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‘’For The Memories’’

Bucky Barnes one-shot.

Warnings: None.


It wasn’t much common on SHIELD to have a week off missions, even less common working in The Avengers. But, instead of questioning how was that happening, the rest of the team and I took advantage to enjoy the free time given into doing our favourite things. It was the sixth day, and I had been able to gain more sleep hours, get a full training to practise on my skills again, and still have time to myself.

It was a nice evening, and I was enjoying a peaceful conversation, sitting in the living room couch with Natasha about one of my childhood traumas.

-So, ¿you hit yourself with the glass door? -she repeated, not being abe to contain her laugh.

-Yeah, but c'mon Nat. I was only 7 years old. I was a child!- you defended yourself.

-How come you didn’t see a big-ass glass door in your way!?- she kept laughing, enjoying this conversation. Steve and Bucky stood across the room, the blonde drawing in a paper, while the dark-haired man read a book. They looked up to the both of you, Steve shushing you.

-Okay, just hear me out. I had broken my mum’s favourite jar, and I panicked! What else could I do!? She gave me that mum look that says “You’re in a deep shit, hun.” So-

-Language. - Steve whispered loudly.

-my first instinct was to turn around and run away from the beast! -you ignored Steve, while Natasha broke into laugh one more time.

-And you still didn’t see the door.-she stated.

-Of course not! I wasn’t paying attention to where I was running towards, I was more worried about losing my ability to walk if my mum’s hands caught me.

You heard a slight chuckle from the soldier, who didn’t took his eyes off the book.

-But did you hurt yourself? -Nat wanted to know.

-Oh, I did hurt myself. I smashed a glass-door into pieces with my head. I had a 3 inch cut bleeding in my forehead. Fortunately, I lived near a hospital, we made it there quickly.-you finished. Nat didn’t laugh at your fact, but she smiled at you warmly, like your mum used to do whenever you’d do something to make her proud.

-Agent Y/L/N, your presence is required by the director Fury, in the meeting room, along with Agent Romanoff and Agent Barnes. - FRIDAY announced out of nowhere.

You looked at Nat, then at Bucky. You just shrugged your shoulders, and got up, walking towards the elevator to take you to the right floor. The whole walk there was made in silence, as it was clearly that Nat was pretty uncomfortable near Bucky, and she wouldn’t aknowledge him if she could avoid it.

-Agents, take your sits. -Nick Fury said, once you all got inside the room. Tony was there too, looking through something on the computer.

-CCTV cameras just registered a suspicious group of man, driving along the same area for two straight hours. It was just an hour ago that they dissapeared from the cameras, walking inside an abandonated buiding, and we registered a technology device highly protected with them. We know they aren’t just any armed robbers, since it happens to be the same place where last month’s mission, in charge of Agent Romanoff, failed due to a system hack trap and we cancelled it. -Fury explained. - Agent Romanoff, your job is to identify the member’s identity, their record and every piece of information that may be relevant to us. But first, there intervines Agent Y/L/N. Your job will be entering the camera system, since the agency wouldn’t allow us to be in their control, and watch every move around the building in the last three ours, get the best visual image of these people and send it to Natasha, she’ll start working on them.

-But you don’t finish there. You localize the device and hack the system anonymously, and record everything they do with it. Agent Hill believes this group may be passing illegal information to an Hydra base about SHIELD agents. You dowload every file, every document you can find on their system, and once done, you’ll install a virus on the device, shutting down their system and making it unuseful to them, deleting everything from their technological record. Finally, make sure you record through the cameras when they walk out of the building.

Fury nodded to you, Natasha standing up leaving, ready to work.

-What do I do, director? -Bucky asked. You waited for Nick’s answer.

-Well, before sending you on outdoors missions, first you’ll get to experience the indoors ones. This is a great opportunity, so you’ll keep Y/L/M in company. Now, don’t waste your time.


Bucky and you went towards the elevator, and you guided him towards one of the laboratories, full of technology supplies.

-Get comfortable, this will take a while. -you smiled towards Bucky, who sat on the chair next to you. You had befrinded with Bucky sometime after he arrived to the tower, helping Steve with his rehabilitation. Bucky wouldn’t show it, but he had gotten attached to your presence, he felt comfortable.

-I don’t mind. I’ll watch with excitement. -he commented, behind you while you started typing on the computers. It took you around 10 minutes to get every camera to work, and prepare yourself to be wary to every screen you had in front of yoursef.

-You know, I could use some of your help. - you stated, smirking. He looked at you confused. - You can also look for any suspicious behaviour on the cameras. And tell me if anything happens.

He nodded, getting closer to the machines. You got up and took your phone, dialing a number.

-Is that going to help you with aything? -Bucky asked, watching every one of your movements.

-This is the most important part of the mission. -you said, as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

-What are you doing, then? - he asked, curiously.

-Ordering a pizza.

-You what? -he repeated, making you say it again.

-Bucky, we’re gonna be in here for a good 4-5 hours! We need some food. O else I might die in the middle of the process.


-Hey Buck. -you said, while taking a slice of pizza.

-What? -he asked, taking a bite from his slice.

-Let’s talk about something. -you said, resting your feet crossed in the table and resting your laptop in your legs.

-Aren’t you supposed to do a million of things at the same time, like in one simple device? And you want to talk? Shouldn’t you be hacking that system? -he asked, taking his eyes off the cameras.

-Yeah, it’s done. I’m waiting for the documents to download so I can keep going. -you explained, him nodding to let you know that he heard you.

-Have you seen Harry Potter? -you suddenly asked. He smiled, knowing how much of a fun you were.

-Yeah, Steve made me watch the first three movies the other day. They were really coo-

-You watched Harry Potter and you didn’t invite me. How nice of you, Barnes. -you acted offended, making him smile. - At least, you’ll agree that Gryffindor is the best house.

-I think you fit more into Ravenclaw. -he commented. - But yeah, Gryffindor is great.

You put your fist up, signalling for him to hit it with his. He pushed his fist with yours, and tried to hide the huge grin that came to his face, lowering his face.


-Bucky, go to sleep, it’s my mission. I’ll stay looking at the cameras.-you mumbled, feeling your eyes heavy.

-Don’t worry about me, y/n. I’m fine. -he said softly, his voice making you want to fall asleep.

-We’ve been here 4 hours, you must be tired. Get some rest. -you touched his arm, smiling at him while turning to type some stuff at the keyboard, amplyfying an image.

-Wake me up if, you know…-he started. “If I get nightmares” you finished his sentence in your head.

-I will, trust me. Now, get some rest. -you told him, smiling at him, while he positioned himself comfortably in his chair, next to yours.

It was less that 20 minutes, when Buck, started to let painful whimpers and weird sounds. At any other occasion, you would have laughed, but this time was serious. He was having a nightmare. Before it could get worse to the point where he could lose his control, you  decided to wake him up.

Taking his hand in yours, you started tapping on his shoulder, calling his name.

-I said I’d wake you up if you had one of your nightmares…-you whisperd to him, once he opened his eyes, moving his head to look around the room.

-Thank you. -he hold onto your hand tightly, not letting go. - Are you done with this mission?

-No. Those people still have to get out of the room, I’m still looking for any signs in the cameras. -you mumbled, trying to keep your eyes open.

-I think you’re the one that needs to get some rest. Sleep a little bit, I can look at the cameras. -Bucky said. You looked at him unsure, this was your mission, not his. -I’ll wake you up if I see anything happening. -he said softly. You didn’t think twice, and getting closer to him, you rested your head in between his neck and his shoulder, a peaceful feeling heading over you.


Tony entered the room, telling something about the mission being completed and helping him to fix something in his new suit. He stopped talking when someone shushed him agressively, and looking up from his phone, he saw you cuddled up under Bucky’s arm, sleeping like an angel.

-Oh, what do we have in here? -Tony smirked.

-Shut the hell up, Stark, you’ll wake her up. - Bucky warned him, his hand drawing little circles on your tummy.

-Don’t worry, Winter. Wouldn’t want to ruin this moment. -Tony whispered loudly. Bucky noticed a flash out of nowhere, and his first instict was to hide your face with his hand, pulling you closer to him.

-Tony, get out. -he urged, noticing how your body was becoming  counscious again.

-Ugh, okay party-pooper. You’ll thank me for this picture once you’re both living together, reminiscing the memories.- he said.

-That won’t happen.- Bucky pretended that to sound cold, but his voice was soft and quiet. He knew, on the inside, he wanted that to happen.

-Just wait and see.- Tony said. -And you better tell y/n to get to my laboratory once she wakes up. -Tony reminded him before getting out of the room.

Bucky just rolled his eyes, snuggling into you, enjoying the moment.

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