down my spine. “Fuck, you like that?” His jaw clenched everytime he closed his mouth, “Tell me [Y/N], or I’ll stop.” His hands were resting on each of my thighs, he slammed into me constantly.

We were going at it for the second time that night. Justin had been away on tour for months, leaving us both alone to deal with our needs. We both expressed our clear desire for one another by instantly connecting our mouths the second I opened the door to find him stood there. We haven’t stopped touching since.

I focused on him in front of me now. “I do, I like it, Justin. I love it. I love you.” I panted, feeling the sweat beginning to form in the crevices of my body.

“I’ve missed you so much. I’ve been going crazy without you; I’ve been surviving on ten minute jerk off sessions after every concert. I can’t please myself like you can.” He grunted. Suddenly, I felt the sharpness of his nails digging into my thighs. There was sweat running down his chest. “Fuck, you’re so perfect.” He was out of breath, as was I.

“There’s been so many times that I’ve fucked myself to the thought of you, but nothing is better than you.” I whimpered, watching as he bit down on his bottom lip. Without me realising, his left hand had moved down over my clit. His fingers worked their way up and down me slowly, while Justin still moved in and out of me steadily.

“Mm, I love when you squirm. Does that feel good on your clit?” He grinned, letting his eyes move over my body. The room was beginning to feel hotter and hotter as we both neared our second orgasm.

“Justin,” I gasped. “Faster.” I groaned, unable to control my want for him.

“Shit,” He chuckled. “I’m going as fast as I can, you’ve really missed me, huh?” He smirked, bringing his lips down to my neck, leaving wet kisses over my skin.

I couldn’t help but grab a hold of him, still not completely realising that he was actually back in my presence, making me feel the things I’ve missed so much. “Oh God.” My moaned, feeling myself clench around him.

“You’re so fucking hot when you’re like this, you drive me insane. Fuck.” His hips thrusted against mine mercilessly.

As I was ready to collapse around him, as he was me, I was running my hands through his short and gripping only him while he held my legs and began pounding into me, I heard the easily recognisable sound of my phone ringing on the table beside the bed. It rang close to my ear, making me cringe and jerk my head away from it.

We both heard it, but it seemed as though we were trying to ignore it in the hope it would just stop and leave us to feel the intense pleasures we were feeling at that moment.

But it only stopped for a moment before it began to ring again. Justin huffed. “Make it stop.” Lightly, he bit down on my neck, making me gasp. “Baby. [Y/N].” He said when I didn’t answer.

I sighed. “They’ll give up in a minute, it’s fine.” I shuffled a little and got comfortable once again, pushing my hips up to meet his that had slowed down since the phone started ringing.

He growled, pushing his face into the nape of my neck. He slammed into me. “Oh, God.” He moaned. The phone still rang.

He let out a sigh of relief when the phone silenced. Picking up his speed again, only slightly, however. But in a few moments, as I slightly expected, the phone began to ring again. “Oh, for fuck sake. Just answer the damn phone; put us out of our misery. Jesus.” He sighed in annoyance, collapsing on top of me but still being inside of me.

I tried not to laugh at his frustration while I rolled over and picked up my phone. I noticed it was my dad, I groaned at the awkwardness. Quickly, I answered it with full intention of letting him know that I was busy. “Hey, dad.” I hesitated, especially when Justin stopped the attention he was giving my neck with his lips and smirked at me.

My dad began by asking me how my day had been, but I struggled to listen while Justin’s lips wrapped around my nipple, making me gasp. “My day? I-It’s been a great. Justin is back for a few days, remember? Yeah-”

“Just don’t let him know you’ve been getting fucked all day, and as a matter of fact, right as you speak; you’ll give the poor man a heart attack.” Justin muttered, chuckling before paying his attention back to my nipples.

“Y-You wanna speak to Justin? S-Sure, he’s here.” Justin shook his head as I passed him my phone, he sighed as he put it to his ear.

I attempted to push Justin’s body off of me, but he only pressed up against me more. “Hey, sir. Yeah, I’m good, thank you. And you?” Justin, for some reason completely unknown to me, slammed his hips into mine, making him reach deeper parts of me, causing me cry out as quiet as I could. He bit the inside of his cheek, probably to stop himself from letting out a moan. I saw his eyes roll back slightly. “Good! I’m glad you’re well.” He smirked down at me. “What are we doing? Oh, me and [Y/N] are having a very eventful day. Mhm. Just reconnecting, you know? Spending so much time apart can be straining for a couple, we’re just making sure our relationship doesn’t lose the depth,” His cock pushed further into me. “and making sure the love is still there.” He chuckled tightly, and grabbed my boob in his hand casually, as though it was no trouble for him at all to be speaking to his girlfriend’s father while pleasuring her.

“J-Justin, stop. This is wrong on so many leve-” He moved his thumb down to my clit, probably to shut me up. “Oh,” I whimpered.

“Yeah, yeah. The tour has been a great success so far. ” He nodded, letting out a grunt every now and then when he slid into me. “Yeah, it’s so hard when I’m away from her,” He smirked, clearly referring to his penis, but we both knew my dad wouldn’t catch on. I rolled my eyes as well as my hips. “but I know that I can always call her or something if it gets too painful.” He chuckled, having to pull the phone away from his mouth for a moment to breathe. “Anyway, it was great to speak to you, I’ll pass you back to your daughter now. Alright, bye.” Justin grinned proudly, making me sigh.

“Hey, dad.” Justin resumed to his previous position, lowering himself so he was closer to me. I heard my dad’s voice through the phone with a lot more difficulty because of Justin’s distracting touch.“Yes, Justin’s looking after me.” I chuckled, rolling my eyes but I soon stopped as Justin picked up the pace of his thrusts.

“You bet your ass I am. I’m looking after you very/I> well, if I do say so myself.” He grunted each time he moved into me. He moved his head down to my neck and continued the fast pace. The bed creaked slightly. “Shit. You might wanna put the phone down now, babygirl. If you don’t, your dads not gonna like what he’s about to hear.”

“D-Dad. I’ve gotta g-go.” I felt myself clench as I felt Justin filling me up perfectly. “Yeah, I, uh,” I breathed heavily. “I’m not feeling too well.” I bit the inside of me cheek, feeling my cheeks flush at the current awkward situation. Justin chuckled deeply, amused, and seeming to be a little aroused, by the whole thing.

“Hey, baby. Call me daddy.” He muttered before he bit my neck harshly. “Don’t listen to your dad on the phone, I’m your daddy. I’m making you feel good. He doesn’t know what a little slut his little girl can be when she has the right person to bring it out of her.” His breath was on my neck then, tickling me but also sending shivers down my spine. “I’m fucking you, pay attention to me.” That demanding voice that has made me fall under his spell so many times suddenly became present. I shivered.

My dad was still talking on the other end of the phone, lengthening out his goodbye and talking about something I was only partly paying attention to.

Meanwhile, Justin was pounding into me with confidence, only increasing his speed. “You didn’t do as you’re told, [Y/N]. Who’s your daddy? I’m not letting you cum until you tell me.” His palm pressed into my thigh as he pulled it up to his waist.

Quickly, I pulled the phone down away from my face. “Daddy.” I whimpered, knowing what that did to him. “Let me cum, daddy.” My hands ran around his neck.

I cringed, Justin smirked, when I had to bring be phone back up to my ear and speak to my dad. “Dad, I really have t-to go.” I was running out of time; I felt myself almost ready to cum. “I, oh. I’ll call you tomorrow, l-love you.” I quickly ended the call before he could speak again. I threw my phone on the table before gripping the sheets underneath me. “Oh, fuck, Justin I’m cumming!” I screamed, surprising myself.

“Fuck!” His hips smashed against mine as we both reached that much needed point. I felt his juices filling me up as I exploded around his length. “Shit, baby.” His torso clenched too as he tensed up and finished releasing himself.

Every single muscle in our body relaxed in that moment as we laid together panting for breath. “Fuck, that was wild.” He laughed, throwing his head back before shaking it. “What have we just done? We’ve probably scarred your dad for life.” He pulled me closer.

“You mean you have; that was all your fault! That was so awkward!” I shoved his chest but still fell into his warmth happily. “Did I sense you being a little more than turned on by that situation?” I raised an eyebrow as I looked up at him.

He scoffed, a smile on his face. “No.” His head fell beside mine. “I’m kidding, that was so fucking arousing.” He muttered into my ear, making the hairs on my neck stand to attention, like they were giving all their attention to him, just like I was.

the signs as drama
  • Aries:Demi unfollowing Selena on Instagram
  • Taurus:Tom Hiddleston being irrelevant in this
  • Gemini:🐍🐍🐍 commenters on Taylor's Instagram
  • Cancer:Taylor being.. Taylor
  • Leo:Khloe posting a pic of Chloe's apparent butthole
  • Virgo:Selena defending Taylor with weird tweets
  • Libra:Beyoncé's silence about all this while being fab
  • Scorpio:Kim exposing Taylor with the video footage
  • Sagittarius:Katy tweeting "Haha" then deleting it
  • Capricorn:Kim being petty AF with her National Snake Day tweet
  • Aquarius:Justin posting his weird video on Instagram
  • Pisces:The world feeding on all this drama

Smooth class flow from Justin Bieber’s Choreographer

“Best Love Song” by T-Pain ft. Chris Brown | Choreography by Nick DeMoura

Class at Millennium Dance Complex.

Lovers with benefits — part II

s u m m a r y // in which Justin confesses his love for Y/N 

(part one)

warning; contains mature content

a/n; Hi loves so long time no post. I just want to take some time to apologize for focusing more on my fanfics than imagines, it’s just harder for me to right imagines sometimes than it is to write chapters for my fanfics but I’m going to try and do better. 

Please hit my inbox up with some constructive criticism because I’d love to get better as a writer, enjoy reading xo mer  


That’s what you’ve felt the past month. He hasn’t answered your calls or texts—just keeps leaving you on read. You press send once more, reading over the fiftieth apology you’ve sent him, begging him to at least come to talk to you. He hasn’t posted on Instagram or Snapchat. There’s been a hope in the back of your mind that he’s still thinking about you… You stare at the phone screen, scrolling through the blue text messages. You’re surprised he hasn’t blocked you by now, you’re also glad. You see the grey dots appear, your heart thuds through your chest. They disappear, not being replaced with even a single word, your body heats up with rage, expecting just something—anything. Hell you’d be okay with an emoji right now or even one meaningless letter. You run a hand through your hair, pressing call to try and express your anger with him right now.

“You’ve reached Justin please leave a message at the beep,” His voice rings through the phone, the beep sounding indicating the message is now being recorded. 

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