ARTISTS BEWARE [the short version]

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Avoid collaborations with dubious monetized YouTube channel GeekyComTV

I’ve held my tongue about this channel for almost a month and I can’t frickin’ do it anymore. This is a call out post.

To make a long story short, this user has been posting videos for over a year now, using miraculous art. Although in some cases he has asked permission to repost, he began monetizing [making money off of] his videos at some point without notifying any of the artists.

None of the artists agreed to monetization.

@maristoryart is only one of many artists that reported him upon finding the monetization, but for some reason, Geeky has focused on her as the reason his channel is being reported [for a second time at least, since this isn’t the first account he has lost]…

GeekyComTV’s creator has resorted to blackmail, to defamation, to actual threats, and finally to identity theft, in an attempt to bully mari and others into complying with his wishes.

It’s gross and it is NOT okay.

[^^^ just 20 of the 200+ videos being monetized]

[WHY? part 2: the long version]
And now the entire thing. Strap in and get ready to get real damn mad…

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I feel so terrible! I sent a date idea and forgot to mention kissing and now you've gone and morphed into TT and I'm dead... I'm just glad I have tumblr in the afterlife

((OOC: Hm. That is a problem. Luckily, I, TT Bret, AKA @asktheboywholived, AKA #ATBWL, give excellent advice! Sooo…

OOC: I mean, when all else fails, just play The Chicken Dance and tell @sirussly that she’s really short. TT OUT.))

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Do you ever sit out in the sun for like 5 minutes and start to basically feel like a piece of bacon sizzling?

Well, I don’t sit out in the sun if I can avoid it; some of the medications I’m on make me RIDICULOUSLY sensitive to sunlight. But the “piece of bacon sizzling” description? Let me put it this way: If I am out in the sun without sunblock, I break out in hives.

Someday I’ll get the fun side effects of vampirism, like mind control and eternal life. These allergies to garlic and sunlight things? Tedious. So tedious.

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Me, quickly saving all the art on here:

im glad you enjoy it, and just to say: im not going to delete anything just yet! and when i do restart, i will probably reupload the things i liked most to my art blog.
but i really dont like 80% of the art ive put out here. it’s just not done as well as i want. the stuff here really is not worth saving! ❤


cheritz said 11 days of pleasurable new content for v’s route

v is in ‘another story’, separated from casual and deep. he’s the only person in his section. 

usually the first four days are the common route, since you get multiple people to choose from. but since v is on his own…

we might be looking at 11 days of pure new content. think of everything that can be shoved into those first four days. i fully expect v’s route to be full of drama, tension, shitposts, and explosions. jumin, please leave seven’s babies alone 

Kaminari's Voice in BNHA S1
Kaminari's Voice in BNHA S1

HERE U GO…….A Denki Voice Compilation YEET!!

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