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And the MID-TERM!! I made it halfway through the semester~ Only thing he said that it was a bit too dark so it washed out alot of the details, but I am on the right track as to understanding the basics of shape design. STAY TUNED~ next week - were on to MECHS!!

anyways - In other news, some of my family said that if I raise $1700 - $1800 (I wanted to do 1,500 but they said no.) But they said they would spot me for a tablet if I would raise that amount. with that aside - I can say commissions are open again. (Its not much of a choice, I have to make it work) but With a little rearranging and alittle less sleep - I’ll be able to do the commissions in a timely manner. I’ll make a better post for it asap.

Anyways - Thanks to everyone who’ve supported me and allowed me to go to school - the experience thus far is fantastic and I am completely happy where I am at! (besides the less sleep…) I hope you all are having a grand and wondrous day!