People seem to be confused by this, so maybe I should elaborate haha.

It’s part of the Supernatural AU cooking in my head, same AU I drew Samantha and Deanna for.

Meet Cassidy Novak, a devout Catholic and a senior at her private school, who runs away from home after discovering the darker side of her family. The Winchesters end up taking her in, more or less.

Meged Masters (though he prefers Meg) is the street savvy son of Azalea, a high-ranking member of the criminal organization “Knights of Hell.” He idolizes the boss, Lucia, and builds his life around Lucia’s cause. 

Meg and Cass meet when Lucia brings Cass in to persuade her into joining the Knights of Hell. Spoilers: Meg flirts a lot and they end up liking each other.

Dreaming of the Beatles! Flower-Boy Band Royal Pirates

The “Royal Pirates” perfectly fill the requirements of being a flower-boy band. With an average height of 182cm, the three members are so good looking it seems they’ve stepped right off the pages of a manhwa. They’ve even got superior skills in lyricism and composing. After so long, it’s nice to see a skilled band with “virtue.”

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"So, Clarke, have you ever been in love?"

"So, Clarke, have you ever been in love?"

"Really, Bellamy? This isn’t the time or place for talking about stuff like that." 

"Humor the dying man."

"Stop being over dramatic, you ass."

The acid fog had come out of nowhere during yet another Grounder attack and Clarke and Bellamy had barely found shelter in a hollowed tree base due to the arrow lodged in Bellamy’s thigh.

Clarke tightened her grip on the arrow and Bellamy’s breath hitched. 


"I was born ready, Prince- FUCK." Bellamy gritted his teeth against the pain as Clarke swiftly went about to treating the wound and patching him up. Once it was all over Clarke ghosted her fingers over the cloth bandages. 

"There. As good as it’ll get."

Bellamy slumped his body against hers in exhaustion (with the limited space they had leaning against Clarke was a much more desirable option than the rough tree bark). “Thank you.”

Clarke smiled in response and placed her hand above his knee. “Of course.” 

A few minutes of silence passed by, each of them lost in their own thoughts.

"You never did answer my question."

"Which was…?

"If you’ve ever been in love."

Bellamy gave her a cheeky grin and Clarke rolled her eyes. “That answer should be obvious, Bellamy.”

"And like I said, humor me." 

And humor him she did. Clarke tilted her head and placed a firm yet chaste kiss on his lips. 

"Yes. I have been in love, and am in love, and will be in love with the same ridiculous person," she murmured after pulling away only a mere few millimeters. 

She could feel Bellamy’s lips curve into a smile.


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