Haleth became the Chieftain of the Haladin after her father and twin brother were slain under orcish siege. She was the one who held her people together, and after their rescue departed from Thargelion, refusing alliance with Caranthir. After a time living in Estolad, she led her people westward again, and travelled through Nan Dungortheb into the forest of Brethil where her folk settled. She was renowned as a woman of great heart and strength who enjoyed fierce loyalty from her people, and from the bodyguard of women who were her companions. 

Arrowverse vs Spartacus!

So When I first watched Arrow I was very excited to see Manu Bennett who plays Grixus in Spartacus and thought, no wonder Oliver is so tough hanging out with the underfeated Gaul!

His character evolved into Slade Wilson and is a big part of Arrow.

Then i saw that Nick Tarabay was in Arrow as Captain Boomerang!

Who I knew as the despicable Ashur!

It wasn’t until I re watched the show that I noticed that Liam Mcintyre who is Weather Wizard on Flash was also Spartacus!

Next it turns out that Naevia actress Cynthia Addai-robinson was also Amanda Waller!

Also the beautiful Mira is played by Katrina Law who is now Nyssa al Ghul!

Lastley the barely clothed Ceaser who is played by Todd Lansance also played The Rival on Flash!

The link being that when Andy Whitfield sadley passed away of cancer between season they needed to re cast their lead and find a new Spartacus. The role went to Liam Mcintyre but one Stephen Amell went to adution where he befreinded Manu Bennett, who clearly has been inviting his Spartacus co stars over to the Arrowverse. Now I just need Dustin Clare, Dan Feuerriegel, Pana Hema Taylor and Ellen Hollman to get roles and my cross over dreams will come true!


LOTR Ladies Ethnic-Bending Fancast

Lothiriel - Zhu Zhu

Eowyn - Cynthia Addai Robinson

Arwen - Tina Desai

Tauriel - Patricia Velasquez

Galadriel - Chipo Chung


It’s interesting once you see a pattern arise in your work as far as how people might perceive you or where your strengths lie. I’m not sure how I landed in these government roles, I’ve been very fortunate and all of these characters, they’ve all been different in their own way. I like the idea I get to be my own fully-formed woman and fully-formed character and it’s not necessarily about being depended on a man.