Pets The Avengers Would Have

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Thor: A corgi. Don’t even fight me on this.

Tony: A Siamese cat. Compulsively got her after Pepper left. Acts like he doesn’t care that much about her but you can bet your ass that he sits her in the kitchen counter stool next to his when he has his morning coffee. She follows him everywhere.

Steve: A beagle probably. Names it something patriotic like Liberty or America (Meri for short)

Wanda: a min-Rex Bunny. Must I explain?

Clint. He wanted a hawk but Nat (and literally everyone else) told him it was a terrible idea because 1, birds are hard to care for as is and 2, it’s a hawk. out of retaliation he goes to the shelter and picks up the ugliest dog he can find; a pug. He didn’t plan on keeping him for very long, only until the others gave in and agreed to the hawk. But the bug-eyed cutie grew on Clint, and he would rather shoot an arrow through his foot than get rid of him.

(^that’s my dog btw ha if you call her ugly i will literally fucking kill you)

Nat: Getting tired of Vision nagging about how having a pet companion boosts your mental health by blah-blah-percent, she went and got the simplest and cheapest pet she could, a beta fish. She admits to liking the colors of the fish to the others, but behind closed doors she also talks to the little guy, and likes the simple one-sided conversations they have when she’s getting ready for bed.

Bruce: a small gecko or lizard. Something that can stay in his lab without disrupting anything and can keep him company. Will sometimes put it on his head or shoulder when he’s working (never when chemicals are out though)

Bucky: Dogs. Good God. I can’t name a single breed because he brings home so many. Any time he leaves the HQ he coaxes any strays he sees to follow him home. He can’t leave the HQ without someone going with him because they know he’ll bring home strays. He’s drowning in dogs. Help him.






… you get??

so uh this happened? honestly, i’ve run out of things to say when it comes to milestones besides ????? h o w ??? thank you to everyone who follows me because i love and appreciate y’all. thnx for not blocking me when i yiff or rant about my life and thnx for being an amazing bunch of people.

i thought i’d try something different for this celebration and do name inspired playlists! i’ve seen this idea pop up on my dash before and tbh i thought it was pretty cool because everyone seems to love music so what can go wrong?

if you’ve never seen one before, a name inspired playlist looks like this:
(i’m using my own name as an example)
taro - alt-j
entropy - grimes
dark fantasy - kanye
daydreaming - radiohead
gave you all - mumford and sons
in the middle - dodie

be warned, i do listen to a lot of chill and indie/folk music so there is a good chance every playlist i’ll make is gonna be chill (i’ll also make in into a spotify playlist bc why the heck not)

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i’ll be doing these until monday bc i go away next week but i will try and make everyone a playlist!! if this flops pretend it never happened lmao

Imagine being married to Thor

prompt from anonymous: “can I please have an imagine where you’re married to thor?”

You whirled around, wielding your bow with a skill that could only be borne of centuries of training and practice and action. You let loose arrow after arrow, taking down enemies left and right as your husband fought in the middle of it all, back-to-back with his brother as they eliminated the flying bat-like beings.

You kept firing, your arrows slicing through the air to take down another one of the monsters as it was about to land on Thor’s back. Finally, you felled the last of them, then picked your way through the mess of rocks and the bodies of the beasts to Thor and Loki’s side. Thor turned to you and swept you up at once, lifting you off the ground and holding you around the waist in the air.

“You did so well,” Thor told you, then leaned down and kissed you soundly before you could respond.

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Vengeance Avenged - Avengers x Pietro Maximoff x Stark!Reader

Words: 2505
Pairing: Avengers x Pietro x Stark!Reader
Featuring: Cap, Wanda, Tony, a lot
Warnings: talk of kidnapping and experimenting on humans, hydra things, fighting
Requested by @supernatural508
“ Can you do a Pietro x reader where the reader is Tony’s daughter but when she was sixteen she was kidnapped by hydra and she and Pietro talked but never saw each other in the hydra base then after tony rescues her one day she meets Pietro again?”
Authors Note: so i havent done a request in…uh,,,,,, probably a year. but i finally did one. its been a while since this was sent in and im sorry but you know how i am. I don’t know how I totally feel about it, but here it is. And I kinda changed it up a bit, so i hope that’s okay. It’s not all based around pietro x yn but there are a lot of factors, just not romance.

Avengers / Pietro / Full Masterlist

You sat in the corner of a dark, wet, old cell. You were hugging your knees trying to stay as far away as you could from the people around you, not wanting to talk to anyone. You were scared and even though it had been a year of you being stuck here, you still knew nothing. Only being seventeen, this meant you wouldn’t get to do the things you wanted to do with your life. You were ripped from your family and had no idea if you would ever see them again.

You focused your eyes on the square in the center of the cell that was lit up by the window. There were tear stains on your cheeks, but you were accustomed to it and it no longer bothered you. You were trying to work through everything in your mind, but nothing made sense. For a year, these evil people have tried to experiment on you and change you. They wanted to make you a super-soldier that fought for them and eventually hurt all the Avengers. You would be stronger than any Avenger and could take down anyone that the people instructed you to.

But they couldn’t break into you. After a year, they couldn’t get past your brain and change it. There was something blocking it and protecting you, and almost every other day they tried something new. It was tiring and you just wanted to be done with it. But…you knew that wouldn’t be as easy as you wished.

“Hey,” You heard. You jumped when you heard the deep voice. “Are you okay?”

You shook your head indicating that no, you are not okay. You tried to open your mouth to talk, but nothing came out. Honestly, you weren’t actually sure you could talk anymore. “Well, hi, I’m Pietro. I’m one of the two volunteers that survived the experiments.”

Why would anyone volunteer to be experimented on?

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[The pardoned Avengers arrive at the compound and gear up upon seeing Loki, Thor starts to flex his muscles]

Bruce: The non-violent approach is probably better here.

Thor: I wasn’t gonna use violence. I don’t always use violence. Do I?

Tony: The important thing is: you believe that.

So at first glance I genuinely thought this was just a picture of Bruce.

BUT NO, It’s a figurine. What What What?! *le gasp* It’s beautiful.

Real clothes and everything. I’m still in AWE at the detail this figurine has. I have learned it is handmade and sculpted.

I need this in my life. *faints*

anonymous asked:

do you have any science bro fic recs? Platonic or shippy. both are fine, I'm looking through the tag and so many don't seem to have them as the central pair :/

sure bro I got ur back

have fun! :D