5SOS Preference - Your Brother Is Famous.

Calum: “How could you not tell me!” Calum asked rushing around the house. “I didn’t think it was a big deal.” You said giggling as he started cleaning, Calum knew your brother was coming round but he had no idea who your brother was until he asked you to tell him. You showed him a picture and since then he was rushing around. “No big deal?! Your Brother is Alex Gaskarth!” You giggled and the door bell rang. “Calum hunny it isn’t a big deal trust me he loves you and your band.” You answered the door and hugged your brother. “Calum’s nervous.” You said rolling your eyes causing Alext to Chuckle. “We’ve met before Cal it’s no biggy.” You grinned and went to the kitchen leaving them alone. The last thing you heard was Calum say “That was before I knew you were the brother of the girl I am in love with.” 

Ashton: “Ashton come on we’re going to be late!” You yelled to Ashton who was still in the car, he got out. “Why are we at a concert I thought you were going to see your brother.” You nodded. “I am.” He nodded thinking you were on about a crew member. You saw your brother Pete and rushed over to him jumping into his arms and hugging him tightly. “Your brother is Pete Wentz?!” Ashton asked as you got down. You nodded. “Did I leave that bit out?” He laughed and Ashton and Pete shook hands. “So you’re the one Y/N Never stops texting me about.” You blushed rolling your eyes. 

Luke: You had dragged Luke to a little meet up your brother was holding, Luke had no idea he thought it was for a youtuber you loved, which it was but the youtuber was your older brother Sean, also known as Jacksepticeye. “Sean?!” You yelled over the crowd, they all split and you ran over to him hugging him and telling him how much you missed him. “Luke this is my brother-”  “ Seán McLoughlin” Luke finished before you did, they both shook hands. “It;s great to meet you.” They said at the same time causing  them to both burst into laughter. 

Michael: You were taking Michael to meet your family today as it was your mums birthday, you were having a huge family get together BBQ, Your brother who lived in LA was coming down as well, you walked into the back garden with a nervous Michael, You didn’t want to make him more nervous by telling him your brother was his favorite youtuber Markiplier. You just waited until he turned up to see the look on Mikey’s face. “Babe?”  He asked, you turned to him. “Yes sweetie?” He smirked knowing you had done this on purpose. “Why didn’t you tell me?” He whispered as Mark walked over. “Hi I’m Mark, you must be Michael, I’ve heard good things about you.”