poke-josh-achu asked:

Do you watch Arthur on the daily? If so, how much? You beautiful creature of my favorite blog

Let me give you a little view in on the daily life of aisforarthur

1) 6:30am - wake the fuck up
2) go jogging/sprinting with my 3 german shepherds
3) eat breakfast like a champ
4) kick ur dads ass
5) watch Arthur while I barbecue chicken (can’t have too much red meat)
6) watch Arthur while I donate to charities
7) watch Arthur while I tame wild tigers and befriend them
8) name all the tigers “Hobbes”
9) talk to Obama on phone, discuss foreign policy and sports
10) hang out with andhaveacupcake, bisforbinky, and sleepingdonny
11) go to sleep
12) wake up about every 2 hours to do 1,000 push ups

anonymous asked:

Dr. DW, How can I maintain a successful, happy relationship?

Dear Anonymous,

Look at aisforarthur and his girlfriend of 3 years, andhaveacupcake. They’re in a great relationship. They play video games together, they get interested in each others interests, and if they argue, they make sure to make up by watching Mary Moo Cow.

Doctor DW