@astro luca

Ok - so.

Obviously I don’t agree with smut about Minors. Period.

However y'all need to calm down about Mark turning 18 in a week. The age of majority in Korea is 18. The age that someone has to be so you can write NSFW about them in the tumblr rules is 18. Mark is a Canadian citizen, therefore Canadian rules apply, and that age is also 18.

Some people will comment about morals and all that and believe me, I understand. I DO NOT necessarily agree with it, however I WILL NOT sit here and watch people get HATE for writing smut about Mark when they are doing nothing wrong (from the 2nd August).

Giving hate to someone (even if you think you’re just ‘kindly telling’ them) is not ok. People who write smut about Mark from the 2nd of August have done nothing wrong. Same goes for people who write about 17’s Dino (Feb 11, 1999), Astro’s Rocky (Feb 25, 1999), SmRookie’s Lucas (Jan 25, 1999), and the list goes on. These people are doing it legally - comment about morals all you want however in the end it is pointless since they have done nothing wrong.

This has been a PSA.