fic meme! tagged by @andthenisay many moons ago. this one was fun and shameful, a blend of sentiments that i find incredibly familiar.

Your three fanfics with the most comments:

I’m going only off of my AO3 account for this, because I’ve lost track of a lot of LiveJournal posts and never remember to update Fanfiction.Net (does anyone!!).

  1. Greatly Approved (Dragon Age, Hawke/Varric), which is sort of incomprehensibly popular considering that it is literally a crack fill for a kink meme prompt that I posted myself.
  2. Crucible (Mass Effect, Shepard/Vakarian) – pretty easily the project I remain the most invested in despite the lack of updates and the wildly varying quality!
  3. Your Last Serving Daughter (Dragon Age, Hawke/Varric), haha what even.

Your three fanfics with the most kudos:

  1. Greatly Approved
  2. The Moral of the Story (Dragon Age, Hawke/Varric), which is the first Hawke/Varric thing I wrote and in retrospect only okay, although I like the titles in this series!
  3. A Small Collaborative Effort (Dragon Age, Hawke/Varric), unrealistic kidfic that follows on the above and might be the only time I ever write Hawke spawning, because god save us.

Your oldest fanfic:

The earliest fic I remember posting was for Sailor Moon, and the earliest fic I have publicly posted under this name is from Tsubasa (Reservoir Chronicle, which is why the acronym TRC for the Stiefvater books still throws me), but my first story on AO3 is Your Sudden But Inevitable Betrayal, which is a Sheldon/Penny story written back when writing for that pairing was cool (I’m kidding guys, we all know it’s still as cool as it ever was).

Your latest fanfic:

Unposted would be a Luke/Mara AU that kicks off after the Thrawn Trilogy and looks at what the New Jedi Order would be if Mara had more of a hand in shaping it from the beginning (sort of, this is a bad explanation, it’s mostly about Luke and Mara arguing instead of making out!!). Posted would be Minutes from the Inaugural Meeting of the Fanclub, which is a Skip Beat fic I wrote for a holiday exchange.

Your proudest fanfic:


Your longest fanfic:

Depth Over Distance (Psych, Lassiter/O’Hara), which is about 90k with all the follow-ups. Writing for a pairing that approximately two other people ship was super, super freeing and gave me the courage I wouldn’t have had otherwise to attempt a more plot-driven story.

Your three fanfics with the most bookmarks:

  1. Greatly Approved
  2. Anyone Else But Me (MCU-ish, Tony/Steve), which I started prior to the first Avengers movie and then immediately abandoned in the aftermath when everyone and everything failed me and I turned to Sif/Loki as my movie ship of choice. This story was, quite literally, Jossed to death.
  3. Crooked Little (Dragon Age, Hawke/Varric), a DA2-era AU that made me want to stop writing Varric POV foreverrrrrr.

Your top three crossover fanfics:

I don’t tend to write a lot of crossovers anymore, but by kudos…

  1. No Going Home, which is one of the most embarrassingly incomprehensible things I have ever posted. It’s, uh, Star Trek AOS (are people still calling it that?) crossed with the Doom movie where McCoy is Reaper and Spock is a woman. Also, the Avengers are in it, because what I really wanted was to not only strain credulity but make cheese out of it.
  2. The Eccentric, Sherlock Holmes urban magic AU with Sif as Watson and Loki as Holmes. I am proud of this story and it might be the only thing I’ve written other than ‘Crucible’ that I am proud of and I stand by the decision to make Thor a politician because HE WOULD BE GREAT AT IT.
  3. Like the Rifle, Penny as Dean Winchester, Sheldon as Sam Winchester, just in case you didn’t know the full extent of my sordid history with BBT here it is, look upon my works, ye mighty, and despair.

Your favorite character to write in fanfics:

Marian Hawke how is this even a contest. 

fic meme.

I was tagged by @startswithhope! Thanks! :D :D :D

1. Your 3 fanfics with the most comments:

wring the water from wine. a fic about the Tom Hanks movie “Big,” written for yuletide, and then the comments were ported over from the old yuletide site, so idk, there’s like no hits and a bunch of comments ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Stranger Than Friction. BROADCHURCH HARDY/MILLER fic, oh my jesus how far we’ve come since the first half of this fic was posted, i don’t think i’ve ever been prouder of a group of people on the internet.

The Sum of Educated People, a Community Jeff/Britta fic, also written for Yuletide, why did I stop doing Yuletide it’s so rewarding?????

2. Your 3 fanfics with the most kudos:

Stranger Than Friction. again, literally just me and Barry Manilow singing LOOKS LIKE WE MADE IT

Lost in the Supermarket, my first Captain Swan fic! this fandom is gr8.

Career Opportunities (in the Christmas Season), my most recent Captain Swan fic! this fandom is still gr8! 

3. Your Oldest Fanfic:

It was a Caroline in the City/Seinfeld crossover, I was probably like, idk 13, and it’s lost to the internet somewhere. And then shortly after that, there are some X-Files fics kicking around Gossamer somewhere.

4. Your Latest Fanfic:

Career Opportunities (in the Christmas Season), captain swan.

5. Your Proudest Fanfic:

Gallifrey Records, a Ten/Rose rockstar AU, which actually probably swept a lot of these categories, except it’s mostly on Tumblr and got on AO3 much later, and also it’s my “proudest” in the sense that I’m “proud” I was able trick Allison into thinking I was a worthy co-writer for so long and I’m “proud” of the Earth that Allison exists on it.

6. Your Longest Fanfic:

Probably Gallifrey Records again, just because there’s so many stories, and Allison figured out that we’d written, like, three novels-worth or something, it was a lot!

But on my own AO3 tells me it’s A Praise Chorus, which is a Doctor Who late ‘90s/early ‘00s high school AU and like 32,000 words.

7. Your 3 fanfics with the most Bookmarks:

Lost in the Supermarket, ouat, captain swan AU.

Stranger Than Friction., broadchurch, hardy/miller.

A Praise Chorus, doctor who AU, ten/rose.

8. Your top 3 crossover fanfics:

Presumably that Caroline in the City/Seinfeld crossover is just crushing it somewhere. 

9. Your favourite character to write in fanfic:

I think AU versions of Ten, probably.

10. Tag some fanfic writers: @gallifreyburning @cyclogenesis @stoprobbersfic @andthenisay @lauraxxtennant @thebadddestwolf @abadplanwellexecuted @helplesslynerdy @oodlyenough @kelkat9 

andthenisay asked:


  • lowkey otp - daisy/jemma, bobbi/jemma, daisy/mack 
  • highkey notp - ward/simmons, get that shit out of my face. literally #1 notp on this show for me bc there are /some/ s*kyeward scenes i do enjoy “i’m gonna THROW UP” (legit. nothing personal is a religious experience) but ward/simmons is just ? can we not do this. he literally tortured her i mean. i have some dark ships too but like. can we not do this. BUT ALSO skyedaisy/ward, get that shit out of my face. ward/fitz, get that shit out of my face. fandom saying ward was trying to save fs by throwing them into the ocean/talking, fandom saying ward didn’t really torture jemma/talking. fandom saying shield is just as bad as hydra, or even worse than hydra/talking. 
  • [softly] don’t notp - coulson/daisy, coulson/jemma bc i’m sorry but i see him as a father figure for them i’m sorry i’m sorry I’M SORRY 
  • highkey otp but i’m scared of saying it because it’s not a very popular choice - fitz/daisy, romantically! also bobbi/mack, romantically too! may/andrew (noted: pre-andrew-throwing-bahrain-at-her-face)
  • highkey otp and anyone on my tumblr knows it - do i have to say it. fitz/simmons bffs who fell in love with each other who gave up their last breath for the other person who dragged the other person up 90 feet of water with one breath who constantly fight their way back to each other and literally nothing in the universe can separate them!!! fitz/simmons to the end of times till every bit of energy inside us every particle goes on to be a part of something else maybe live as a dragonfish, a microbe, maybe burn in a supernova - SORRY WHERE WAS I

@musicalheart168 tagged me a couple of weeks ago for this meme, which is the “TOP 5 SHIPS I WILL GO DOWN WITH” meme. i had to think so hard that my brain probably gave off steam, because like most human beings born in the eighties, i am steam-powered.

tagging @galfridian, @andthenisay, @skybound2, @miliabyntite, and @meggannn (if you guys are interested!).

1. Carol/Rhodey (Marvel)

This one really snuck up on me – I’ve historically been more into Carol/Jess as my Carol pairing of choice, but when Kelly Sue DeConnick decided to use Rhodey as Carol’s love interest in her second run, I boarded that ship within one issue, hauled the loading ramp up behind me, and set it on fire. I guess I tend to like partnerships and battle couples (as TV Tropes puts it: “Where ‘war buddy’ and 'significant other’ are synonyms”, which is why my sixth entry on this list would be Mustang/Hawkeye and my seventh Sif/Loki), and they certainly are that. 

They share a history of military service and a love of flying, and they’re both irreverent and supremely competent characters who sometimes shoot themselves in the feet and who probably spend a lot of time arguing over which Terminator movie is the best. Sadly, there is not a lot of content for them, either in canon or in fandom, but I remain ever vigilant.

2. Lassiter/O’Hara (Psych)

hello darkness my old friiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeend

I don’t even like the show that much. OR DO I. No, I don’t. Why did these two never make out with their faces? The world may never know.

3. Luke/Mara (Star Wars)

My longest-term flame on this list, although I sincerely thought I was done with the pairing after Mara was killed off c. 2007. Surprise!

I like that they’re canonically bonded through the Force, sure, but what I like more is that they’re such unlikely partners for each other. Mara was raised as the Emperor’s acolyte and has never entirely rid herself of nostalgia for Palpatine’s Empire; Luke and his Jedi Order are everything Mara resists wanting. Despite that, they make a pretty great team – even right after they first meet, Mara moves from “must kill Skywalker” to “need help, must recruit Skywalker” fast enough to give you whiplash, and Luke starts off impressed by her competence and determination, and his esteem for her only grows after that.

I also like characters with a strong sense of duty, and devotion to service is an intense quality in both of them. They’re both out there Doing Things, and sometimes they Do Things together, and it’s GREAT when they team up but equally interesting to me when they’re each off pursuing their own ends.

4. Hawke/Varric (Dragon Age)

I was sort of half-heartedly interested in Hawke/Varric in the wake of DA2, and then Inquisition came out, and now here we are. It’s worth noting that I ship a pretty specific iteration of Hawke with Varric (female, mage, purple personality, default appearance) when I write, which is mostly because I like the places I can go in fic with a mage Hawke and because purple Hawke and Varric play off each other so beautifully, but there’s a lot of potential between them regardless of which Hawke is your Hawke. 

I like the loyalty; I like the banter; I like that both of them are deeply fucked-up and deeply caring people who pretend to be neither. There’s definitely an element of tragedy to their situation, too, which is fun to either subvert or reinforce. 

5. Shepard/Vakarian (Mass Effect)

Has pretty much everything: banter, loyalty, sharpshooters, lady space marines, aliens who think they’re Batman, partnership, overwhelming odds, true love, and high adventure. The cap above is from their first meeting in months after Shepard had been court-martialed and Garrus had shipped off to run a private turian war against eldritch space abominations; they stop in the middle of the battlefield, clasp hands, and get right back to business.

The weird thing is that there’s actually a lot of moments in the in-game romantic storyline that make me cringe – Shepard first hitting on Garrus in ME2, for example, and some of Garrus’s lines in ME3. I don’t see it as a sappy relationship, and I don’t see this as a happily-ever-after-with-babies pairing despite some light banter between them about kids. What I live for are the other times: Garrus’s wisecracks in the middle of a firefight, Shepard being so thrilled to have him at her back again after Cerberus, their shared understanding of the darkness war breeds in the people who fight it, and how they work together as strategists and leaders.