No Strings

Tessa sighed as she pulled the ill-fitting dress over her head.  “Whoever designs maternity dresses needs to really understand that putting month sizes on the tags is incredibly misleading.  I know it’s twins, but I am not a whale.  Something designed for someone nine months pregnant with one baby, should fit me when I’m five months with twins,” she said before picking up the last one.  “If this one doesn’t fit, I’m wearing pajama jeans and no one is going to make fun of me for it,” she warned him before sliding it over her head and sighing in relief when it at least fit her boobs.  

She held it in place as she walked out of the closet to him.  “I think it’ll zip.  We’ll see,” she told him, turning her back to him so he could zip it up.  “I already put the gel cushions in my heels.  I’m good to go,” she smirked.  She felt like she hadn’t been out in so long.  It was just work, couch, and back again and she was feeling quite excited about the party.

#013: “You’ll Never Feel Alone..” - EXO Chanyeol

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Chanyeol x You

College!AU / BFF!AU

Word Count: 597

Prompt #013: “You’ll never feel alone with me by your side.” 

One sided love hurts. It hurts to see the person you love better off with someone else. Especially when that person that your best friend was dating was also your best friend. Both of them are dating and you’re here sitting with them outside a cafe shop. You played along as if you were happy for them when the truth was that you were dying inside. You squeeze your tear ducts tightly trying not to ruin the atmosphere. They were the most lovely couple ever. You envied their relationship… You envied her. You sometimes wished it was you than her. What did you lack compared to her? You weren’t sure either. You both were at the top of your classes growing up. Maybe because she was more gentle and feminine? Of course, men loved them.

“So Y/N,” Y/F started, giggles released from her lips, “Are you seeing anyone?” You shook your head with a smile and a shrug. It was disappointing of course.

“Why not? You’ve been single for long enough now.” she pouted.

“Yeah Y/N, you can’t be single forever.” Chanyeol said smiling at you then her. He wrapped his arm around her shoulder. He’s totally in love head over heels for her. You just smiled and sipped your drink.

“I guess it’s not the right time.” you mustered out. The person you’ve been eye has someone special already, what good is there now? “I’m gonna go home.. I have papers due tomorrow.” You said as you got up from your seat. Those love birds smiled and gave you their farewells.

Your jaw clenched tightly as you tried to not spill any liquids from your eyes. If only that girl was me, you thought.

Days went by and your schedule was as packed as ever with that part time job of yours. How hectic. You haven’t seen those two in a while and assumed everything was fine. You brushed everything off.

Pounding sounds startled you. Someone was pounding loudly at the door and saying your name loudly, “Y/N.. Y/N!” You ran to the door and opened it. Alcohol traveled through your nostrils. You grabbed hold of the drunk man, “Seriously Chanyeol.” You pulled him inside and sat him on the sofa. You swayed your hands in front of you to remove the smell from you.

“Why are you so ridiculously drunk?”

No reply.

“Why– Where is Y/F?”

A tear rolled down his cheek, “Why are you crying?” worry brushed over. What happened exactly?

“We got into a fight.” he whispered.

“It wasn’t physical was it?” you mocked jokingly to only receive a glare. You put your hands put in front of you to tell him you didn’t mean it, literally.

“She wants to break up.”

You stood silent. Chills ran down your lower body. A little bit happy. “And.?”

“I said no. So.. now she wants a break.”

You nodded your head. Your emotions flying everywhere. You didn’t know how to feel anymore.

“I needed someone to talk to and comfort me.. I felt like.. alone.” he said with his hands stuck out for a hug. You smiled a sad smile.

“You’ll never feel alone with me by your side.” you mumbled returning the hug. You really meant it. You’d love him more. You’d cherish him more. He deserves to be happy.

“Thanks for being such a good friend.” He whispered his head on your chest, “What would I do without you?”

A friend.. A good friend you thought, a tear escaping, that’s all I’ll ever be. A good friend.