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If you don't mind, could I please get some hcs for a Reader/Junkrat friendship?? Just like what sort of stuff they'd do hanging out, having fun, etc. I'd really appreciate it!! Love the blog btw!!

They would relax on the couch together, Jamie wrapped completely around them and resting his chin on top of their head, and he’d tell them stories of crazy shit that happened in the Outback and Junkertown. Mainly, he’d want to watch Mad Max, and if he wants to get out of the house, take him to the zoo, or aquarium! He absolutely loves the aquarium, thinks it’s the best thing in the world, and will be like a little kid the entire time.

He also invites them to weird ass chemistry things bc believe it or not the garbage mouse knows a lot about chemistry. you have to if you make bombs.

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Kiss headcannons for McCree, Junkrat, and Mei?


McCree always seems like he’s desperate when he kisses you. You never really know why, he just always kisses you like it’s the last time he’ll see you.

Junkrat’s used to sex- quick romps in the Outback were nothing new. Kissing is a different story. He’s clumsy- too rough, too much teeth. Always full of passion, though. He’ll leave you breathless- and with a /little/ bit of slobber on you. He tries.

Mei kisses you sweetly. Never too hard, never too soft. She’s always a bit playful, though. Either not staying long enough, or teasing your mouth a bit before going in for the actual kiss.

Tasting things

//Random Headcanon no one asked for: Junkrat’s sense of taste is a little lacking most of the time, because he is perpetually burning his tongue. The guy has zero patience, and has no problems with being burned; so he doesn’t give his food anytime to cool. He also has a tendency to scarf down meals pretty quickly due to his time in the Outback. You never knew when your next meal was going to be, or who/what might try to take it from you. At least not being able to taste too much was actually beneficial while in the Outback. Couldn’t afford to be picky.

Raising ‘Roos in the Australian Outback with @thekangaroosanctuary

For more Kangaroo facts and fun, follow @thekangaroosanctuary on Instagram.

What’s life like for a young joey at the Kangaroo Sanctuary (@thekangaroosanctuary)? “You’ve got to imitate mom’s pouch. For a little orphaned kangaroo, we put him in a pillowcase, and we carry him around by holding him to our stomachs, so he can feel our breathing and the warmth of our bodies,” says Christopher “Brolga” Barns, who spent a decade as a zookeeper before establishing 200 acres (81 hectares) of bushland in Alice Springs for raising and rehabilitating kangaroos, earning himself the nickname Kangaroo Dundee. “It’s a very common animal in Australia, and we take it for granted. So I wanted to set up a place that celebrates the animal.” Brolga leads tours of the sanctuary — which many visitors are surprised to learn don’t begin until sunset. “A lot of people are unaware that they’re actually a nocturnal animal,” he explains. Despite his love for raising ‘roos, Brolga’s overarching mission is to promote a natural coexistence. “It is really a lifelong dream to be able to have wild animals in your care, and to watch them grow up; and then one day, if everything goes well, watch them run off into the sunset and live a wild life.”

I like to believe Junkrat loves Disney movies as an adult, having never been able to enjoy them as a child. Some of his favorites include:

Great Mouse Detective. Sometimes he can be randomly heard singing Rattigan’s song, but with slightly altered lyrics. 

Lion King. Let’s face it he and Roadhog are Timon and Puma.

Beauty and the Beast. Drawn your own conclusions.

The Rescuers Down Under. Seeing the Outback not portrayed as a dying wasteland makes him wistful.

The Tinkerbell/ Disney Fairies series of movies. Don’t judge, there’s a lot of good character development, and …. just shut up.

Junkrat always ends up watching these movies with D.Va and Lucio, because for some reason Rodahog always excuses himself the moment the movie starts. Rat just figures Hog doesn’t like kid stuff, but that doesn’t explain why Hog always seems kind of upset when he leaves.

Accidentally AUsome

Too often it is that we forget the little things that make places in the world unique and irreplaceable. Take Australia Rock at Narooma for example. Having virtually nothing to do with the Australian Outback, the Great Barrier Reef, or Uluru; Australia Rock contributes to Australia’s story in a much different way. It doesn’t take much effort to notice that the carving in the rock looks oddly similar to the shape of the country from down under. Even odder it is that the rock is located in the Australian town of Narooma, located in New South Wales roughly 240 km (≈155 miles) south of Sydney.

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I don’t know why but I like the idea of Junkrat having crush’s on people, but not thinking he’s good enough to be with them. Like Lucio is handsome, fit, with beautiful skin that’s smooth and untarnished and hair that’s just perfect and well kept and hes fashionable, can read/write, musical sensation at 26, and lead a rebellion against a corrupt an evil company.

And Junkrat just gets into these Headspace’s where he knows everyone’s standards are so much higher then in the outback. He can compare himself to others now and he doesn’t like what he sees cause their all so beautiful and hes trash. And anyone could find someone better then him, anyone would be better then him.