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Name: Kiami

Nickname: Kiami is technically a nickname

Birthday: November 11

Star Sign: Scorpio

Gender: female

Height: 5′3 ?? I think

Sexual Orientation: demisexual

Favorite Color: BLUE

Time right now: 12:39

Average Amount of Sleep: ??????????????????????????????

Lucky Number: 11 or 3

Last thing I Googled: roxas concept art/renders

Word that comes to mind: cat

Happy Place: Liam’s room probably

Celebrity Crush: I don’t think I have one

Favorite Book: Uhhhh, Harry Potter is pretty cool

Favorite Band/Artist: La Dispute

Last film I watched: Inside Out

Dream Trip: JAPAN. (i leave in 3 days oh my god i’m screaming)

Dream Job: graphic artist or something

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So I’ve been thinking hard.

I know I’ve fallen through on some stuff and I’ve kind of disappointed myself, but I just wanted to thank everyone for continuing to support through my down phases. They happen more often than I would hope, but I’m still on this journey for the long haul. This is my life, this is my health - I refuse to become completely inactive again.

Hopefully my Mojo will come back again soon, but until then thank you guys for sticking with me!


Acropolis - from the air

Video by George Kyriakakis and Eliot Savvas