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this joke has been made approximately 19873207 times already in this fandom but you know what? here’s another variation

Jimin Scenario: Intervention.

Request: Can I have Jimin scenario where ur relationship doesn’t go public. One day Jimin saw ur co worker flirted with u when he takes u home, n he kept on asking u out n always find a chance to spend time with u not believing u have a BF. Jimin got jealous n try to find a way to get the guy away from u n let him know u really have BF w/o revealing its him coz u won’t let him afraid that the relationship will have bad effect on him and BTS. Can u have it funny with the help from BTS n fluffy plz. ❤️❤️❤️ 

Genre: Fluff / Comedy

Jimin saw as the guy got too close to you and he frowned, he was picking you up from work that evening and he wasn’t expecting to find this scene. It showed the guy was pestering you, you were shaking your head and saying something but the guy kept getting closer and invading your personal space as he also spoke, and then suddenly you laughed too which made Jimin frown deepen.


His hands tightened around the steering wheel with anger, you had ran out of battery so Jimin couldn’t call you to come to him instead of being there with that guy. He had thought he was annoying you, but why had you laughed with him?

-Come on Y/N, just come- he mumbled watching you look everywhere but at the direction he was parked. Then the guy put a hand on your arm and Jimin groaned, sounding the klaxon intentionally, only then you turned.

Finally, you almost sighed relived when you saw Jimin’s car, you could finally get away from Seohyuk, your coworker that was proving to be the most annoying guy in the entire world, he was such a pain and thought that when you said you had a boyfriend it was only a tactic to avoid him, he never took it seriously when it was actually the truth and you didn’t find the way to keep him at bay anymore. 

You went to the car, sighing again when you were finally out of the eyes of your coworker and finally with your boyfriend, but when you turned to greet him with a tired yet sweet smile you found him scowling.

-Chim, what’s the matter babe?-

-Who was that?-

-Who?- you asked feeling a bit lost.

-Your friend, with whom you were laughing so delighted-

-My friend? You mean Seokhyuk he…-

-Seohyuk- he snorted. -A dumbass name-

-Jimin, stop, listen-

-What? you are going to say you weren’t laughing?-

-Stop- you groaned, Jimin’s tone was sarcastic and you didn’t like it one bit. -If you let me explain you will understand- He huffed and you rolled your eyes. -He is a dumbass, he’s have been trying to hit on me and invite me out and things like that-

Jimin widened his eyes. -And you are only telling me this now?-

-Listen! I told him I have a boyfriend, a jealous one- you pointed out. -But he doesn’t believe it and he’s annoying, deadly annoying, I want nothing but to get rid of him so don’t misinterpret things-

-But Y/N, you should have told me, I could…-

You shook your head. -No, you can’t, remember the public can’t know you have a girlfriend-

Jimin ran a hand thought his hair. -I can’t allow this Y/N, if he’s annoying you then I must do something to stop him-

-He will bore with time, I just have to endure it a little longer-

Jimin clenched his fists and kept his eyes on the road, he understood your worry but he wasn’t going to let a guy keep pestering on his girlfriend.

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Connor Murphy Internet Hcs

so here’s what i think con does on the internet folks

  • first thing that came to mind - buzzfeed unsolved
  • he fucking loves it
  • he also has a grunge/anxiety/depression blog? yknow the ones i’m talking about
  • he rants on there but also rbs aesthetic pictures of graveyards n shit
  • he will fight anyone who says that top is better than mcr 
  • i hc that connor is super creative and artsy and is great at drawing/painting
  • and so he definitely has a youtube channel where he posts speedpaints 
  • also!! v important
  • he keeps spotify open constantly and makes a bunch of playlists that are super specific? 
  • i’ll use one of mine, for instance
  • “so there’s a little space dude who lives on some planet or whatever and gets the chance to leave his home planet and explore space and travel the universe and stuff and is super excited but then the longer he’s out there, the lonelier he gets and hes angry at himself for leaving his home and all of his friends and he’s just alone in the universe drifting through the cold, dark vastness of space” 
  • evan listened to it and immediately text connor and was like, 
  • “hey buddy…are you okay? you know your friends love you, right?” 
  • “y ik i just like makin playlists, i feel gr8 pls don’t wrry abt me” 
  • (maybe getting a little tree bros here but evan definitely has a playlist of his favorite songs ((cute, pop acoustic uke type stuff)) and connor saved it and listens to it whenever he feels sad or misses evan) 
  • he absolutely hates having more tabs open than necessary, so he only has two or three open at a time
  • keeps EVERYTHING (downloads, bookmarks, apps, ect.) in folders, and sometimes has folders inside of the folders? 
  • only he can understand the folder situation bc he names them all stuff like
  • “??? what” and “nope no no” 

so yeah yep uh huh this is what i hc he does online!! if you have any other requests for anything pls drop me a line!! 

Summoner/Ike C-S Support

Written by  taguel-inigo


[y/n]: What to do? What to do…? The east or the west?

Ike: [y/n].

[y/n]: Gahh! Ike! Speak up next time. You scared me.

Ike: I did speak up. You were too absorbed in your work to realize.

[y/n]: I can’t say you’re wrong… Sorry about that. I’ll do my best to pay more attention in the future. What can I do for you?

Ike: Soren told me you were having a rough time. I came to see if you were doing alright. You’re our head tactician, so if you exhaust yourself we’ll be down a man.

[y/n]: That’s… sweet of you, Ike. But I’ll be fine.

Ike: Soren also said you were “stubbornly refusing to take a rest”. His words, not mine. I know how crabby he can get, but he knows what he’s talking about. You’ve been kind enough to lead the army even though your world has been untouched by the war. Letting you rest is the least we can do.

[y/n]: It’s not that simple. I mean–I appreciate your concern. But two of our scouts have sent in conflicting reports. Sending a reply to them by mail would take too long. I need to send two soldiers to each scout to see who is right. And that means our numbers will lessen even more.

Ike: Did Soren tell you to send the troops he thinks are most expendable?

[y/n]: Yes. And I can’t stand that method of thinking. War isn’t ever without death, but even our ‘expendable’ soldiers can grow and become stronger.

Ike: I can go, then.

[y/n]: Absolutely not. You’re not weak and you’re not expendable. We need you here in case we get attacked. There is no guarantee if the enemy knows where our headquarters is.

Ike: You have both Xander and Frederick stationed here, at the moment. Not to mention the other mages who can hold their own. I assure you, I’ll be fine.

[y/n]: Even if I keep saying ‘no’, you’ll definitely just go on your own. Right?

Ike: …

[y/n]: You’re cleared to go, then. Just take a few soldiers with you. Include a cleric in your group. If you die, I won’t forgive you.

Ike: I’ll come back safe and sound, [y/n].

[y/n and Ike have reached support rank C.]


[y/n]: Ike, are you in here?

Ike: Yep. Safe and sound, [y/n].

[y/n]: It pains me to admit I was wrong–

Ike: I’m well aware. You and Soren are very alike, in that way.

[y/n]: Don’t make me regret what I’m about to say! …I guess I underestimated you, Ike. That was wrong of me. I’m glad that you’re back, safe and sound.

Ike: I’m glad to be back, and still alive. But, I’ve been thinking over our conversation from the other day. You need to be less hesitant with deploying our forces.

[y/n]: I… I’m listening.

Ike: Thank you.

[y/n]: …

Ike: …

[y/n]: … Get on with it.

Ike: Sorry. I’m not used to you taking advice from others. It’s exactly how I said, though. You’re not a seasoned strategist like Soren or Robin. You’ve been learning from them, but don’t forget that I’ve also lead an army. You can’t be afraid to use the resources that you have. Every soldier here was summoned, yes, but they joined our cause willingly. You can’t keep everyone safe.

[y/n]: I wish I could… You’re right. I know you are. But I can’t stand the idea of losing any of the friends I’ve made here. Even the soldiers I don’t know well have friends and family back at home.

Ike: Being a leader is a heavy burden [y/n]. I don’t envy you. I’m here if you ever need advice. Or someone to talk to.

[y/n]: You’re a good listener, Ike. Thank you.

[y/n and Ike have reached support rank B.]


[y/n]: …Ike?

Ike: You actually came.

[y/n]: Of course I did! I may be stubborn, but I’m not stupidly bullheaded. Geez-just when I work up the courage to actually come talk to you, you have to go take the wind out of my sails–

Ike: [y/n]. Sorry. I didn’t mean it like that.

[y/n]: …Yeah. I should have known that. You aren’t a mean person. I just wanted to ask you about something. Y’know, involving the whole army leading thing. There’s been something on my mind, and it’s been bugging me nonstop.

Ike: I’m all ears, [y/n].

[y/n]: I’ve made so many friends here. I really care for each and every one of them. But I’m leading them into battles, Ike. Every time I sit down at my desk, I’m taking their lives in my hands. This is war. There’s going to be a time where someone doesn’t come back, a time where it’s my fault because I slipped up. I’m going to cause someone to lose their life, and the thought of it just makes me want to push everyone else away–

Ike: [y/n]–

[y/n]: Everyone here looks out for each other during battle. We have lot of strong fighters. But no one is invincible. There’s going to be a misstep that causes someone to lose their life. It’s going to devastated everyone around them. It’s going to hurt, and what if I can’t come back from it–?

Ike: [y/n].

[y/n]: *Wheeze* …

Ike: Better?

[y/n]: Yeah–but your arms are really tight around me and I’m losing air.

Ike: Sorry.

[y/n]: No! It’s fine. It helped. I liked it?

Ike: I’m glad. About everything you said… I don’t know if I have an answer for it, yet. Give me a few days, alright?

[y/n and Ike have reached support rank A.]


Ike: [y/n], you here? I have an answer for you.

[y/n]: I’m here! Good morning, Ike.

Ike: You’re always at your desk, huh?

[y/n]: Only when I have to be! Which is a lot. You should come see me in the sparring fields when you get the chance.

Ike: Believe me, I will. As for your problem… it’s unreasonable to expect everything to end perfectly. You’re never going be able to control the outcome of every battle. That’s something you need to accept. While you are the one who’s giving out the commands, everyone has a duty to keep their wits about them during a fight. While tacticians are capable of making mistakes, not every mistake made by someone under their command is their fault.

[y/n]: …

Ike: You can’t control everything that happens in your life. But you shouldn’t let that stand in the way of you truly living. You’re sharp, compassionate, and you’re willing to do anything to further our cause. But sometimes your compassion gets in the way of your effectiveness as a strategist. You just have a lot to learn.

[y/n]: …It really hurts to think that someone could die because of me. But I guess pushing everyone away wouldn’t really help, huh?

Ike: You can’t avoid making mistakes. But you can learn from them.

[y/n]: Yeah, you’re right. As much as it pains me to admit it. I can’t save everyone. That’s just my burden, huh?

Ike: It is. Just because it’s your burden doesn’t mean others can’t help you shoulder it, [y/n]. You should let others help you more often.

[y/n]: I get that–but everyone is always so busy–

Ike: I’m right here, [y/n]. I’m at your beck and call, just like everyone else here. Even so… I can’t help but want more than that.

[y/n]: Ike, what’re you saying…? Just spit it out.

Ike: I’ve fallen in love with you. You’re kind and passionate about everything you do. You help others no matter what, even those who have wronged you in the past. Even your stubbornness is cute–

[y/n]: That’s enough! I’ve–I’ve heard enough, Ike.

Ike: Why are you covering your face like that? Aren’t you the one who wanted me to ‘spit it out’?

[y/n]: I thought I was prepared, but I wasn’t! I really do like you and maybe the reason I was hesitant to let you go meet the scout was because I didn’twanttoloseyou–

Ike: You won’t lose me .I think you’d have an aneurysm if I go anywhere anytime soon, so I’ll be staying right here.

[y/n]: It’s really reassuring to hear you say that. Even the aneurysm part. I just want you to stay alive. Just-just don’t go running off on your own again, okay? I love you.

[y/n and Ike have reached support rank S.]

Confession Quote:

Ike: I hardly thought I would be saying this to anyone during the middle of a war. But here goes, I love you. Don’t ever think you’d be better off alone. Wherever you go, I’ll be at your side.

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