“A guy who’ll blow your mind with his Silver Tongue!”

Yoyo - Jet set radio Future
Anime Matsuri 2015

Here’s Part of the long-awaited JSRF Photoshoot we did a few months back! Jet set radio was a big part of my childhood growing up, So having the opportunity to cosplay my favorite GG feels unreal.

Thank you to our amazing friend and Photographer:

She also has a Facebook page you should check out~

yoyo-illuser asked:

The game is called Pokken Tournament, it's an arcade fighting game based on Tekken, and it just came out in Japan on the 16th. I want to play it sooo much too!


justsomegirlreading asked:

hey imagine a villain who's based of the concept of yin and yang and they switch people's luck so anyone who's having a good day starts having a bad one and they basically just do it for the chaos and when Ladybug and Chat Noir show up they switch the duo's powers which switches their costume themes as well! it would be so cool because you could see Ladybug in Chat's costume and vice versa which would be hilarious and they'd be trying to cope with each other's powers and idk it's my favourite AU

Oh my! Yes yes yes, absolutely yeeeees!

“How the catnip you use that ladybug-yoyo-thing?”

“Argh! You tail gets stuck everywhere!”

OK, now I need that episode too.

Here’s a good portion of my stim toys!! Not pictured are my DS, kindle, fluffy bear, quadcopter, and phone.
Top down, we have:
-a rubiks cube
-a textured tangle I stole from my social worker
-a deck of cards
-a rubber duck
-a miniature Thor bobblehead
-two yoyos
-my heavy glitter ball (weighs about ½ pound)
-a snowglobe
-a thing where you push a button and it lights up and spins
-two candy canes
-two paracord bracelets
-knockoff moon sand
-a squishy lion ball
-a textured bookmark I knit in fourth grade
-a (heavily chewed) Phoenix pendant from stimtastic
-dollar store silly putty
-a pen that has blobs that move with gravity
-a whole lot of playdoh
-a sharpie
-so. many. stickers.

And they all fit in a box I bought. ^.^

yoyo-illuser asked:

I find it interesting that Peridot is the only one with all these loose, detachable parts about herself, when everyone else is very much appearing as a singular unit, limbs and all. I often wonder if that's how she was made, and is actually more mechanic, or if that's just how she views herself. Considering a gem's body is simply a projection/hologram, but with mass, does that mean they're not really holding an actual Peridot foot? Where does the mass come from?? How do you hold a hologram???

Well, considering that terminal damage to a gem body (Pearl getting stabbed) is enough to poof them back into their gem and force them to regenerate, I think a gem’s form is a little more important than a hologram (though I know they use that comparison)

If their form was purely up to them, a gem could just regenerate into some other gem, and I feel like that wouldn’t work. Amethyst took a lot of forms in Reformed, but her appearances all had the same core structure. Any time she tried to change solid, physical features in herself she became unstable.

So I think either “Peridots” naturally have those loosely connected mechanical components, and they can’t willfully change that. Or, “Peridots” have a natural solid body structure, and Homeworld modifies them (in probably horrifying ways) to equip them with bionic technology to be stronger/more efficient.

Considering that her weapon is in her weird detachable fingers, I’m more inclined to think Peridots are just naturally able to disassemble some of their parts.