The reason White people were offended by Beyoncés Super Bowl performance

They can’t live knowing that Black empowerment was nationally televised. The fact that Beyoncé was influencing people across the nation world.

 A black cultural leader being televised world wide? With a song that was unapologetically for POC? They can’t allow that to happen. 

Any power given to POC, they have to tear it down. Any way possible. 

The fear of a respected Black leader for the Black population drives them to convince the mindless masses that the performance/song should be boycotted.

It’s not enough to kill us in cold blood and try justifying it, but now, they’re also trying to take away our first amendment.

Dont let them silence you

The Real Issue White People Have: Black Women Are Starting To Love Themselves Too Loudly

Beyoncé’s new song “Formation” and its visuals were released the day before the Super Bowl, with the singer performing the song alongside Coldplay and Bruno Mars the very next day.

People are flipping shit.

Why? Many white conservative people across the nation claim the music video and the performance slammed police officers and is basically worse than the KKK burning crosses and lynching black people.

Up until now, Beyonce has never explicitly said “I love my blackness” and now people are shaking. Underneath the threats for boycotts outside of the NFL headquarters and Fox News anchormen slamming the singer’s husband for his drug dealing past, what people are really mad about is a black woman loving herself very loudly.

With anthems like “Single Ladies”, “Irreplaceable”, “Who Run The World (Girls”, Beyonce has made music for every woman. You had the white girls who did the hand waving “Single Ladies” dance, the black girls who pointed “to the left, to the left”, and gay white men who knew the entire choreography to “Countdown”. Beyonce has been the pop star for every person from every background for a decade so much so that people may have forgotten that at the end of the day, she is still a Black woman from Texas with a black husband and a black daughter with very natural hair.

The trend for the past year has been a beautiful journey of black girls starting to love themselves more and more. You’d think something like this would be supported, but it’s caused a huge backlash from self-hating black people like Stacey Dash to Elle Magazine bashing the popular “#BlackGirlMagic” movement.

We’re in the middle of a huge shift where black girls are praising what would be negative stereotypes to others (I got hot sauce in my bag…SWAG) and they’re acknowledging the fact that our features are some of the most sought after features for non-black celebrities like Kylie Jenner even though we’re taught to hate them when they’re on our own bodies.

The Super Bowl controversy is being painted as a racial war when it’s really just a war on black people loving their blackness. With Beyonce’s backup dancers dressed like Black Panthers, which was an activist group that inflicted no harm on others unlike hate groups like the KKK, there is nothing offensive about Queen Bey’s performance other than a Black woman praising her blackness for the entire world watching.

BEYONCE formation

I’m seriously baffled by these old and young crows being upset about Beyoncé formation. I guess because she’s a strong, powerful black woman with a voice scares them so much they want to boycott her likes she’s a criminal? Stop it. The fact she celebrated the black panther anniversary, the fact she’s celebrating being black and what’s important to her so these people want to bash her for it? So their problems is basically about her being peacefullyblack? but nobody says anything about people still having a racist flag, Donald trump being a open racist to blacks an Muslims, nor policemen killing innocent black lives. I’m so happy these people are now having their covers off about racism toward us black people. Now we see where your issues falls. It falls with African Americans who are strong in their beliefs, who stand for justice and values our history.

Beyoncé I love you keep stunting on em✊🏽✊🏽

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The only thing to understand about "Formation" is that it's a self-appreciation anthem for the ethnic, who are finally encouraged to embrace all of our features. Beyonce's not attacking anyone, her only concern is her baby girl who looks up to her. She's just a mommy ensuring her daughter grows up loving her reflection in the mirror.