other red flags to look for in a psychiatrist

-they run a content thieving horror blog full of stories about “psychos” and are not actually a psychiatrist

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Why is Patton so pure and innocent?

He represents my morality and inner child! Haha he’s not capable of much cynicism or ego! Very Winnie the Pooh-esque! Lol or Spongebob, maybe hahah

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a bizarre (yet not surprising when you think about it) consequence of white privilege is white murderers having fucking fangirls. even before the literal hell we have on this bad website that is columbiners and dylann roof groupies, white male serial killers like ted bundy and charles manson have had fangirls who wrote to them and overall treated them like they were rock stars and not convicted killers. they do this not just because they find the killers “interesting”, but because they hold similar negative views as the killer, or because the killer is the “bad boy” archetype and they think they as a woman can “change” the killer into a better person (which is also the result of low self esteem and severe internalized misogyny). it’s also a very interesting that while white killers get this attention, black and latino men (who are disproportionately imprisoned and executed) do not receive any attention like this. obviously i don’t think they should, but the fact that they don’t while white killers do speaks volumes about how pervasive the notion of white supremacy is in our culture

ok i’m 90% sure sixpenceee has bots or other accounts she made doing this shit because they’re all deactivated and the messages are so blatantly self promoting and unnatural

this is so funny asdgkdjfffdg