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Back In Your Arms-Ashley Purdy Imagine (smut)

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Sexual Frustration, a pain most humans felt at least once in a while. You, on the other hand, had been feeling like this for close to two weeks. you, were (y/n) (l/n), the Girlfriend of Ashley Purdy, and you had been for close to three years. Ashley had always been, in a good way to say it, very sexually active, and had managed to get you used to his sexual schedule. But for the past two weeks, Ashley had been either ignoring, or being oblivious to your sexual advances. Whenever you were dressed in nothing but a pair of underwear, and one of his tee shirts, and laying in bed waiting for his return to bed, he would just lay in bed, and lay with his back to you, after kissing your forehead and saying goodnight and I love you.

From the past two weeks, your sexual frustrations had built up to the breaking point, and tonight you were claiming what had been yours from the start. Ashley was gone for a bit of the afternoon, and you had set up the house for his arrival from the studio with his band. You had dressed in what Ashley had claimed was his favorite of your lingerie. It was black leather, though it didn’t chafe, with (f/c) strands of silk around Ashley’s favorite parts of your body. You had worn one of Ashley’s Black Veil Brides tee’s over it, which covered most of the lingerie, making ti look like you were wearing ripped jean shorts and his shirt.

You had also placed rose petals around the bed, along with a pair of handcuffs on the front head board, where tonight’s beginning action would take place. You laughed lightly at this, and went to the kitchen to check and make sure everything was in place, to which you then moved to the living room to await for Ash’s return home. Suddenly, you heard the door open, and Ashley’s footsteps come into the room. “Hey Babe.” Ashley had said, seeing you as the first thing he saw when he came in. “Hey Ash..” You had purred out, looking to him with lust glazed eyes. You stood up, and padded over to him, him assuming you wanted a kiss or a hug, but you were going to start out the night now.

You went over, and smiled, when you saw him raise an eyebrow. you got closer, and put your arms around his neck, and started to kiss along his jawline. “(Y-Y/n)..What are you d-doing?” He stuttered out, while his hands clamped themselves onto your waist. You were kissing and biting on his neck when he asked that, so you pulled away to move over to his ear to whisper into it, then slightly nibble on it. “Why don’t you follow me and find out?” you smirked, and gave his ear a final tug of your teeth, and moved away, to start towards the steps up you yours and Ash’s room. Ashley was still dazed for a second, before quickly shedding his jacket and his shoes, before he dashed after you up the stairs, jumping up two at a time.

Once he was in the room, what he say caused his pants to immediately get tighter around his, certain area. You sat on the bed, the shirt you were wearing had been moved around in your move upstairs, causing it to move slightly upward, exposing the bottom part of your lingerie. He tossed off his shirt, causing you to smirk and bite your lip as he threw his shirt to the corner of the room. He moved over to you, and as you laid on your back, he crawled on top of you. You smiled, and moved up onto your elbows and kissed him, at first gently, but then with more force.

You swiped your tongue across his bottom lip, asking for entrance, to which he accepted, and you dove your tongue into his mouth, searching his warm cavern, causing him to moan, and whimper at your dominating movements. While he was distracted  in the kiss, you moved,and rolled do that you now were above him, and he was below you, whimpering and moaning from the kiss. you made your move, and throughout the room echoed the sound of the handcuffs slicking around Ashley’s wrists, stranding him onto the bed. you pulled away from his lips, to move and sit on his lap, intentionally causing heated friction upon his lap. 

He whimpered and looked into your eyes, his starting to glaze over with his lust. You then began the next part of your plan, and slowly pulled off the shirt, and Ashley’s eyes were immediately thrown to your figure. You then leaned down, and began pulling his pants down slowly, your hands lingering around his hips and the upper part of his thighs, causing him to throw his head back in want. You then leaned up, and started sucking and biting his neck again, causing him to close his eyes and whimper from the submission of your attacks. 

You mentally smirked at his easy submission,he usually would be the dominant one in the bedroom; but not tonight. You then started grinding on his obvious erection, your core starting to moisten from the obvious rock hard erection he had. You then moved down, and quickly pulled down his boxers, and looked up, to see him staring down at your figure, want, lust, and love showing throughout his eyes, causing a warm tingle to go down your body. You gently grabbed the base of his member, and started moving up and down, causing Ashley to throw his head back once again, and let out a string of lewd moans and whimpers of pleasure. 

“(Y-Y/nnn)…Harderrr..” He cried out, his hips bucking forth in your hand unintentionally. You smiled,and leaned down and kissed the tip, and peppered the length with kisses and little nibbles, causing him to let out groans of your name. You eventually had enough though and took him into your mouth, and hollowed your cheeks, and began sucking as hard as possible, causing Ashley to let out quiet yells and incoherent sentences of your name, and other pleasurable sounds. You then sucked him a little deeper into your mouth, successfully deepthroating him, causing him to immediately stiffen, and let loose, him yelling your name as he shot his seed into your mouth and throat, you letting him go and moving back up. 

You decided that enough was enough, and that soon enough, you were going to bust from the want deep in your body. “Had enough, Ash?” You smirked, and took the back of your hand, and wiped off the little bit of seed left at the corner of your mouth. You leaned over, and unlocked the cuffs, Ashley immediately taking action and rolling you over, pinning you to the bed, and he clipped you into the cuffs. You smirked up at him, while he stood on his hands and knees, one of his knees intentionally rubbing against your core, causing small moans to escape form your lips, as Ashley smirked down at your writhing figure. 

“Not to nice now, is it?” He huskily muttered, while he began undressing the lingerie from your body, leaving you exposed. You whimpered when began trailing kisses and bites down your neck, until he began to kiss and nibble on your breast, causing you to moan, and attempt to move your legs, only causing Ashley’s Knee to move closer and rub harder against your core, causing lewd whimpers and moans to come from your mouth. Suddenly, one of his hands joined his knee, rubbing circles and occasionally pressing down upon your clit. You let out a louder moan, causing Ashley to smirk, as he moved and threw your legs over your shoulder, and smirk at you before placing his face into your core. 

You bit your lip, not wanting for him to win, but you let out a long string of whimpers when he began thrusting his tongue in and out, while a knot began twisting itself in your middle. You allowed it to let loose, and you came into Ashley’s mouth, him swallow it all, and smirking to you when he pulled away. You gave a look of want to him, and he immediately relayed it, while he moved up to kiss you while he entered you roughly, causing you and him to enter a chorus of moans from the feeling of being one. 

He began thrusting into you roughly, while he held himself up by his forearms which rested beside your head. “Hahh~ (Y/N) You feel soo good..” Ashley moaned, him immediately putting his face into your neck to help quieten his moans. “Ashley!! There!! Harder!” You cried out when he stroked your G-Spot. He immediately moved one of your legs over his shoulders, and began pounding into the spot again, causing your moans and whimpers to turn into yells and screams of pleasure. You could feel him getting stiffer inside of you, while you could feel your own release coming down quickly, until it erupted, causing your core to clench around his member, causing him to erupt with a loud moan of your name as he came, shooting his seed deep within you. 

He collapsed beside you, after releasing you from your confines. You laid against him, still getting over the after lapse of your orgasm. He pulled you against him, him panting slightly while he nuzzled his face into your hair. “Godamn babe.. That was fucking amazing. Sorry I hadn’t been paying much attention… The new album has been driving the whole band insane trying to finish it in time for the deadline..” He said, while he pulled your back against his chest, while he entangled his legs within yours. “Oh~ Its no problem Ashes.. Whenever you need help de-stressing yourself, just come to me.” You smiled, and nuzzled into the pillow, to fall into sleeps clutches, Ashley not far behind you. 

A Bet’s A Bet

TITLE: A Bet’s A Bet (Ashley Purdy)

GENRE: smut / fluff 

FIC SUMMARY: Y/N has been on tour with Black Veil Brides and has had a crush on Ashley for a while. After a few too many drinks, the guys make a bet with Y/N that is ultimately lost.


AUTHOR’S NOTES/WARNINGS: Its basically pure smut. IDK I had insomniac and the idea came to me. So it’s inspired by my sleep-deprived brain while I was scrolling through my Tumblr feed XD (I also have some ideas for pure fluff one-shots as well)

“Hold on there, missy! I think you’re had a few too many.” Ashley exclaimed, trying to pry the bottle of whiskey from your hands.

“Pssshhh, I’m fine, Ash.” You said, although you knew that you should probably stop soon if you wanted to wake up tomorrow without the lights burning your head.

Ashley was about to reprimand you, when CC stumbled over, clearly drunk. “Y/N! Ashley!”

You turned to see the intoxicated drummer. “What C?”

“I bet you can’t beat me in a pole dancing contest.” His speech was so slurred it was hard to understand. As you were making out what he said, you saw Jinxx, Jake and Andy coming toward the three of you.

“What’s up guys?” Andy asked, taking a swing of his beer.

“CC thinks I can’t beat him in a pole dancing contest.” You responded.

Jake started to laugh, “He’s not wrong.”

You glared evilly at the guitarist. “What makes you think that?”

“Have you seen CC pole dance?” Jinxx interjected.

You looked around confused, shaking your head to symbolize that you hadn’t. You had heard about it, but you had never witnessed it. As you thought about it, you said to yourself that there was no way he could beat you.

“What’d ya say, Y/N?” CC asked.

You took another glance around. “If I win, you have to cater to my every need for a day.”

“When I win, you have to do a strip tease to Ash.” He said with an evil smirk.

You thought there was no way in hell this man would beat you. You accept the bet, not taking into consideration that you had never actually danced on a pole. But hey, you were more sober than CC, so there was an advantage in that.

The rest of the guys were laughing, but you noticed Ashley was a little red when you had turned to hand him the bottle that was still in your hands. You didn’t have time to ponder it, because you were going to go first. There was conveniently a pole on the bus, but it probably wasn’t meant for dancing. 

You stepped up to the cold metal and wrapped one hand around it, unsure of yourself as you realized you didn’t really know what to do. Fuck it, you thought, and you gave it a go. You spun around on it and got into a position where you could wrap your legs around it while still spinning.

It didn’t take long until you were done, actually feeling a little confident about yourself as you saw CC take another sip of his drink.

You walked back over to the guys as CC gave you another smirk while going up to the pole.

“I hope your getting your strip tease routine ready in your head.” Jinxx whispered to you.

“I wasn’t that bad, was I?” You asked.

“Not terrible, but C does weirdly good things when shitfaced.” Jinxx added before CC started working that pole.

Damn, I’m going to lose, you thought to yourself as you watched CC do things you hadn’t even thought about on the metal contraption. He was getting creative with his dancing, and it didn’t take long for you to accept defeat. While he was finishing up his routine, the realization of having to do a strip tease for Ashley hit you, and it made the heat rise to your cheeks.

CC finished with pride and strutted over to where the rest of you were. “Told you, Y/N. A bet’s a bet, right?”

You sighed of defeat, although, you were a little excited to strip tease for Ashley. The thought of why CC made that his counter crossed your mind briefly before you dismissed it. It didn’t matter why CC made that his part of the bet, it just had to be done, and you were nervous but ecstatic at the same time.

You gave a look of mischief to Ashley before the guys dragged him to the couch and stood back. You approached him idly, trying desperately not to show your nerves. You were going to do this, and you would do it with pride.

Slowly you began to tease him, and you noticed the moment you did, his brown eyes darkened. As you got closer to him and got more into it, you felt your heart beating faster and faster. You kept eye contact with him the entire time, making sure he knew you were enjoying torturing him. He was clearly struggling to keep still, and it just drove you to love it more and more.

You don’t know how long it went on, but before long, you realized the guys weren’t paying attention anymore, and by this point, Ashley was stripping you with his eyes. You grabbed his hand and pulled him off the couch and scurried off to the bunks. You made sure to lock the door behind you, and when the click was heard, Ashley was attacking your neck.

Within seconds he found your sweet spot and bit down on it. You moaned and intertwined your fingers into his hair, tugging gently. He told you to jump and you did, wrapping your legs around his waist. He carried you to his bunk and laid you on the bed.

“Y/N, you have no idea how long I’ve wanted this.” He mumbled into your ear before nibbling on your ear.

“Mmmm, Ash, m-me too.” You moaned as his lips collided with yours, sloppily at first, but soon he familiarized his with yours.

He lifted your shirt over your head and flung it across the room. Soon, his pants went flying. You felt his hard member pressing against you as he started to leave hickeys down your neck. He found his way to your dark denim jeans and he undid the button eagerly before almost ripping them off you. He rubbed you through your soaked panties.

“Mmm, so wet for me already?” He ripped the thin fabric off, the sound of torn cloth startling you. He rubbed your clit, making you moan loudly. “Who made you this wet?” He rubbed harder and you moaned louder. “Hm, Y/N? Who made you this wet?”

“Y-you did.” You were gripping the bed sheets with all your might.

“Say my name, Y/N.”

“A-Ashley…” You moaned even louder as he slid two calloused fingers inside you.

“Again.” He demanded, pumping slowly, driving you crazy.


“Louder.” He started pumping faster.

“Ashley!” The knot in your stomach was growing tighter and you felt your climax wasn’t far away.

His lips connected with yours, forcing his tongue in you mouth, claiming dominance. You held tightly onto his shoulders, digging your nails into them. You arched your back and felt as ecstasy rushed over you. His fingers left you, and you whimpered at the lost contact. You wanted, no needed  more.

“Ashley, please.” You pleaded.

His breath was hot in your ear. “Please what?” He was taunting you, and you didn’t want to take it, you needed him inside you, and now.

“Fuck me, Ash, for the love of God, fuck me so hard I won’t walk for days!”

“As you wish.” He said as he pried his boxers off, letting his member spring free.

He slammed into  you, and you immediately gasped at his size. He didn’t let you adjust, he just kept slamming into you, making you scream his name. His palmed your breasts before taking a nipple in his mouth, playing with the other between his fingers.

You scratched so hard down his back your positive you drew blood, but you didn’t care. You were screaming his name so loud that you were sure the rest of the guys could hear, but you didn’t care. All you cared was that Ashley was fucking you mercilessly and you loved it.

You were clenching hard around him, feeling your second orgasm building faster and faster with each thrust.

“A-Ash, I-I’m gonna–”

“Hold it in, baby.” He grunted as he continued to slam in you, harder and deeper each time, hitting your spot every time. “Oh, baby, you’re so fucking tight.”

You couldn’t take much more, you needed to release. “A-Ash!” You exclaimed, lost for words.

“On three, baby. Fuck, you feel so good.” His thrusts were becoming sloppy with each word. “One, two, three!”

“FUUUUUUCCCKKK, AAASSSSHHHHHLLLEEEYYYYYY!” You screamed as you had the biggest orgasm you could ever remember, came crashing at you as you felt Ashely come hard inside you, filling you to the brim.

He rode out both of your highs before collapsing next to you. You curled up to him and started tracing his Outlaw tattoo that was laced with sweat, along with the rest of your bodies. That was easily the best sex you had ever had, and just wanted to go at it again.

“Y/N, I love you, and I have for a while.” Ashley said, barely panting anymore.

“I love you, too, Ash.” You said, smiling to yourself.

“I guess what I’m trying to ask, is…will you be my girlfriend?”

You looked up at him, filled with glee as you gazed into his eyes, “Of course.” You leaned up and kissed him, long and soft.

He pulled back breathless, and asked, “Round two?”

“Yes please.”