@240posse & @ohhnerdymelissa

so i decided that i shouldnt get my dream car, which both of you already kno. i saw the suggestion off the notes for people to help me that to look at the mk3, i like it. not that bad actually. & the front of it reminds me of the E30. sooooooooo considering that i dont make enough money to fix the german car if it brakes down, i’ve considered to get a car that my step father could easily fix, like your guy’s 240s.

i’ve basically only considered, so far:

  • the supra (86-92)
  • mk3 (74-83)
  • rx7 (which i know is almost impossible; 93-97)

that’s about it. if you think of another car that fits me, then by all means suggest it to me so i can take a look at it.