Happy Early Birthday Athena Areola “Nipple Goddess” Acosta! <3

So, I remember in middle school, I was declared your “partner in crime”. From then on, we’ve had a roller coaster of a friendship. I remember having the biggest crush on you in the 7th grade, and then being super concerned with you and your boyfriend in the 8th grade.

And then we hit high school. We both decided to attend ORHS and I felt good knowing that I had one of my best friends there. Soon, you entered Kinections and I joined Full Effect. You never failed to be there for me everytime that I felt left out and hurt because my support system was missing, but we made it through our freshmen year. And then our stressful sophomore year came and left.

Now? Just like we predicted, we’re both leaders of what we love. You’ve become a dance captain of Natural Vibes, and I’ve become the president of Mustang Chorale. I’m happy that you and I plan on completing high school together! Even though we’re both busy and we rarely get to hang out, the times that we do compensate for it. You really are one of my best friends. The phrase “opposites attract” often reflects the best parts of our friendship. I’ve always been the more protective and conservative friend and you’ve always been the fun-loving and care-free friend.

I miss you and how close we were during middle school and freshmen year, but you’re moving on to bigger and better things. You’ve grown into such a beautiful and confident young woman. I am truly honored for being able to watch your transformation and I am sure that this friendship will be around for a long time.

Partner in crime, you’re amazing and happy birthday! <3

Me, dad, & @athenadelight.
  • Dad: Why do you have two computers in your room?
  • Me: The other one's Ateh's. She supposed to be doing her project right now.
  • Dad: Why isn't she doing her project?! Athena?!?
  • Athena: SHH I'M TAKING A POO!