Who taught Garrus to dance the tango? (Citadel DLC, Shakarian)

You know, I’m about 99% sure it was James Vega. Why else would James be at the same bar at that time when Garrus and FemShep are dancing?

Vega and Garrus practicing steps in the cargo bay, with Cortez trying not to die laughing.

“Hey, Esteban, how ‘bout you step in for a turn or two?”

“You know I can’t tango, Mister Vega.”

“You say you can’t. C’mon, if I can teach Garrus, I can teach you.”

And everyone trying to avoid stepping on KEI-9 in the process. Poor Robodog.

The Hotel Room

Anonymous Submitted:

This happened when I was about seven years old.
During the summer, my family decided to vacation to Vietnam to visit relatives for a month. While there, they decided to stay in a four star hotel where my parents got a separate room from my brother and I.
The hotel room that we were staying in was located on the third floor or so, and the door was lined up against a wall with a bunch of other hotel rooms. At the very end of the hall, however, there was one door that was adjacent to all the other hotel rooms, and had no number printed on the front. I thought it was strange, but didn’t think much of it.
As my brother and I entered our hotel room, we found that there were two beds, a balcony, and a bathroom, along with other electronics. My brother went into the bathroom to shower after our long day of traveling, and I laid in my bed, which was closest to the bathroom, trying to get some sleep. After a few minutes, I heard my brother’s voice next to me saying, “hey, hey”, over and over, not waiting for a response. Thinking he was just trying to be annoying, I opened my eyes, and froze. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see a figure laying in his bed, but it wasn’t just a normal person. I distinctly remember a completely red body, as if the person had been skinned, with a grin on their face, and I distinctly remember what that thing said when I opened my eyes: “are you awake?”
I nearly fell out of my bed and slammed against the bathroom door, screaming at my brother to get out. When he opened the door, after a good five minutes of me screaming and shouting, he asked what happened. After explaining the situation to him, he seemed to think nothing of it. I’ve never encountered anything like that before, so my naive mind eventually brushed it off.
The next night, my brother was laying in his bed watching T.V, and I stood out on the balcony, looking out at the city lights. I could hear giggling behind me, but I just thought it was the T.V, until it got closer and closer to my ears, as if whoever was laughing had their face centimeters from the back of my head. Freaked out again, I went inside, but decided to keep it to myself.
The next day, we spent out time in the hotel room as my parents went out by themselves and, being young, we had no desire to go anywhere. My brother and I were joking around so I pushed him outside of the hotel room and locked the door on him. He kept knocked on the door, laughing and telling me to let him back in, which I of course protested to. Then he stopped knocking. Thinking he was messing with me, I called out to him. He slammed on the door and began screaming, “let me in, please! Just open the fucking door!” Shocked, I quickly unlocked the door and he nearly fell in, fumbling to shut the door and lock it behind him. He was obviously shaken and was breathing as if he just ran a mile. When I asked him what happened, he said someone came out of the numberless door at the end of the wall and was coming towards him with a knife in hand.
My parents eventually decided to move us all to a different hotel.
To this day, I have no idea what happened in that hotel or hotel room, and to be honest, I don’t think I want to find out.

Fuck Yeah Moderator Gracie: 9/10 My Gosh! The red figure on the bed, the giggling that got closer and the person with a knife coming out of the numberless door. I’m glad nothing else happened to you or your brother,I wouldn’t want to find out about that’s Hotels history either. Thanks for the scares!