Actor, James Woods, once sat on a “practice flight” for the 9/11 attacks, one month before it happened. He immediately contacted the FBI when his LA bound flight landed, after he witnessed four men matching the terrorists’ descriptions hovering close to pilots cabin and acting suspiciously. Nobody believed him.


Kate: Any reason why your two front teeth have been missing for the last year?

Julia: Mommy said it’s because the tooth fairy is coming late because he’s behind schedule. 

Kate: There is no tooth fairy. 

Julia: If there is no tooth fairy then there is no study god like you say.

Kate: *gasp* Take that back! Mommy said it’s real! 

Julia: There is no study god, bad grades for you! 

Kate: I’m telling!

Okay - but for real this time. The end of @tpthvegebulsmutfest, closing out with the final bonus prompt, Fantasy.
And, look, I’m all for sexual fantasies, but I am such a huge High Fantasy nerd. This is my genre, and the opportunity to get some High Fantasy V/B action was too good to resist. This is my jammie jams!

I’m kind of in love with how this turned out, and if anyone wanted to write a fic for this AU, I would probably pass out from joy.

Also, [shameless self promotion] even though this is the end of the smutfest, I still make lots of V/B art, comics, doodles, etc, as well as stuff for my other fandoms so stick around! Message me! Be my friend!  

Sneaky and Meteos interview after the P1 vs. C9 match - Week 5, Day 3

“you’ve got Sneaky here to your right, of course you guys have been together for years, basically, uh..”

“Together” *stupid cheeky smile* 

Sneaky just giggling in the back

this is my favourite thing in the entire world; these two together just make my day 100% better