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since merle is a beach dwarf, like surely it makes most sense for him to be dark skinned???? like Polynesian, or Hawaiian?

honestly? i think any of the thb could be dark skinned regardless of whether or not it makes sense. no rules, just right, outback steakhouse

so far my day has consisted of: me explaining the plot of westworld to a bunch of adults over bud lights at an Outback Steakhouse at 11:30am

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i slur some of my words because its easier but its not WIDELY common, it can depend on the state. if its more outback or rural

nice B) scrap is from the outback so like, if you were to write a sentence how would you write it? like, just any old common sentence. 

  • Sniper: *has a bed with a mattress and everything available to him*
  • Sniper: *sleeps in a rock pile*
  • Sniper: *sleeps in the rafters*
  • Sniper: *sleeps in the air vent*
  • Sniper: *sleeps in the corner*
  • Sniper: *sleeps in a window*
  • Sniper: *sleeps in a cardboard box*
  • Sniper: *sleeps in a wooden shipping crate*
  • Sniper: *sleeps on top of van*
  • Sniper: *sleeps in hallway on the floor*
  • Sniper: *sleeps in the kitchen counter*
  • Sniper: *sleeps on ground ten feet from room*
  • Sniper: *falls asleep literally anywhere but in a bed*