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How they propose- Host Club


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- Tamaki wanted to propose but wasn’t sure when
- He waited for the perfect moment
- At dinner when he went into a huge 10-hour long speech on his love for you
- “Y/N! Every day I spend away from you, my (princess/prince) is a painful day indeed!”
-‘Tamaki everyone is staring!’
- “Of course they are staring! You are so beautiful they can not tear away their eyes!”
- He whips out the ring
- HUGE diamond 
- “Please never let me feel the pain of being away from you! Be mine forever and do me the honor of becoming my (wife/husband)!”
- Of course, you accept
- but like Tamaki next time you do something like this maybe it can be in private??


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- Kyoya definitely knew he was going to propose
- He plans everything, so this was no different
- But he doesn’t fret about it
- Would never do it public in fear of his reputation being tarnished
- Calm and collected on the outside
- Deep down he is quite nervous but would never admit it
- You are eating dinner at his house when he brings it up
-“Y/N we need to talk”
- Is he going to break up with me?
- “I believe it is in both of our interests to be engaged.”
- wow kyoya, can you even try to be romantic?
- The ring is expensive (I mean what else did you expect?) but stunning
- Obviously, you say yes


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-He tries really hard to make this the BEST proposal there has ever been
-Wears that one super uncomfortable suit hidden at the back of his closet
-He wore it once like a year ago?
-He writes a speech out and mumbles it to himself throughout the date
-“Kaoru did you say something?”
-“WHAT?? No no of course not!”
- Kaoru the heck is up with you?
-He proposes when you guys are out at dinner
-Completely forgets his entire speech
-ends up blurting out
-The ring is super trendy and stylish
-Immediately he hides behind his hair and blushes redder than a tomato
-Just put him out of his misery and say yes


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-Totally low key about it
-He proposes when you guys are hanging out at your house
-like in your pj’s cuddling on the couch
-Blushing stuttering mess
-“Y/N I w-was t-thinking.”
-that’s never a good thing
-“And I wondering if you wanted to get married?”
-simple diamond ring
-but you’re touched because he’s never been so open with his feelings
-When you say yes he pulls you into a crushing hug and lets out a relieved sigh


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-Plans in advanced
-Proposes on a quiet night when you’re walking through the park
-Simplest of them all
-Does the whole 'gets down on one knee’ and holds one of your hands 
-“Will you marry me?”
-Classic diamond ring
-He keeps a stoic face, but the tips of his ears are red
-“Mori, of course, I’ll marry you!”
-“Please, call me Takashi.”


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-Cutest proposal of all
-He puts the ring in his cake
-“Y/N-chan!! Eat some cake with me!”
-You’re chewing the bite when you almost choke
-wow honey, just kill me why don’t you?
-“MARRY ME!!!”
-The diamond in the ring is shaped like a heart
-Of course, you have to say yes to this little boy lolita
-He doesn’t stop cuddling you for the ENTIRE DAY
-“Y/N-chan is going to be my (wife/husband)!”

Ouran Koukou Host Club : A Summary
  • Looks like a cinnamon roll but could actually kill you: Mitsukuni (Honey-sempai)
  • Looks like they could kill you but is actually a cinnamon roll: Takashi (Mori-sempai)
  • Looks like a cinnamon roll and is a cinnamon roll: Tamaki
  • Looks like they could kill you and actually could kill you: Kyoya
  • Sinnamon Roll: Hitachiin Twins
Hand Holding- Host Club


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Request a gif imagine

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What do you think would be the hosts' morning routines? :)

 Thank you for requesting! This is such an interesting request~ I’m so excited!! Morning routines!! It’s the little things, amirite?(Also, I’m putting the twins together for this one, just because they are going to have very similar morning routines, as they do live together)


-Wakes up just late enough to where he has to rush just a bit, which is the reason he takes showers at night

-Maybe he wouldn’t have to rush (even if he wakes up a bit late) if he wouldn’t spend so. Much. Time on his hair

-Legit, 15 minute, at least on his hair every morning

-Also, he always makes sure he smells nice

-Puts on his shoes very last minute, because he prefers to walk around barefoot until he absolutely couldn’t

-Sometimes, if he has time, he’ll call Kyoya to gossip make sure he’s up

-Definitely music playing while he goes about his morning


-Wakes up super late, but it’s okay, because his routine is short to accommodate that

-Legit, just brush hair, brush teeth, change, out the door

-Takes a shower the night before for this exact reason

-Very irritable when he accepts Tamaki’s calls, but he always does accept them

-During the ride to school, there is no speaking in the car

-Dead silent, or someone will die

-But the days Tamaki calls, it’s less of a tense silence, and there are no silent death threats, because if he can deal with Tamaki’s ramblings, he can deal with anything

-By the time he gets to school, he’s composed and ready for people

  The Twins:

-Kaoru always wakes Hikaru up

-Usually, Kaoru takes about ten minutes before he wakes Hikaru up, just to gather himself, and maybe get some coffee together for the two of them

-Hikaru would sleep forever if he was allowed to honestly

-Unfortunately, that isn’t allowed, so he begrudgingly gets up every morning

-He takes showers in the morning in order to wake him up, and Kaoru will sit on the floor and talk to him sometimes, getting dressed while his brother showers

-Kaoru showers during the night time, with Hikaru doing the same sitting and talking sometimes

-Usually, the one who is sitting will play some music, and they’ll have dramatic sing alongs

-They usually do their hair together, so that they get the parts just right~

-On weekends, when they don’t have school uniforms, they have fun coordinating their outfits


-Wakes up mad (if the alarm woke him up)

-He takes a shower in the morning so that he’ll wake up more and calm down

-Comes out of the showers bubbly and pumped for the day

-He usually gets dressed pretty fast, but he wears it messily until it’s time to go. Once it’s time, he’ll straighten the shirt, fix the tie, etc.

-His hair is taken care of after he gets dressed, but it takes very little effort to get it falling perfectly

-Spends his extra time in the morning getting his sugar fix for the morning~


-Up at the crack of dawn to train/practice

-He showers in the morning, because who wants to spend the day drenched in sweat?

-I firmly believe he brushes his teeth in the shower. Don’t ask me why, I could just see it

-He doesn’t get dressed until the very last minute, preferring to walk around his towel and get ready in just a towel

-Minimal effort into his hair. Seriously. Like, maybe he’ll brush it for the day

-Almost forgets deodorant every day, but remembers last minute when he sees it on the dresser

-(He puts the deodorant there because he knows he’ll forget)

-Usually wears his glasses until he has to go, he thinks they’re more comfortable


  I hope you enjoyed! Feel free to send me more requests like this! It’s a lot of fun to write~


The Guardians and Their Sleep Habits.

Tsuna: Stays up until he literally passes out at his desk. Frequently has people telling him to go take a nap. Reborn will sometimes slip sleep aids into his water, and he knows that Tsuna knows he knows.

Hayato: This boy lives off of cigarettes and caffeine. Has mastered the art of not sleeping for 48 hours straight. You’re seeing things not me?? What hallucinations?? Has probably slept a solid 24 hours before.

Takeshi: Goes to bed at a reasonable time, and wakes up up early if he can. Has no problem skipping sleep to help out with anything if needed, but tries not to make a habit of it. Master of efficient sleeping, and feeling refreshed and energized after 6 hrs.

Ryohei: Honestly, he’s so energized all the time that he doesn’t get tired until he crashes. Once he crashes, he’s either out cold, or has a short while to find somewhere suitable to sleep. Will use his flames to keep himself going if needed, but prefers to sleep (Also, his snores sound like a freight train)

Lambo: Whether he’s a five year old, or a fifteen year old, he sleeps a LOT. Everyone just lets him sleep, because the second he gets tired he’s whiny and annoying. Routinely sleeps 8+ hours a night, and when he doesn’t get that much, you can tell.

Kyoya: CONSTANTLY naps throughout the day, and surprisingly actually doesn’t sleep much through the night. Because of his light sleeping, he finds it easier/less infuriating to just have scheduled naps during the day, and uses the (rarely) quiet night hours to get important stuff done, and sometimes does patrolling.

Rokudo: Frequently plagued by nightmares, and will deprive himself of sleep to avoid them. He thinks it’s childish, so doesn’t openly admit it, but he will create landscapes of faeries and fantasy wildlife to soothe him. If he’s with the rest of his gang, he’s not against sleeping in close proximity of all of them.

Chrome: She has a lot of anxiety and stress dreams, but likes sleeping regardless. Takes advantage of everyone enjoying her company, and will cuddle with someone, or create a super comforting illusion for them if they need it. No one knows how she managed to get Kyoya to sleep in the same bed as her, and everyone’s too scared to ask.

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So, I have pretty bad stretch marks and they make me self conscious. I'm scared for anyone to see me in a bathing suit or nude. Anywho, that got me thinking: how would each of the hosts react to seeing their s/o naked for the first time and finding out they have stretch marks? You don't have to, but if you do thanks in advance.

No problem! I have some stretch marks I’m not too happy with as well, so this was therapeutic in a way, so double thank you!~


He honestly wouldn’t notice. This boy would honestly be so flustered at seeing you naked he wouldn’t notice anything really. When he finally cleared his head enough to realize what he was looking at, he wouldn’t notice anything of that sort. He’d be telling you how perfect you were because to him, you honestly were. He’d be telling you he hadn’t seen anything so perfect, ever and he’s genuinely believe it. If you were to point it out he’d be soooo confused! He’d be one of those people who’d just be like ‘and this is bad, how?’ It would suddenly be his mission to make you love every part of you, and make you see yourself how he saw you.


He would… note it? It would be when he was initially looking you over. He’d be memorizing every inch of you, so naturally he’d commit any marks on your body to that mental image as well. Any moles, birthmarks, or stretch marks would be simple additions to the canvas that made up you as a whole. He would just treat it like nothing. Genuinely he wouldn’t care. But, if you were insecure about it he would try to make you feel better about it, in his own weird ways. Little things, like complimenting them when he could see them, buying you swimsuits and clothing that would compliment them. He would try to make you understand that the stretch marks didn’t define your beauty, but the way you wore them could accentuate your beauty.


When he saw you naked the first time, trust me, the last thing on his mind would be any so-called imperfections. Mostly just, awkward, incoherent thoughts, and trying and failing not to show his awkwardness on his face. No but really, nothing would change. If you point them out he’d just say something along the lines of ‘yeah, so’? It would change nothing  for you two. Actually, I take it back. Nicknames. The only thing in your relationship that your stretch marks would affect would be your nicknames. He’d probably call you Tiger. He’d tell people that it’s because you’re fierce yet beautiful or something cheesy like that, but it would really be his very own unique approach to trying to help your insecurities on the matter.


This gentle boy. The first time he saw you naked, his face would get soooo red. He’d never seen anything so perfect and if you didn’t see it the same way, he’d be so sad. He wouldn’t understand, but he’d do anything and everything he could do to make you feel better about yourself. Constant compliments for one, but not in an obnoxious way, he makes it flow with the conversation, he makes it seem almost offhanded. He has no idea how you could possibly be insecure about anything relating to yourself, so doing things like this to make you feel better about yourself becomes his goal.


Let’s be honest here, this boy worships you. He loves you so much, it’s incomprehensible. The first time he saw you naked, he almost didn’t want to look in order to protect your virtue what a gentleman, but the part of him that was undeniably attracted to you won over, and he was in shock to be honest. He loves you, and your body is just an extension of you. He doesn’t think much of physical beauty, as he is more attracted to who you are as a person, so he thinks he’s lucky to have someone as physically stunning as you. But, you’re looking shy while standing in front of him. Why is that? Once you explain to him that you’re insecure about your stretch marks, he gets really quiet for a moment. He then proceeds to point out every mark on his body. Every scar he’s gotten in training, every abnormal birthmark, that one mole that just appeared one day from God knows where. He tells you their stories and then points to your stretch marks, telling you that they’re just stories your body has to tell as well, and that you should never be ashamed of what makes you, you.


When you told him your stretch marks made you insecure about yourself he looked so confused. You honestly felt  like you had just kicked a puppy. He had just been trying to take in your appearance for the first time, looking oddly serious, when you had told him there was no need to stare at them, because you knew they were gross. His eyes had snapped up to yours in an instant, the kicked puppy expression coming to his face. All he had been doing was admiring the view ;) when you had said possibly the least understandable sentence in the world to him. But, you were confused that he was confused. Wasn’t he looking at your stretch marks? When you asked him this, he looked back down, then said “Oh, you do have stretch marks, huh? Why would I care?” Not gonna lie, you were a little offended. How could he just brush them off like that? You tried explaining to him what the problem was, because he was clearly not getting it, but he just stared at you, looking uncharacteristically serious. He told you that some marks on your skin did not define you, and that you were beautiful in his eyes, despite what you seemed to think. Then he started to tear up dramatically, asking you why you were faulting yourself and so on. You sighed. He was back. But, you were also oddly touched… He had managed to make you feel a bit better about yourself, and for that, you were grateful.


  Not gonna lie, Honey’s scenario wasn’t my best work. Not too happy with it, but what can you do? Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this though, thank you for reading!! 

Ashes~ <3 xoxo