Pulling some strings (closed rp)

Thalia sat down on a log with a few Knights, watching a encampment fire burn bright. She finally got permission to leave the safety of her parents, but she had to travel war routes of her Dark heritage. She was the Princess of the Grey- where she walked, fog wood rise, as she was a being on the balance of both light and Dark. May she be swayed either way- she would turn deadly.

But for now- she was enjoying the fire with the troops. Giving morale to the remote outpost. Resting up for her trek to the trade post her parents set up to be the center of EVERYTHING.

Looking around, she noticed a few caravans that stopped for the night, quite a few travelers, some builders for the small inn that had rooms being added onto the structure itself.

So many people… And they stare at her.

They already know she no longer has eyes…


Gone.... For now.... (Closed Rp with angryrabbits-barkingtrolls)

*dovah has left, gone back to his homeland to settle a feud there and has left a note and an amulet, the note said that he has left for his homeland of Tamriel and to use the amulet to contact him whenever she wishes*

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