17th April ~ 12:15

English essay planning & finishing off holiday homework this morning. I’ve started doing that thing where you plan each day on post-its? We’ll see how it goes. Also I’m running low on post-its.


Milky way over Uluru, Australia

“The Refuge of the Scorpion” which is located high above the Val Verzasca in Ticino, Switzerland

Submitted by Laurent de Senarclens

It used to be a shelter for shepherds but now it is mostly used by climber who go for an ascent of the Poncione d'Alnasca. It might look very rustic here but it is actually pretty comfortable as climbers have brought lot of sleeping and cooking material over the years. 


Solitary tree and rainstorms over the Australian Outback

When you must abstain from red meats for the time being because of your gout but the new Outback Steakhouse across from the Palais de Justice is having a 25% OFF SALE for BISHOPS AND ARCHDEACONS